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How good to start the new year?

The end of the year is a great time to close a chapter and enter a new year with new ideas. Accumulated throughout the year matters that are worth finishing to enter the new year with a fresh mind and a "blank card". New Year's Eve is not only fun for me, although to be honest I prefer to spend New Year's Eve at home with Piotr and our ears or friends, but also a good time to stop for a moment and look at everything from a different perspective.

How good to start the new year?

Minimalism in practice

For some time I became interested in the subject of minimalism. It started with clothing minimalism and Joanna Glogazy's book 'Slow life', which I wrote about here. This book gave me food for thought and inspired me to act. I always wanted to have more - more clothes, more cosmetics, a larger apartment (this has not changed). This rush after more at some point began to shoot me out. I had more, but the quality left much to be desired. At some point I realized that quantity does not count, but quality. Apparently I knew about it for a long time, but only recently I began to understand it really.

If someone came to our apartment now, he would certainly notice that we really do not have much. I regularly make a selection of things because I am still amazed that I give away something or throw it away every time.

That is why, at the very thought of moving, I am happy not only because we will live in a larger apartment, but also in terms of the fact that I will be able to make the next selection of my belongings. And it will definitely be a sharp selection, because it is about time. The time we spend unpacking things.

Complete the unfinished business

It is known that not everything can be finished with a wave of the magic wand, but maybe you can manage to sort out the matters that you have put off for a long time? We managed to implement this plan. In December, we repaid our obligations, which have been sleeping for a long time. We finally succeeded and we can say that we are entering the new year with a blank card. Anyway, there will be a lot of changes. The first of them is moving, so we hope that the year 2017 will be kind to us.

New Year's resolutions

I have never made New Year's resolutions and I do not intend to. Does anyone implement them at all? After a month of inventing them, I forgot what I was supposed to do. For me they are pointless, but if they motivate you - great!

Just think of a provision whose implementation will be feasible. It is better to pursue smaller goals step by step than to come up with one whose implementation will be very difficult, and sometimes even impossible. In addition, smaller, achieved goals motivate more than one, large and unrealized.

We wish you a happy New Year and successful New Year's fun!



  1. Avatar Ewulą 31 December 2018 / 09: 15

    I manage to make decisions 😀 this year I dropped almost 10 kg, and the next I plan to parachute .... Poki what I fly in speedfly, such an aeordinamic tunnel from Wroclaw and I feel more and more strength to jump ... I think it will work 😀

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 31 December 2018 / 10: 01

      Wow! Big congratulations :)) This wind tunnel sounds interesting! Are you talking about parachuting? I admire courage, but as they say - the brave world belongs to! I keep my fingers crossed 🙂

    • Avatar Tomek 25 September 2019 / 02: 50

      Nice. 10kg is not enough.

      A nice entry personally I think that every parent should push children to minimalism. Instead of buying a lot of weak things for children, you can always buy something more expensive.

  2. Avatar Book Girl 10 January 2017 / 17: 42

    I also gave up on New Year's resolutions. For this I like to set goals for the new year. In fact, it is worth closing up things that leave us alone in the old year to focus on what we are striving for in the new one.

  3. Avatar Małgosia Good Herb 4 January 2017 / 00: 22

    Instead of "I will / will not" I have plans and goals for the next year, I know what I want and plan when, what I will do. Always without spins, however. 😉

  4. Avatar Sara Kozub 31 December 2016 / 13: 01

    I don't think I will lose weight / learn Spanish. Recently, however, I decided that I will try to be a better wife and mother, I'm just not waiting for 2017 and I'll start today!

    • Avatar [Email protected] 31 December 2016 / 15: 12

      A beautiful goal for the coming year and great that you start today 🙂 The implementation of this goal will certainly be very pleasant.

  5. Avatar A dream like a dream 31 December 2016 / 11: 52

    I personally decided that what I intend for this year I will do, I do not know or in 100% but I am not worried about it

    • Avatar [Email protected] 31 December 2016 / 15: 13

      The most important is to write down your goals so that you can see them when you need to. I already have a completed planner.

      Fortunately, I had enough space 😉

  6. Avatar School Inspirations 31 December 2016 / 11: 16

    I usually don't make New Year's resolutions, but this year I'm going to write my goals for this year and plan the time of performance.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 31 December 2016 / 15: 14

      I've also written it down. This is the best way not to forget about them 😀

  7. Avatar Mikołaj Cichomski 31 December 2016 / 11: 14

    I absolutely support all reasonable forms of minimalism. Everyone who has benefited from this practical approach to life and began to implement it seriously feels great relief and feels that they have much more time. The biggest problem is just in maintaining this approach, because we often get used to what we already know.

  8. Avatar Nikola 31 December 2016 / 10: 25

    This year I set such guiding slogans / plans. General to be implemented throughout the year. Such specific provisions from the series from today quit smoking also never came out.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 31 December 2016 / 11: 45

      My favorite New Year's resolution (it's already a classic) - I will lose weight 😀 hahaha

  9. Avatar Jolene 31 December 2016 / 10: 16

    I agree with the last part very much! = D I also prefer to set goals to achieve than to make some resolutions, because in fact, like you, after a while I forgot what habits I had to stick to ... And the goals sound better, and you can come to the big things in small steps. Greetings!

  10. Avatar Economic Beauty 31 December 2016 / 08: 24

    I am also fascinated by minimalism. Somehow I never dreamed of another pair of shoes or purse. When I buy something new, I usually review things I don't wear anymore. I do not make New Year's resolutions either, I have certain goals that I consistently try to achieve, but they are not related to the New Year. But I also feel that 2017 will be successful 🙂

  11. Avatar lov healthy life 31 December 2016 / 05: 25

    I set goals, not resolutions - it seems to me that setting goals is a very good habit, because among others we know where we are going and in addition we are able to assess our development.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 31 December 2016 / 11: 43

      Setting goals gives one more thing - motivation to act and is able to determine the real effects of these activities 🙂

  12. Avatar School Inspirations 30 December 2016 / 18: 01

    I rarely make New Year's resolutions, but it's good to plan the goals we want to achieve. We don't have to start from 1 January. 🙂

  13. Avatar amiga89 30 December 2016 / 14: 46

    For some time I want to put minimalism in the closet, but in practice I can not do it 🙂 It's hard for me to part with anything, despite the fact that there are many things that I do not wear for a long time. Maybe reading Slow life will convince me to act 😛

  14. Avatar Edyta My piece of floor 30 December 2016 / 06: 13

    It seems to me that it is also a matter of attitude and planning 🙂 Not necessarily New Year's resolutions, because I do not make them myself 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 30 December 2016 / 18: 38

      We are very positive about the coming year. We feel that this will be a very good time 🙂

  15. Avatar Ruda 29 December 2016 / 23: 16

    minimalism - one of my favorite words 🙂

  16. Avatar Beauty B. 29 December 2016 / 17: 39

    I also avoid the New Year's resolutions 😉

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