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What effects from July 30?

On July 30 I was on a visit to a dermatologist, at a lady I had never visited. I changed the dermatologist due to the fact that my previous p. Dermatologist did nothing and I had to tell her what I would like to get. I don't think that's the point.
fight against acne
Surprisingly, I waited quite a short time, because only 1,5 of the month (which is a very short time for Polish reality, because I was able to wait for the National Health Fund for half a year until the previous one, from which the visit always fell during the period of improvement on my face ...).
Today is 11 August and the difference is on my face.
The ointment I got - Duac was to be used every night. I did that for the first 5 days. After this time, it started to dry me out very much (lubrication during the day with moisturizing cream did not help).
Interestingly, I had to give up my beloved Natur Riche cream, because in the case of such dry skin (literally dry and red) I needed something more.
I received a sample of Xnicum Aknicare with a filter from a dermatologist and this cream helps me survive the drought on my face. At night, I lubricate it with alterry oil with almonds and papayas in a rather thick layer. It helps. And strangely enough, it doesn't clog.
Currently, I use Duac every other day, remembering to moisturize my face (one day I apply duac ointment, the next one with alterra oil for the night).
In addition to this ointment, a dermatologist recommended the 4akne dietary supplement to me. I am impressed because I did not believe that the supplement could work. Somehow I do not believe in all these supplement miracles ...
and here please ... from 30 July to 11 August my skin stopped massaging so much (which she always did). I don't really know if it's due to the ointment or this supplement. Or maybe both? anyway, as I had to use 2 matting papers during the day, I now use one at the end of the work.
I still use silver instead of water.
As a peeling, I use the Phenome sugar peeling once a week, but also baking soda, which beautifully smoothes very dry skin and removes the layer of dry skin that even the Phenome peeling couldn't cope with.
As for the cream - I plan to buy aknicare because I am happy with the samples I received. Has anyone of you used the products offered by this company? how was it?


  1. Avatar Catherines diary 11 August 2013 / 17: 20

    it's great that there are effects and good luck in further treatment; *

  2. Avatar Natasza Miszczuk 11 August 2013 / 15: 13

    4 is prescription? Because how can I and I will try, because somehow until now I was not convinced to supplements; DA and how do you use soda?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 11 August 2013 / 15: 43

      No prescription:) price around PLN XUMUM.

  3. Avatar Darien 11 August 2013 / 14: 40

    Today is the day 18 my treatment and I have never had such a clean face. I didn't think that I would ever get rid of blackheads from my forehead and that there was still room for smooth skin. I had very dry skin in the first days, but it all stopped. The skin clogs less, is smooth and animated. I also use 4akne and I am very pleased. I avoided rash, but there are still some pimples around the nose and chin, but I don't expect what was absorbed. Must go outside. I hope that the effects do not disappear with the end of the antibiotic, and do not get worse with the end of the ointment.

    I can get to a dermatologist even in a week, max. 2 weeks. Privately (for 40 PLN) even on the second day. In the outpatient clinics you don't wait more than 3 weeks. I am from Łódź.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 11 August 2013 / 14: 49

      And you see, my waiting time is very long, that's why I went to a dermatologist a bit outside the center of Gdańsk. Oh, I see that you are also happy with 4akne :) with me the same - still beard in a deplorable condition. What did you do for dry skin? I fight with it as I wrote oil, but unfortunately it is still drying. I wonder if Duac is definitely for me: /

    • Avatar Darien 11 August 2013 / 17: 24

      There was nothing to be done. I waited, lubricating myself with moisturizing cream, the skin was falling apart, it was rough as sandpaper until it stopped about a week-10 days. Maybe it will pass you. I would break down if, after a momentary triumph, everything would return to normal again, because I have never achieved such effects from a dermatologist.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 12 August 2013 / 18: 16

      There is nothing left for us but hope :)

  4. Avatar Victoria 11 August 2013 / 13: 14

    Once I waited for months dermatologist 6, because I was allergic, of course, when it came to visit, there was no trace after the allergy.
    It's good that the ointment and supplement work well 🙂

  5. Avatar Rossnett 11 August 2013 / 12: 54

    I have a nice dermatologist, so far, for NFZ and I prescribe pharmacy-made medicines, tonics, creams, etc. - great; P

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