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Bandi cream with almond acid - a compendium of knowledge

Recently, I get a lot of questions about the Bandi cream with almond acid, which is why in today's note I will answer the most frequently asked questions, while creating a kind of encyclopedia of knowledge about the cream Bandi with almond acid.
bandi cream

I hope that this note will dispel all your doubts about this product.
1. Can the cream be used all year round?
I think so. I used this cream even in the strongest sun and did not notice discoloration. However, it is important to use a protective filter otherwise I think that discoloration could appear.
2. When to use the cream
I recommend the cream especially to people who have acne problems as well as acne discolorations. The product also regulates sebum secretion. I use the cream every day after evening facial cleansing. Apply a small amount to my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. I tap the product until completely absorbed.
3. Is the skin getting used to the product?
My skin has not got used to this cream. It still works as it did at the beginning. I am just using the third pack, I was only taking 2 a week break, because at that time I was using Clotrimazolum ointment.
4. Where can you buy Bandi cream?
The product is available at Hebe Drugstore.
5. Does the cream cure acne?
Definitely this product has improved my skin condition. Of course, from time to time it happens that something pops on my face, but these are not such changes as before using this cream. I noticed that even if I get a pimple and smear it with a thicker layer of cream, it can die overnight 😉
6. Is it normal for my face to burn after applying the cream?
The first time I applied the cream to my face I felt a slight burning sensation, but the second time I did not experience it. If your face is still burning you the second time, give up the product.
7. Can the cream increase acne?
For the first week of use, I noticed a slight increase in acne, as if the cream was pulling everything out. After a week, all the pimples were lost, and I didn't use anything else as a booster :)
bandi with mandelic acid

This cream has been my hit for many months. I use it every day at night after thoroughly cleansing the facial skin. The skin has definitely improved, acne is not such a problem as even half a year ago. The only downside to this cream is the price, but this product is worth every zloty. In addition, it is very efficient ... it's really worth it!


  1. Avatar Danccer 18 August 2014 / 17: 10

    A completely unknown cream for me, and I could use acne in my fight chyba

  2. Avatar KasiaS1980 18 August 2014 / 14: 36

    The cream is for acne skin, so not for me. I used to have some cream of this brand, but it did not impress my skin.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 August 2014 / 16: 14

      I have not used other creams from this company, so I can't comment on that :) But this cream is a hit with me!

  3. Avatar Margaretka 18 August 2014 / 10: 36

    I don't know this brand or this cream, it promises to be interesting 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 August 2014 / 16: 14

      Take a look if you have skin problems :)

  4. Avatar Sonnaille 17 August 2014 / 19: 33

    I know mandelic acid only from Pharmaceris cream, at first it gave me great results, but after a while my skin got used to it. 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 August 2014 / 16: 16

      And for me Pharmaceris did more harm than good.

  5. Avatar Barbara is tearful 17 August 2014 / 19: 22

    I had this cream but my skin got used to it at the end of the pack and there were no more effects

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 18 August 2014 / 16: 15

      You can see each skin reacts differently. It still works as it should. Maybe you should take a break and come back to him :)

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