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How to deal with lack of motivation?

no motivation

There are times in life when you don't want anything. I have something like that now. The fall chandra knocked on my door, although I thought it didn't concern me. The best solution would be to stop for a moment, look at everything in advance and think about what to do next. It is not always that simple, and not everything that seems to us is what it is (as I wrote recently click).

Boredom and tiredness

The most common reason for not being motivated is the lack of a specific occupation. If you do (something that you like) you immediately feel a surge of energy and a willingness to act. When you get bored, you fall into a state of general laziness, so the most important thing is to do something.

It can be a job, it can be a hobby. The most important thing is to like it, because no one enjoys doing something you don't like. In my case it's like dusting. I hate doing this because I know that in a moment our furniture will be covered with a layer of dust. I do not feel any pleasure when I do it, because in my subconscious I have that in a moment my actions will be in vain.

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As a result, I am discouraged from this duty and when I am to wipe the dust off my body begins to rebel. Suddenly I have to use the toilet, I want to eat or drink. It's a normal reaction to activities we don't like. Subconsciously, we are looking for another job just to do something else.

Change of environment

Very often in situations where we lack motivation and a desire to do anything, the reason is the environment in which we live. People usually get bored quickly with their surroundings, so it is advisable to introduce changes to the environment from time to time.

The easiest way would be to move, change the workplace, but we can't always afford it (unfortunately). In this situation, you need to make changes to your environment. Renovations or additions can change a lot, not necessarily with a lot of money.

Change of job

Lack of motivation is often associated with doing work that we don't like. In the case of work you like, it looks different. You feel a surge of energy every day, you have specific tasks and you don't get bored.

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If you have been thinking about changing jobs for a long time, or maybe you are looking for your career path - do not be afraid of changes. I know this may seem scary, but if you don't take the risk, you'll be stuck in vague and maybe never step on your dream career path.


  1. Avatar Patrycja Kowalska 16 January 2017 / 12: 55

    In my case, it's best to find a book, article or podcast that will inspire me. Motivation comes back to me immediately

  2. Avatar Agnieszka Maciejewska 16 January 2017 / 12: 14

    I can't imagine doing something I don't like. Then my motivation would be below zero.
    Best regards and welcome to me !!

  3. Avatar JOKO eat 15 November 2016 / 17: 15

    You have to do what you like, otherwise life hurts too much, something different that we do once in a while, because we have to, and differently going to work every day that we hate. Nothing but run away from such a place and look for your dream job :)

  4. Avatar Karolina 14 November 2016 / 12: 17

    For me, unfortunately, autumn causes eternal depression and an absolute lack of desire to do anything 🙁

  5. Avatar Magdalena Bek 8 November 2016 / 01: 43

    It's very important to do what you like. Then it is much easier to find motivation. Worse, when we don't like something, then - as you write, we will find 100 reasons not to, because there will always be something more important 🙂

  6. Avatar Dawid P. 7 November 2016 / 14: 36

    In my experience I recommend everyone's number one advice. I have it myself that when I stay at the farmstead over the weekend and do not go home, even after my voice there is a lack of strength to live and any desire to change. During the week I have so many classes at the university and not only that I don't have time for melancholy.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 November 2016 / 15: 03

      When a person has no activity, he becomes more lazy and stupidity comes to mind 😉

  7. Avatar Kasia Beer with juice 7 November 2016 / 11: 18

    I know the topic of lack of motivation from the inside out, unfortunately. I currently feel a complete lack of motivation to write my bachelor thesis when the deadline for submitting the outline was 2 days ago. I am at the stage "I think I have to change the subject ..." 😉
    After all, the simple "get shit done" works best for me. I don't wonder if I want to or not, I'm just doing it. I think I have to sit down today and "just write" an outline 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 November 2016 / 11: 41

      The subject of writing a bachelor thesis is a river for us. We wrote our work at an express pace and we don't remember it very well. Fortunately, it was better with a master's degree, because we had subjects that we were interested in 😉

  8. Avatar Petite Polonaise 6 November 2016 / 09: 09

    A useful entry! In such moments I change the environment, I try to look for new places, discovering always enjoys 😉 Happy Sunday! 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 59

      They say that the best solution in this case is to travel and discover new places. Unfortunately, you can't always afford it, so you have to do it differently.

  9. Avatar Dziubdziak 6 November 2016 / 09: 04

    Ah, this autumn chandra has been going on for about two weeks. I don't complain about boredom, but it's hard for me to go to work in the evening. And when I do something will humor immediately improve?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 58

      Because the worst thing is to motivate yourself to do something. If you get down to it, it's usually fun. Only the issue of 'forbidding' can be very difficult ...

  10. Avatar Bożena Kultys 6 November 2016 / 09: 02

    It is worth setting goals, and then it is much easier to get motivated?

  11. Avatar afterfour.co.uk 5 November 2016 / 14: 36

    I just recently changed my job and I praise myself, I have more motivation and willingness to act despite the fact that I sleep less 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 56

      Congratulations on your bold decision. Just such people give me a motivational kick. I keep my fingers crossed for success at work and reaping the benefits (not just financial).

  12. Avatar Weronika Wozniak 5 November 2016 / 09: 20

    For autumn shame I recommend swallowing vitamin D - like nothing, and yet the sun is an important element of our mood.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 55

      We are already drinking vitamin D. Lack of sun does not affect us very well 🙁

  13. Avatar Psychozapiski 5 November 2016 / 09: 13

    We especially need motivation in autumn 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 54

      In autumn, it's very hard to get motivated in my case. I'd love to sit under a blanket with warm tea in hand and not move from home ...

      I think I was a bear in my previous life. I wouldn't mind sleeping through the winter 😉

  14. Avatar good morning everyday 5 November 2016 / 09: 06

    I also got tired recently and wanting to immerse myself in something other than everyday life, I realized that I have no hobby and everything I have done so far was for a moment and I do not like it so much. So I'm on my way now.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 57

      So I keep my fingers crossed for the search. This process alone seems to be exciting 🙂

  15. Avatar Miłka 4 November 2016 / 21: 19

    For me, the best motivation is reading these types of entries - they give me positive energy! 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 53

      Thank you very much! Such comments also give me motivation to act 🙂

  16. Avatar Kasia from 280 days 4 November 2016 / 21: 06

    I have been stuck recently. Constant illness at home, sitting, medicine, boredom ... Unfortunately, you only have to do it, because taking a sick three-year-old is a real challenge, in addition, prepare for childbirth, which in a moment ... and even bury under the quilt will not cope 🙁

  17. Avatar Classy Simple Life 4 November 2016 / 10: 46

    Recently, I am more and more often lack of motivation in many matters concerning my life ... I think it's time for a break - greetings 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 52

      Sometimes it's good to take a break and look at everything from the side.

      As a result, he gains distance and makes informed decisions.

  18. Avatar Mrs.Rose 4 November 2016 / 05: 37

    Now I need constant motivation during slimming, and this autumn weather is unfortunately not conducive to this

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2016 / 21: 50

      Good luck! Losing weight in itself is difficult, and certainly in such weather. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

  19. Avatar Beauty Land 3 November 2016 / 19: 41

    Great post, I just have no motivation for everything right now.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 November 2016 / 20: 36

      The weather does its job. Dab outside the window does not encourage anything 😉

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