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Contest! Natural cosmetics to be won!

Together with the shop ekostraganik.pl we would like to invite you to the competition :)

All you have to do is answer the competition question under this note. Remember to enter your email address in the comment :)

From all entries, we will choose the most interesting 7 answers that will take part in the prize draw.

The competition is underway from 10.01.2015 (at 20: 00) to 18.01.2015 (at 20: 00).
Results of the 19.01.2015 competition at 21: 30.
And if we are already at the prizes, we have great prizes for you:
1 set:
Intensively moisturizing face serum + nourishing and smoothing Gocranberry eye cream
2 Award:
Intensively moisturizing Gocranberry face serum
3 Award:
Nourishing and smoothing Gocranberry eye cream
In addition, all contest participants will receive discount coupons at the Ekostraganik store 🙂
The competition question is:
Is it worth using natural cosmetics? Why?
The rules of the competition can be found here: competition rules
We cordially invite you to take part in the competition and to like the fanpage D & P i Ekostraganik :)
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  1. Avatar Zuzia S. 17 January 2015 / 21: 03

    In my opinion, natural cosmetics are wonderful, because as you know, NATURE itself is the best 🙂 These cosmetics have a very good effect on my skin (acne is something terrible), because they do not cause new skin changes, discoloration, etc. The second advantage is composition. In various types of chemical cosmetics, the composition is so extensive and incomprehensible that we simply do not want to read it, sometimes we did not even know about the existence of substances with such strange names. The third advantage is the smell. In ecocosmetics, it is so light and subtle that one would like to smell and smell. As you know, natural cosmetics are usually more expensive than chemical ones, but nevertheless it is worth investing in something more expensive and better, without fear that we will get some "enemy" or unwanted rash, because as you know chemical cosmetics often cause such anomalies. Regards 😀

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  2. Avatar Natalia Elżbieta 17 January 2015 / 13: 28

    It is worth using natural cosmetics because they support what is beautiful - nature, and do not interfere with it. They have simple compositions, which makes them very rarely allergic. They do not cause damage, as chemical agents often do. In addition, they often captivate with beautiful aromas and properties that can not be chemically obtained.

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  3. Avatar Juxs 17 January 2015 / 09: 10

    In my opinion, it is worth using natural cosmetics, because they are safe for our skin, they are not harmful and do not contain hazardous chemicals. They have a lot of advantages, including their composition, which is filled with e.g. plant extracts 😉 they do not cause allergies and are primarily ecological!

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  4. Avatar Lady Cosme 17 January 2015 / 08: 50

    Sure, it's worth using natural cosmetics, because it's the best that can be for our skin! Such cosmetics do not contain chemical substances that irritate the skin, and are often even dangerous to health! What's more, when buying natural cosmetics, we care not only about your beauty and health, but also about the environment! 🙂

  5. Avatar Anonymous 16 January 2015 / 19: 33

    Natural Cosmetics are products derived from nature, and nature is gentleness, delicacy and reliable action. Natural care can work wonders for the skin, bring relief and wonderful hydration, and care with them is a fragrant relaxation for the body and senses. In this care there are real treasures of vitamins and minerals that give the skin energy, vitality and comfort. Natural cosmetics are proof for me that I care for my skin as nature would like. So let's reach for them to feel the difference!

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  6. Avatar Monika Rodzinka 15 January 2015 / 19: 56

    Because natural is simply the best. Over time, we all find out about this by changing our habits and habits to more natural and healthier 🙂

  7. Avatar robin 13 January 2015 / 17: 42

    In XXI it is hard not to notice that next to processed foods we are dealing with cosmetics stuffed with artificiality. We often unknowingly reach for products in a hurry, not realizing what impact they will have on our body. Natural cosmetics have a beneficial effect on our skin. They don't need "enhancers" to prove their greatness. They outclass the competition with a short, modest composition. They envelop, nurture, provide comfort, luxury and, above all, the effect. Every conscious woman should focus on natural care. The more that Mother Nature wants the best for us 😉

    email: [Email protected]

  8. Avatar Beauty Embassy 13 January 2015 / 13: 27

    I focus mainly on natural cosmetics. They have a beneficial effect on our skin without burdening it with unnecessary preservatives, thickeners and a whole range of enhancers, which can have a different effect on our skin than intended 🙂 e-mail: [Email protected]

  9. Avatar Ann 13 January 2015 / 10: 23

    Good luck to all 🙂

  10. Avatar Niksa 13 January 2015 / 09: 22

    everything is beautiful but I am not lucky enough to compete and win too

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 13 January 2015 / 12: 24

      If you don't take part, you won't find out 🙂

  11. Avatar Alleyne 12 January 2015 / 20: 47

    It's worth it! Why Natural cosmetics have a light and delicate effect on our skin. They do not contain so much drying ingredients. And they are much more effective! And most importantly, buying natural cosmetics protects the environment. And it is nature that makes us beautiful! E-mail address: natalk[Email protected]

  12. Avatar Anonymous 12 January 2015 / 16: 23

    These products are very organic, do not cause allergies, are not tested on animals. They care more for our skin, do not contain any artificial colors. By buying and using such ingredients, we protect our environment 🙂

    e-mail: [Email protected]

  13. Avatar Marta and Lacky 12 January 2015 / 16: 20

    Women are looking for better and better cosmetics to meet their requirements. In natural cosmetics we won't find any artificial ingredients, cosmetics make our skin get what it needs. But Above ALL, these types of cosmetics are not tested on animals! That's why I strongly support a Gocranberry company! 🙂 Animals hate our beauty! Of course, thanks to the fact that cosmetics are not tested on animals - they care about the environment, they are very ecological cosmetics. Packaging and bottles are made of recycled materials. That is why it is very good to replace the existing ones (except for women using natural cosmetics) for better, safer, environmentally-friendly cosmetics. :)

    My e-mail: [Email protected]


  14. Avatar Marta 12 January 2015 / 08: 04

    because they are mostly non-allergenic, much cheaper than the so-called company ones, they are often even better than them and besides we know what we put together - however, guano even in the most beautiful jar still remains guano :)

  15. Avatar Anonymous 11 January 2015 / 21: 20

    Is it worth ???? that is the question ??? because of course I do not believe, of course, that it is not worth as much as you just need We need cosmetics like oxygen and water, but unfortunately not everyone will serve us and our skin well and long. If we use any and cheap, containing various artificial and not natural, in other words harmful during long use of means, we will unfortunately harm ourselves more than we will help. It is immediately known that this harmfulness is not visible overnight, but if we do not start using organic cosmetics, healthy and natural, without harmful substances in time, we will retire (as long as we live to it) not look like beautiful divas of the screen, but like old Hungarian shrunken and dried plums, because our skin will lose its radiance, elasticity and elasticity. So answering the question whether it is worth using natural cosmetics ??? yes, because only they are compatible with nature and contain in the composition exactly what our skin needs and requires 🙂

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  16. Avatar Anonymous 11 January 2015 / 20: 02

    Agnieszka Guzelak
    Of course, it is worth and even should use natural cosmetics :) Natural cosmetics do not damage and age our skin, and additionally do not cause allergies. Of course, not counting the situation when someone's individual ingredient is an allergen. Unfortunately, most often the naturalness of cosmetics translates into their price, which is why many people buy artificial cosmetics. We save money, but unfortunately at the expense of our body ...
    [Email protected]

  17. Avatar Łukasz Bier 11 January 2015 / 18: 21

    It's worth it because natural cosmetics are a real treasure and I have great respect for the producers of these products.
    [Email protected]

  18. Avatar Anna Gospodarczyk 11 January 2015 / 17: 44

    Of course, it is worth using natural cosmetics. Maybe they are more expensive than those produced chemically but what price is our health and well-being worth? Using such cosmetics, we protect ourselves against allergies that can be caused by chemical products. They are not tested on animals 🙂 They are organic.

  19. Avatar Anonymous 11 January 2015 / 11: 07

    Why? Because they are perfect for people with sensitive skin. They will not contain artificial fragrances or coloring ingredients. They do not harm the skin, they just make it properly moisturized, nourished, brightened, relaxed, extremely soft and delicate throughout the day. They have a light texture that spreads well, absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily coating on the skin. They are very efficient, do not irritate or sensitize. They have a delicate, subtle fragrance. And what is important they are environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals.
    Women who take particular care of their body, introducing synthetic substances through their skin and lymph nodes for years, are particularly vulnerable to many modern diseases, e.g. breast cancer. Reducing such risk is one of the reasons why it is worth replacing synthetic agents with natural ones 🙂
    [Email protected]

  20. Avatar Anonymous 10 January 2015 / 19: 50

    I think it's worth using natural cosmetics. I found this out for myself :)
    First of all, they are perfect for people with sensitive skin. They contain no artificial fragrance or coloring ingredients. There are no substances in them that could harm the skin, make the skin properly moisturized, nourished, and possibly also brightened. They are very efficient, do not irritate and should not sensitize. They have a delicate, subtle smell and what is important are environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals.
    [Email protected]

    • Avatar Dominika Kaczka 10 January 2015 / 20: 47

      In my opinion, it is worth using natural cosmetics because
      Natural cosmetics do not contain chemistry,
      in harmony with nature arise
      Very good influence on my body have:
      incredibly nurture and make them more beautiful
      They are not tested on animals,
      thanks to this, I am even more willing to buy it
      Natural cosmetics are a harmony of body, soul and mind ...
      don't follow the slogans and the voice of the crowd
      try natural cosmetics today and you won't regret it 🙂

  21. Avatar Lavania Viola 10 January 2015 / 19: 49

    It is worth using natural cosmetics because we are aware of what we use. Thanks to this, we know which ingredient suits our needs and which works in an unsatisfactory manner. In addition, nature can do more than any artificial substances.

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