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A few changes in hair care

Every now and then I present to you the changes I make in hair care - looking for the one best suited to my hair.
In today's update I will tell you what I am using so far and what changes I am preparing around next week.I'll start by washing my hair
I use green Facelle intymnet hygiene liquid for cleaning, which works very well on my hair. I experimented with other colors, but this 50 + moisturizes them best. This product accompanies me with the OMO method (conditioner, washing, conditioner), which also my hair really liked. Until I find something even better, I will use this method.
The nutrient I use is a garnier with avocado oil and karite butter. It serves me a lot for now, but the next version will be with argan oil (for comparison, which my hair like more).
I still use modified hair creams (Click) after washing and drying. Unfortunately, this period lasts, when not going out with a wet head will end up with pneumonia, I'm also looking forward to the warmer days so that I can stop drying my hair with a dryer.
I fix the hair lightly with Syoss hairspray (but only on days when I know I will have to wear a hat).
What's new - what awaits my hair in the near future?
This week I should get a package from Bombay Bazaar (Click), which will include sweet almond oil. Until now, I've used amla with adoration, we'll see how the oil works on my hair.
As I mentioned above - next in the queue is a conditioner with argan oil from Garnier.
I want to go back to linseed again (in the form of a hair mask once a week). I am also planning to buy linseed oil, which I intend to drink (a spoon a day). But the start of the treatment is not specified yet, because I do not know when I will be in the store where you can buy it.
That's all when it comes to significant changes in hair care. If you have any questions - write in a comment.


  1. Avatar Seanaith 17 February 2013 / 19: 49

    Well, here I am tempting me this Garnier's call that I will get angry 😀 As soon as I finish my mischief based on Isana, I will grab this call and see if it really does the trick :) I dream that it would be warmer (but it's only because of hair drying, I just love winter) so I can leave my hair wet and fly in it like that 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 17 February 2013 / 20: 22

      I don't like winter because it's too cold: P I like warmth at all. May summer be hot, because last days were when I was wearing a spring coat: / but it's better than winter ...

  2. Avatar lidzia007 16 February 2013 / 11: 15

    I also need to buy linseed, but for now it's not on the way to the store;]

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 16 February 2013 / 11: 20

      You can buy some seeds in every supermarket :) and if not at 100% in the pharmacy.

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