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How to start running?

How to start running?

Running has been a very fashionable sport for some time. We meet more and more running people hurrying to classes during the weekend. However, when it comes to this type of fashion - I'm so!
I never liked running, but Piotr talked me into running when it gets warmer. I will try, maybe it won't be as bad as it seems. For now, I'm completing a running outfit.

The most important are shoes. If the shoes are bad - you can get a painful injury very quickly. The second important point is to start with short distances and increase them gradually. If you can't do it at first, don't give up, just try again. Over time, it will definitely be better (at least that's what they say 😉). You also have to remember to run in the right place - running on the street and inhaling exhaust fumes can do more harm. It's best to run in a park or forest, and if someone has the opportunity like us - at the seaside.

I always thought it was best to run when it is warm. However, it turned out that the best temperature is around 13-15 degrees. Then the body does not get tired so much, and running becomes more comfortable. When I run regularly I suspect that the temperature doesn't matter anymore. If you catch a running bug, any weather is good for running.

Girls, are any of you running? Maybe you have some advice for beginner runners. I would like to read how it was at your beginning 🙂

Running shoes are the most important

Running outfit - inspirations



  1. Avatar She 21 July 2016 / 06: 23

    A great guide, it's definitely worth running, Dear 🙂

  2. Avatar Ev Mylonaki 11 April 2016 / 13: 48

    Shoes, music and a big water bottle are the most important running accessories for me. I used to run a lot, now I do dvd insanity, but shoes, music and water are the basis, I think this is the basis for exercises 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 11 April 2016 / 14: 29

      Oh yes! Music. Preferably one that motivates you to continue running 😉

  3. Avatar witekm 10 April 2016 / 17: 50

    I would also add a trainer search for important things. It is not worth using ready plans that are full on the net.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 April 2016 / 18: 51

      That's very good advice! Fortunately, our friend is a trainer, so we get all the advice from him 😉

  4. Avatar porridge 6 April 2016 / 07: 36

    Recently I was tempted to run - it was a single, spontaneous trip. I have to admit that my condition is terrible, but I still remember this experience very much and I think I will repeat it in the near future 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 April 2016 / 07: 41

      Don't say anything ... I start to puff after a few minutes 😀

  5. Avatar Klaudia Kaszub 5 April 2016 / 20: 40

    For me, unfortunately, it always ends on promises ... from tomorrow to tomorrow and so on. I lack motivation

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 April 2016 / 06: 25

      Anything can be motivation - better fitness, great figure, or maybe just a desire to leave the house. You have to find your goal and pursue it at all costs 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 April 2016 / 17: 54

      Do you have a treadmill at home or do you run at the gym? 🙂

  6. Avatar Beauty Land 5 April 2016 / 12: 07

    I prefer cycling, walking, internet exercises. You don't need to invest a lot in your outfit and there is also activity. In addition, running scares me because I have a weak back and knees.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 April 2016 / 17: 51

      I dream of a bicycle. I used to love to ride. Now, unfortunately, I don't have a bike or a place to hold it 😛

  7. Avatar Druidka 5 April 2016 / 10: 23

    I have a problem with running because I like it but I never want to go back 😀 I will reach my destination and then it's bad 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 April 2016 / 11: 12

      Haha I have the same 😀 motivates me to come back home; P If you don't have enough strength and motivation, you can come back quickly.

  8. Avatar GumaDoZuciax3 5 April 2016 / 08: 30

    I have never liked sport and myself for several days I want to go jogging 🙂

  9. Avatar Classy Simple Life 4 April 2016 / 20: 13

    For some time we were trying to run with MM ... but before Christmas I broke my right leg tendons 🙁 for now, until mid-April my leg is in orthosis, and then we will see ... so, I won't be able to start running soon enough. Personally, I think that the right shoes are the basis, then the outfit, etc. I keep my fingers crossed for your running - best regards 🙂

  10. Avatar Espe 4 April 2016 / 19: 41

    Shoes should be bought depending on how the foot is placed inside and outside 😉 There is nothing to regret the money on this item. They do not have to be Nike shoes 😉 There are many better companies 😉 For beginners and those who cannot see or catch the bug and keep running, I recommend dressing in Lidl and Decathlon 😉 Clothing at affordable prices and quite good quality.

  11. Avatar Karolina I DEFINE blog 4 April 2016 / 19: 10

    Personally, I don't like running in the field - it puts a strain on the joints and the physiotherapist advises against it, so I can run on a treadmill. Yes, good shoes are the key, but after that a person will spend a fortune on these other fashionable accessories it is better to make sure that it will actually run and it is a sport for him 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 April 2016 / 06: 10

      It's just like any sport or hobby. It's best to try first and then invest in equipment 🙂

  12. Avatar MyLady world 4 April 2016 / 18: 33

    I like running, I'm waiting for May, free time and I'll start 🙂

  13. Avatar Justyna Kaczor 4 April 2016 / 18: 00

    Super post, lots of interesting and useful information. 🙂 Regards!

  14. Avatar Marzena T. 4 April 2016 / 17: 56

    Apparently it is said that you do not need anything to run, but if you want to take this sport seriously - it is worth investing especially in good shoes

    • Avatar [Email protected] 4 April 2016 / 18: 40

      I always thought eee there what shoes there. And it was a mistake. With bad shoes you can get injured quickly!

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