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"I am a conscious consumer"

We start the action under the slogan: "I am a conscious consumer". I came up with an idea when being in three Rossmann I was doing a small test. I asked in each of them for cosmetics without SLS.

Do you know what answers I got? 1. "Here you have all the shampoos available" 2. "What is this SLS ?!" 3. "Yyy ... maybe these? (a drugstore employee points to Syoss shampoos from the series without parabens) "This way I understood that I can't count on the help of the ladies who work in this drugstore. And actually who if not them - people who work in a cosmetics store can help me? After this little test, I understood that I can only count on myself when choosing cosmetics.

A few words about the action

Share "I am a conscious consumer" aims to draw attention to the problem of placing ingredients harmful to our skin and body in cosmetics. If you are a person who pays attention to the composition and does not buy cosmetics because of the packaging or brand - show it! Just paste the logo of the action on your blog (you can also mention the action in a note on your blog, we will be very pleased :)) I invite you! girls show that you are conscious consumers!

If you take part in the action - please leave a comment below this note :)


  1. Avatar anjami 24 July 2012 / 21: 40

    This and I will join :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 August 2012 / 13: 38

      Welcome to the group of conscious consumers;)

  2. Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 May 2012 / 17: 55

    Beloved, thank you very much for such great support of the action! :)

  3. Avatar akaz 8 May 2012 / 11: 23

    I was happy to join the action :)

  4. Avatar Kinia :) 8 May 2012 / 04: 27

    Rather, I will take part in this action, the more that I have been buying organic / ecological / natural cosmetics myself in recent months, etc. itd I watch and hope that I can count on a rematch? 🙂

  5. Avatar naturalozakupoholiczka 7 May 2012 / 19: 54

    interesting initiative. I pay attention to the composition, but also the brand (is it an ecological company that does not test on animals, or maybe a large group that wants to fool consumers' eyes with one certified product), generally ecological criteria are important to me, and not only action itself. I also consider the price (which is why I love promotions), but I can pay more for a good, ecological cosmetic.

    Of course I take part in the action

  6. Avatar Elvira Elvira 7 May 2012 / 19: 16

    You have a great blog you know? 🙂 I will definitely visit here more often 🙂 Watch? kisses:***

  7. Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 May 2012 / 16: 58

    Great, I'm very happy that so many people are already participating! :) I hope there will be more of us! :))

  8. Avatar Łucja from Agulkowy Field 7 May 2012 / 15: 55

    An interesting action. For years, what matters to cosmetics and not only them has been important for me. Of course I take part.

  9. Avatar Natural Bianka 7 May 2012 / 15: 50

    Of course I'm taking part 🙂 By the way I add to the watched.

  10. Avatar Zwies 7 May 2012 / 12: 01

    It seems to me that compositions are not everything 🙂
    I also pay attention to packaging. Interestingly, while the cosmetics are in rather good packaging, yogurt is hard to find in "good" cups 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 May 2012 / 16: 57

      But what does the packaging have in composition? you know packaging is not everything, because it is often the case that the packaging is not interesting and the product is very good :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 27 May 2012 / 18: 52

      Thank you for the link :) I will read in a moment!

  11. Avatar Margaretka 7 May 2012 / 10: 37

    I am happy to add you to the watched 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 May 2012 / 10: 38

      Thank you very much on my behalf and P. from the D&P duo :)

  12. Avatar Margaretka 7 May 2012 / 10: 36

    probably not quite grown up to rigorously check the composition of the product. Rather, I am based on purchases of recognized brands, maybe naively hoping that they do not do trash 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 May 2012 / 10: 37

      Unfortunately, cosmetics companies are very deceiving us. Not everyone writes the full composition, although they have such an obligation. The same happens with food products.

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