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Keep calm and love yourself

Complexes ... which one of us doesn't have them?
The media create a picture of a beautiful, neat, slim woman who is never without makeup or in tracksuits.
Today, a little more personal note, because I will tell you about my fight with complexes, fight adolescence and fight people.
I never considered myself an ideal of beauty. Being in elementary school I had a few unnecessary kilos here and there, which was often a reason for mockery from my friends. In addition, I'm not completely white, and I have a slightly olive complexion, which made me different from others. Apropo friends - maybe one of them today is unconsciously my reader. Contrary to appearances, the world is really small.
Bite about my weight meant that to this day I get too much control of my weight, except that now I found a "weight point" that I do not cross. However, it is not strictly defined, because after moving out I decided not to buy weight and it is rather conventional with my body. The main thing is to learn to understand your body, thanks to which we will achieve harmony.
Adolescence was difficult for me, from "normal" weight while growing, I began to lose weight quickly, to such an extent that I went from doctor to doctor, because my BMI was disturbingly low. I went from extreme to extreme completely unknowingly.
I was looking for a way to feel beautiful for a moment. The low weight allowed me to be in a modeling agency, thanks to which I had several photo sessions and finally felt at least a bit accepted. At some point, however, I stated that it did not give me joy, but only acceptance, so I gave up.
I have never considered myself an ideal of beauty, an above average intelligent person, and too shapely and charming.
I wore jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt and sneakers in my entire high school, high school and high school, my makeup ended with protective lipstick and possible bright eye shadow, and I associated the eyelash curler with a torture tool.
Holidays after graduation from high school was a breakthrough for me when everything changed. I got to my dream direction and started my first job. It was a time when I could cut myself off from the people who destroyed all my confidence.
I gradually changed my image. The first step was to cut my hair, which I always wore long. The next stages are a change of style in dress and the first experiments with makeup.
In the first year I met P., from that day my life changed completely. I felt absolutely loved for the first time.
I won't say that P. was my first boyfriend, because it's not true, but after a long reflection I confirmed what my good friend once told me - every guy is looking for a feeling of being loved for you. However, you don't think about yourself in a relationship.
It was another breakthrough in my life. I treat this relationship differently than others, because I not only try to make someone happy, but also myself.
Today, I am completely different, I have learned that it is not worth listening to others, unless it is a friend or a family member.
Finally, I would just like to say - learn to love yourself as you are. Only then will you find harmony and peace in life.


  1. Avatar Seanaith 21 April 2013 / 09: 52

    It's easy to say, harder to do 😉 I'm still full of complexes through high school and college. Some things I can't explain and accept, though I would love to ... 🙂

  2. Avatar Ola Ziemińska 21 April 2013 / 07: 15

    it's true, the ground is to accept yourself,
    I like such posts! ;-)

  3. Avatar Monika Ch 20 April 2013 / 19: 39

    I think it's important to accept yourself 🙂

  4. Avatar Unknown 20 April 2013 / 17: 40

    Make it as easy as you wrote here; D
    I hope to start a "new life" after junior high school. New school, other people, I hope everything will change for the better.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 20 April 2013 / 18: 22

      It is not easy, I know it, but there comes a moment in life when we can cut ourselves off from it all and finally start living our lives, not dictated by someone.

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