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How to overcome the autumn solstice?

For me, autumn has always been one of the seasons that are not among my favorites. My body responds with a defense mechanism for short days (the first days when it gets dark so fast, I want to sleep about 20: 00) and temperature fluctuations. I don't know why, but I've always been like that. We are definitely team # Ciepło, so we would happily live somewhere warmer than in Wawa (please, two tickets one way to Milano Marittima haha).

Learn to rest - tricks for the autumn solstice

When I asked you at Insta Stories if you can rest, most of you said no. I used to have a great feeling of guilt when instead of working, I gave my body a rest. I also discussed this topic at photo on Instagram profile @dpblogpl check this link and see what others think about rest. We lead quite a crazy lifestyle at times, but we always try to get at least one whole day to rest (from Monday to Friday it is usually the time when we watch a series or read a book).

Polka dot dress where to buy

In extreme situations, something good helps. comfort food, i.e. food that always makes you feel better. For some it may be a piece of your favorite cake, for others a bowl of popcorn. You already know what you like best. For me, these are pistachios (it's a pity it's so hard to find unsalted) or cashews.

Supplementation with a medicine for all evil

Some time ago I wrote on the blog about the plant diet (note: we've been on the plant diet since 2014), as well as vegetable meat substitutes. If you are curious why we went on a plant diet and why we sometimes reach for plant meat substitutes, read our thoughts after 5 years on a plant diet. Currently, we cannot imagine returning to previous food. After so many years, the very smell of meat is irritating to us (of course, we are not psychovegan, at which none of our friends can eat a cutlet). We do not reach for meat substitutes too often, although some of them are really tasty and I think that not one non-vegan could be fooled.

In health matters I am one who prefers to prevent rather than cure. I always laugh that I have a dislike of doctors after my grandfather, who for a good 40 (if not more years) did not visit their offices. Honestly ... I'm a little jealous of him, because for me every visit to an endocrinologist is stressful. Hypothyroidism is something very common, but unfortunately still finding a good endocrinologist is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Usually, visits look more or less the same: if you feel quite well, it's ok, and if it's not ok, because you are sick.

what on PMS

I recently talked to a very inspiring woman who told me about her illness (Hashimoto) and the tricks she uses to feel good. One of the points that she listed as mandatory was supplementation. I have this point unchecked because I have fully trusted the supplements for several months WIMIN PMS, which are not only natural and vegan, but also thanks to the Immaculate Conception they additionally support the functioning of the thyroid gland. It is very important to me, because living with hypotension can be a pain.

How do I feel after WIMIN PMS supplements?

Since I take WIMIN PMS, I noticed that I do not collect water in my body. I'm also not that irritable (underactive + my character is really an explosive mix), in addition I just feel lighter (and I didn't change my diet, quite the opposite - over the last crazy weeks it happened that I skipped meals or ate, what happened winds up, "of course, paying attention to whether the meal is vegan.) In addition, I have more energy, and in the fall I always had a huge drop not only in motivation but also in strength. These are really cool effects that I felt after a few weeks of regular use of these supplements.

wimin supplements for women sachets

WIMIN supplements they were also with me in Florence - they are not only very light, but also take up little space (and you know that I wear a small purse every day, which I stuff half of the house into). The daily dose of vitamins (4 capsules) are packaged in separate sachets. It's a really convenient form with my often quite crazy lifestyle, because I don't have to wonder if I accidentally forgot something to drink. And how was the regularity? Okay, I confess without beating that I had to skip supplements twice, which I felt painfully - I was very sleepy, and also colloquially saying "not to live". The next day I returned crumbled to the WIMIN capsules. It is very nice that we buy supplements in a subscription, so we do not have to remember to order them (a cool option for those who forget).

Especially for you, I have a discount of PLN -20 for WIMIN supplements. All you have to do is use the password: dpblogpl when shopping

WIMIN supplements, as I have already mentioned, consist of 4 capsules (3 basic capsules and one additional), each of which has a different task: the first is for a beautiful and healthy complexion, the second for immunity, while the third will give you energy every day. The fourth capsule supports the areas you choose: better sex, PMS, better metabolism, pregnancy, better concentration or additional body resistance (it will be useful especially in the autumn and winter, as well as people who often get sick). I think that each of us will find something tailored to our needs.


  1. Avatar Erra Mood 10 November 2019 / 03: 44

    When it comes to the autumn solstice, I manage, it's worse in spring ...

  2. Avatar Marlena 4 November 2019 / 10: 15

    I supplement B12 because I read that you need veganism.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      4 November 2019 / 19: 29

      Yes it's true. However, a small note - not only vegans and vegetarians should supplement B12, and EVERYBODY (also those who eat meat).

  3. Avatar She 30 October 2019 / 15: 25

    I take WIMIN for metabolism, I wonder if I lose weight, I eat healthy and exercise too. I have more energy.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      4 November 2019 / 19: 30

      Fingers crossed! 🙂

  4. Avatar Angelika 28 October 2019 / 22: 50

    I have been on vegan for 5 days, I didn't know that you need to supplement anything! Thanks

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      4 November 2019 / 19: 30

      Oooo, that's great! How's your diet going?

  5. Avatar Ania 26 October 2019 / 19: 27

    Thanks for the recommendation, I bought and I will take resistance ... 3 I am sick once because my toddler brings something from kindergarten; P

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl
      4 November 2019 / 19: 34

      Preschool bacteria are evil! I heard many stories about children who come to the kindergarten sick, and then everyone gets infected from each other (parents too) ...

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