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Which equalizer is better - Catrice or Bell hypoallergenic?

I have terrible dark circles under my eyes that I can hardly hide. My biggest friend is under-eye concealer (currently with a mini beauty blender, which works great so far). I have been using the Bell hypoallergenic equalizer for a long time, but I wanted to test the praised Catrice equalizer. Did I like it? You will find out below.

Which equalizer is better - Catrice or Bell hypoallergenic?

I bought the Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Convealer (the liquid corrector) in Hebe for about PLN 15. The price is similar to the Bell corrector, although I recently got him for only PLN 7,99. on discount. I always buy both products at Hebe, because this drugstore is near our apartment.
Which equalizer is better - Catrice or Bell hypoallergenic?
Which equalizer is better - Catrice or Bell hypoallergenic?

Bell or Catrice? Which eye concealer is better?

I was wondering between the liquid and cream concealer. However, I felt the cream tester and it seemed very dry and hard to spread. I decided that it wouldn't be good under my eyes. The choice fell on the liquid version.
Both concealers are in the same packaging - lip gloss with a sponge for applying concealer. Both products are also available in a similar color version, although I have the impression that Bell concealers are a bit darker. Certainly the medium version (02) of the Bell equalizer is darker than the No. 2 light beige from Catrice.
Catrice's smooth concealer is pretty good at hiding shadows under your eyes. However, it has a disadvantage - it is quite heavy and dense, which I did not quite like. The Catrice concealer is waterproof, which affects its durability. This product stays on the face all day. Bell equalizer is lighter than its predecessor, but it doesn't hide that well. I have the impression that it blends with the skin better than Catrice.

Bell corrector wins for me

Both products work very well, but due to the lighter consistency I will come back to the Bell corrector. This concealer also has a better shade for my skin. Catrice is a bit too bright and you can still see it under the eyes, even if I use the Beauty Blender mini sponge.
In both concealers I only lack brightening particles. Joko (Illuminies) had a great concealer under the eyes, unfortunately this product is no longer available, which I regret.


  1. Avatar Monika K. 24 March 2017 / 08: 20

    I recently tried Catrice (I have been using Bell for years) and although it served its purpose well, it was too "crude" - I prefer lighter solutions :) Yesterday I came back from Hebe with a new Bell packaging 🙂

  2. Avatar Sylvia 21 March 2017 / 11: 50

    I really like this concealer from Bell. I was looking for something good and at a great price. I bet on Bell and I don't regret it 🙂

  3. Avatar Colors Of Beauty 20 March 2017 / 20: 41

    I currently have the one from Catrice is good, it covers nicely, only shades suit me medium. However, I will return to my love - L'oreal True Match 01 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 March 2017 / 21: 48

      I have a fair shade, but unfortunately it is too heavy for me.

  4. Avatar soap bubble 16 March 2017 / 22: 03

    I love the concealer from Catrice. The one from Bell will be happy to try someday for comparison, but I'm afraid that its coverage may turn out to be too weak ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 March 2017 / 21: 47

      Unfortunately, the coverage is quite weak. It is a pity, because it would be ideal!

  5. Avatar Nadine 16 March 2017 / 10: 47

    ABOUT! I haven't used such jeszcze yet

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 March 2017 / 21: 46

      If you have dark circles under your eyes, it's worth getting interested in these products

  6. Avatar A quarter to you 16 March 2017 / 10: 13

    I have to try this concealer from Bell, because I've never had it ... 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 16 March 2017 / 10: 27

      I always buy it at Hebe, but I think it's also available in Rossmann.

  7. Avatar Kasia M. 16 March 2017 / 09: 58

    I would choose Bell because it has a better color for me, Catrice looks pinkish to me 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 16 March 2017 / 10: 28

      It's rights. Catrice falls into pink, but I get the impression that thanks to this she hides my dark circles under my eyes better.

  8. Avatar Great kids 16 March 2017 / 09: 52

    I also prefer a light texture 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 16 March 2017 / 10: 28

      Under the eyes, it is especially worth using products with a light texture.

  9. Avatar Ada - Glow Up 16 March 2017 / 09: 49

    I don't know the Corrector from Bell, but I am wearing "Catrice". In fact, it covers quite well, that's why I put a minimal amount under my eyes. It doesn't dry out, nothing happens, but the shadows are invisible (though I don't have any great ones).

    • Avatar [Email protected] 16 March 2017 / 10: 31

      It did not dry or irritate my skin either. It could be a little lighter, then I could describe it as ideal. Unfortunately, I have to apply a lot of it, because I have large shadows under the eyes and without concealer even move.

  10. Avatar Malwina Mauer 15 March 2017 / 09: 38

    I really like this Catrice concealer :). Although I will not say, you interested me with Bell and I would like to check how it looks in makeup :).

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 March 2017 / 19: 35

      Catrice covers nicely, but it's too heavy for my eyes. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so you should not use such heavy products.

  11. Avatar Marzena WM 15 March 2017 / 06: 59

    I would also choose this one 😛

  12. Avatar Beauty B. 14 March 2017 / 19: 50

    I use this concealer from Bell and I'm happy with it 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 March 2017 / 19: 38

      I will definitely keep looking, although this Bell is close to ideal.

  13. Avatar Nihil Novi Blog 14 March 2017 / 17: 54

    I usually bet on Catrice, one of my favorite proofreaders 🙂 I'll be happy to try Bell too, since you recommend it and I like the company quite well.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 March 2017 / 19: 40

      I also like Bell. Try their mascara, which I showed on Insta. It's pretty good 😉

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