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Color cosmetics part 2

I invite you to the second part of colored cosmetics and gadgets that I have in my bathroom. The first part of the note can be found here (link).

1. Vipera, Ikebana eye liner No. 252 Ebony
I love this company's crayons. They are soft and even the most novice person can handle them. They do not smudge, and in cooperation with the base, Hean stays until I wash it off.

2. Pepco, pencil sharpener
I bought a sharpener from 3 years ago. It's great because it has two entries (for a thicker and thinner pencil). It cost pennies.

3.Avon, anti-finger and abrasion stick
Brilliant product of this company! I wanted to buy a Scholl stick, but my friend talked me into this one. I took the risk because he was on promotion at the time. I do not regret it, because the product really works. I use it often in spring and summer, when I wear barefoot shoes. Usually my feet get injured (frequent abrasions). Since I use this stick, I forgot what it means to have legs stuck on slices;)

4. NYX, soft matte lip cream No. SMLC 07 Addis Ababa
Brilliant, matte lip gloss, which I showed a few months ago on Instagram. It is very durable, however, it dries my very dry lips a little, so I put on protective lipstick before applying it.

5. Eveline, concentrated 3 eyelash serum at 1
I apply the serum every time I use mascara. Works very well with my beloved Max Factor mascara. You can find a detailed review of Eveline serum here.

6. Rossmann, an electric eyelash brush
Great curls and separates eyelashes, a detailed review can be found here.

7. Max Factor, False Lash Black
I don't count which packaging of this product is anymore. This mascara is brilliant, it goes well with my eyelashes. You can find his review here.

8. Vipera, Ikebana eye liner No. 262 Graphite
I use this product when I don't want to have strongly emphasized eyes. Color goes great with the color of my eyes. Like 252, the pencil is very soft and easy to work with.

9. Essence, lip liner No. 06 Satin Mauve
I don't know why this product is still here, I completely forgot about it, and the expiration date has long passed.
As for the product itself, I used it as a matte "lipstick". It worked perfectly in this role because it was very durable.

10. MAC, Viva Glam Gaga 2
I love this lipstick, it's a typical boredom that looks great on the lips. The lipstick is matte and quite dry, so before applying it I apply a protective lipstick.

11. MAC, Viva Glam Nicki
It's also a lipstick that I like very much. It has a great, juicy color that I use from the big bell.

colored cosmetics

I know you don't see lipstick colors, but today I just wanted to write out the cosmetics I have. A detailed note about lipsticks with swatch will appear soon. Feel free to follow the blog or subscribe to not miss any notes :)


  1. Avatar Dorotxy 15 June 2015 / 15: 55

    An interesting set, it is a pity that this stick is gone ...

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 15 June 2015 / 18: 21

      There is no? I have this second or third year, so I don't even know.

  2. Avatar Beauty Land 13 June 2015 / 17: 06

    I used to have this pencil from Viper and probably the best of drugstores, but very poorly available.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 13 June 2015 / 21: 30

      A few days ago I saw a Viper shelf in a Boutique store (with clothes). Look there;)

  3. Avatar Mrs.Rose 11 June 2015 / 17: 06

    I was interested in this electric eyelash brush 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 11 June 2015 / 17: 17

      Unfortunately, it is nowhere else to get 🙁

  4. Avatar Justyna Zarzecka 11 June 2015 / 14: 58

    I would like to have this stick for prints, because in summer I go sliced, unfortunately. New shoes always rub my prints.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 11 June 2015 / 17: 17

      I unfortunately too. Each new shoe must wipe me off, and then I have peace of mind with them;)

  5. Avatar powder compact 11 June 2015 / 14: 13

    Nice cosmetics set, lots of interesting products 🙂

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