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How is my complexion after over a month of treatment?

Do you remember exactly how 15 August pulled the final cannon and started fighting pimples? Yes, despite my 22 years, I am still struggling with this problem. It is not very intense, but it is troublesome, because I have visions that at the age of 66 I will be the only grandmother with pimples ...

Since then I have been drinking 1 tablet daily cynku at a dose of 10 mg (Zinc is a micronutrient necessary for normal growth, development, reconstruction and regeneration of damaged tissues. Stimulates the immune system. It has a beneficial effect on skin condition, strengthens hair and nails).

I also drink yeast brewers from Lewitan at a dose of 3 tablets a day (supports metabolic processes, in particular the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, is recommended in states of general fatigue, in the absence of appetite, regulates liver and pancreas, helps reduce cholesterol, as a stimulant of the body's defense mechanisms , has a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails, improves the condition of the skin in adolescents during puberty, Lewitan is also an important element of the diet for diabetics, convalescents and people building muscle mass, is a valuable source of protein for vegetarians).

Course of treatment

How much packaging did I use? 2 yeast packaging and 2 or 3 zinc packaging (at the beginning of the treatment P. also drank in vitamins, but later he got bored ...; P) After zinc - I found information that many models drink it every day. Apparently their proven method for smooth faces :)

I also changed the way I care for my face - I try to wash it with gel and water only once a day, in the morning - usually Alterra gel. In the evening, however, I wash my face with a cotton pad soaked in a tonic with silver (which I will not talk much about in today's note, because it is waiting in the queue for reviews;))

I don't lubricate her with any night cream. I noticed that since I washed my face only once a day - it is no longer so capricious - it gets less greasy, and there are far fewer uninvited guests on my face. I grease my face every day turmeric cream, which I bought some time ago on the allegro (actually it seems to me that I can calmly review it, because it has been with me for some time ... also, be patient, because soon I will share with you insights on this product) 🙂

Once a week I try to apply a mask with algae-śmierdziuchów, which I have already got used to in 75%, or the turmeric mask I learned about thanks to one of the bloggers - 2 spoon of natural yogurt, 1 spoon of turmeric (I usually make this mask on the "eye". It's my nature that I don't like to measure anything too much etc.).


The effect that I wanted to achieve has not yet been achieved in 100%, because something will still pop out from time to time, but not as much as a month ago. And when it comes to further fight, now I have to fight discoloration on the pimples, I will use a proven and unreliable to achieve this effect ointment Cepan, which perfectly copes with any scars on the body.

I am not going to give up drinking zinc and yeast. Apparently, not only my complexion has benefited from it, but also my hair and nails - they are much stronger and fuller of life.

And what ways do you recommend fighting pimples? Do you have any checked?


  1. Avatar Jedrys 21 January 2018 / 23: 25

    Yeast works very well on the hair, skin and well-being 🙂

  2. Avatar Julia 14 July 2016 / 08: 26

    I will comfort you that I am 24 years old and I still have pimples ... I am more worried that I will never enjoy a smooth complexion, because as soon as I get pimples, wrinkles will come out 🙁 As for zinc - it's definitely worth it, but I'm just trying supplement your diet with foods rich in zinc. I think it's worth reading this article: http://www.jestemfit.pl/artykuly/suplementy/grozny-niedobor-cynku Probably the best way to get pimples is not to worry about them 😉 (but diet - a diet, it does well for the whole body)

  3. Avatar Liliana Kim 13 October 2012 / 21: 57

    An interesting blog, adds to favorites 🙂 For me about waxes, nails and natural body care so I invite you am

  4. Avatar From my point of view 30 September 2012 / 17: 55

    I also use Alterra washing cream :) And although I recently bought a different one for a change, I regret it and I will be back to Alterra soon :)
    Recently, I started drinking horsetail tea (organic costs less than 3 PLN in a herbal store) and I see a significant improvement in the appearance of my complexion. I recommend 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 30 September 2012 / 18: 23

      I used to drink tea with pansy and after that I also saw skin improvement. However, it was not very tasty, and otherwise diuretic: P

  5. Avatar nikt_wielki_ona 30 September 2012 / 17: 05

    And for acnestop at night I use their sample one.

  6. Avatar Lola 30 September 2012 / 17: 04

    I am 15 years old, but luckily I inherited my grandmother's problem-free complexion 😉 I usually get a few pimples before the period, but then I get their benzacne ointment, and that's how I use the synergen anti-bacterial mask once every two weeks, I like it enough that I can recommend it to you 😀 (it is not expensive and available in Rossmann, now they have such promotions, maybe it is even cheaper;))

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 30 September 2012 / 18: 22

      I didn't use this mask, I have to look at it. Is it in sachets? or in the package?

    • Avatar Lola 1 October 2012 / 14: 00

      In sachets, exactly blue, they are combined in two.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 October 2012 / 11: 29

      Thank you for the info, I will search and try :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 30 September 2012 / 18: 20

      What does it mean that he helped differently? did not bring the expected results?

  7. Avatar nikt_wielki_ona 30 September 2012 / 17: 01

    I recommend vitamin A. It was prescribed to me by a dermatologist (in the above dose is prescription). Combined with imperfections cream and moisturizer, it all worked great. Recently, I did not want to wait for a visit to a dermatologist, so I bought myself a vitamin. Oh, only at a lower dose, but I took the dose as recommended by a dermatologist. The skin improved even though I didn't use vitamin And as before, i.e. for about 2 months, and for 1-2 weeks. For this I use facial cleansers without alcohol and paraffin. Then ZIAJA MED tonic antibacterial treatment. Then Cethapil MD Dermoprotector (I was recommended to you by a dermatologist, she is over the counter, has a great composition and moisturizes best with the existing creams I have had) - moisturizes my face and cream ZIAJA MED antibacterial treatment - it dries what is supposed to dry. Once a week, IAJA NUNO GREEN CLAY mask against pimples + moisturizing mask.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 30 September 2012 / 18: 00

      Thank you so much for a smooth complexion :)
      I have not heard about vitamin A. but I will definitely try. I think that together with zinc and yeast it can work wonders;)
      I used Cetaphil (and gel for washing the face and cream. I was satisfied with the gel for washing the face, not because of the cream because it was too greasy for me - I used it at night, because during the day the skin shone massively: /)
      I plan to buy a series of acne-prone skin, but not nuno, but the other one you wrote about, it's probably tintin, right? :)

  8. Avatar Victoria 30 September 2012 / 06: 08

    At what price this zinc? Can you get it at any pharmacy? 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 30 September 2012 / 06: 46

      I bought it at the Gemini pharmacy for about PLN 7;)

  9. Avatar Luthienn 29 September 2012 / 17: 23

    I am still struggling with pimples 🙁 although I switched to more natural care, but that's still not it 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 29 September 2012 / 17: 56

      I suggest you ingest zinc and yeast and wait for results :)

  10. Avatar beauty and hair 29 September 2012 / 17: 22

    I am curious about turmeric cream and tonic with silver. How much do they cost more or less? 🙂 I also once refused washing with gel in the evening for milk and it was great at first, but after a while it's even worse, let it not happen to you 🙂

  11. Avatar Moment 29 September 2012 / 17: 12

    Yeast in this form does not seem so scary ;-)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 29 September 2012 / 17: 15

      They definitely taste better than the cubes :)

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