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Icons on IG - how to add nice highlighted relationships

Many of you have added icons to our profile featured relationships on Instagram asked how to do it. From this post you will learn step by step how to add such icons, and at the very bottom of the post you will be able to download icons prepared by Piotr for the featured reports on Instagram in 3 color versions. Let me know in the comment which one you like the most and which one you downloaded.

Is it worth adding icons to featured reports on Instagram?

You probably wonder why more and more people use icons in featured relationships. This has no effect on the coverage, only the visual side of the profile. Icons allow categorizing Stories, making them easier to view. You can also choose the Stories that interest us the most. I honestly admit that I skip topics that just don't interest me. Thanks to this, I don't waste time and don't clutter my head with things that are not useful to me in any way.

The process of adding an icon is no different than adding Insta Stories to which you are used to. However, let me remind you how to do it, because I know that a lot of beginners in the topic of Instagram also go to the blog.

Step by step instructions - how to add icons

After switching to the Instagram application (to the main page, where the photos from the profiles that you observe appear), click the camera on the left, as in the case of standard adding Insta Stories reports.

Then we add the downloaded icon, as in the case of adding a photo or previously recorded movie to Stories. In general, this is a nice option, because for the record - for some time Stories could only be added in real time.

We choose the pictures of the images that we want to use for the highlighted relationship. Pictures must be added separately, it is not possible to add them all at once. You click a little, but later it will be easier.

The selected image is published via the button on the right 'send to'. If you want to send icons designed by us to someone - use this option and select a friend to whom you want to send graphics.

Then click 'share' in 'Your relationship'. As a result, the photo will be published in the Insta Stories report.

Once we have published the selected icon that we want to use in the highlighted report, click 'New' under the bio (description) profile on Instagram. With this option you can add highlighted Insta Stories. Ordinary Insta Stories disappears after 24 hours, if you want your Followers to watch them at any time - use the option to attach Stories to your profile.

After clicking on 'New' you will see all published Stories. Choose this icon for the relationship that you want it to pin. Remember that if you add icons - the one you add will be the last.

After selecting the icon you have to name the highlighted relationship. It is best to keep the name as short as possible. Remember the character limit - 15. Spaces also count.

Then publish the featured report and enjoy the beautiful icons on your profile.

I hope I was able to explain to you how to add icons to the featured Instagram report and why it's worth doing. This will work both when you are an influencer and want to highlight a nice relationship, but also when you run, e.g. an online store and an account on IG. You can make relationships with promotions or new collections.

If you are interested in the subject of social media, blogging and making money on a blog, or maybe developing an Instagram profile - be sure to check out Blogger's guide, where I deal with these topics based on my many years of professional experience related to social media and influence marketing.

As I promised - I give you a lift ready icon designs for download.


  1. Avatar Ewelka 19 May 2019 / 20: 37

    Mega ♥ ️ I wanted to use your icons, but I don't have the "new" bio option on my instagram profile, and because of this I don't have a way to create highlighted relationships, I don't know what to do?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 19 May 2019 / 21: 13

      Hey, do you have a company or private profile? Have you ever shared any stories?

  2. Avatar Ania 22 March 2019 / 15: 19

    Super icons, I will definitely use!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 22 March 2019 / 15: 32

      I'm glad you liked it. We will be pleased if you mark us 🙂

  3. Avatar Kate 11 March 2019 / 16: 24

    thanks, I will gladly use it! 🙂

  4. Avatar Ania 1 August 2018 / 08: 41

    Hello, why can't I see any distinguished relationships on my friends' instagram? Maybe I will find the answer here? I will point out that I have the current version of insta but I don't use it myself, I have only one photo uploaded. greetings

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 1 August 2018 / 08: 48

      Perhaps they never distinguished any? Check if you can see the highlighted coverage on our @dpblogpl profile if so - everything is fine 🙂

  5. Avatar Basiek 23 June 2018 / 06: 16

    Are you planning to add other icons? :) Nice idea!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 23 June 2018 / 08: 51

      Rather, we will not add others, but we can design icons on special request. If you would be interested in such a service - write to us by e-mail 🙂

  6. Avatar Anonymous 20 June 2018 / 12: 36

    Can you add such icons as photos?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 20 June 2018 / 14: 33

      You add them to Insta Stories, and then as a featured relationship. Why do you want to add them as a photo?

      • Avatar Anonymous 20 June 2018 / 14: 40

        I meant if the pictures could be added as icons such thumbnails. Will it look good?

        • dpblogpl dpblogpl 20 June 2018 / 15: 17

          Do you mean highlighted relationships? That's what they are for - to add them :))) You need to enter the folder at the end of the post and there you will find ready icons to download in 3 colors 🙂 See how it looks on our profile on IG @dpblogpl

  7. Avatar Anonymous 19 June 2018 / 16: 43

    Nice idea with these icons.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 19 June 2018 / 17: 54

      Do you take any on your profile? 🙂

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