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Bandi cream with azelaic and salicylic pyruvic acid

In autumn I planned to take an acid treatment. This is the perfect time, due to limited access to the sun (note: acids and the sun are not a good combination, as spots may appear). You have to be careful with acids, because improperly used can cause more damage than good.
Bandi cream with azelaic and salicylic pyruvic acid
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Since I regularly use Bandi's almond cream, I have found that this time I will trust the proven brand. For the first days of use there was a wow effect. I used the cream at night after thorough makeup removal, and in the morning I woke up with a radiant face. I thought it was a hit, but as it turned out after a few days - not at all.
After a few days a rash appeared, but I did not give up. I found my skin was cleansing. Unfortunately, later it was only worse. The skin became dry, more pimples appeared (subcutaneous, aching).
I suspect that my skin has reacted badly to salicylic acid for the second time in my life (I once tried salicylic acid and it also ended up in a huge rash).
Unfortunately this cream compared with Bandi cream with almond acid he didn't work well for me. I will definitely not go back to him.


  1. Avatar Lady Cosme 13 January 2016 / 13: 36

    I once wanted to buy it, but I decided to go with a higher acid concentration than what is in the cream

  2. Avatar Margaretka 13 January 2016 / 11: 06

    I am now using a series of creams with hyaluronic acid, they serve my face very well 🙂

  3. Avatar Addicted Shopaholic 12 January 2016 / 10: 21

    I do not know him. I really like Glyco-A when it comes to such acidic creams 🙂

  4. Avatar Karolina I DEFINE blog 11 January 2016 / 22: 20

    I wanted to do such a treatment, but I already read an entry about side effects. I won't risk it ...

  5. Avatar Justyna Zarzecka 11 January 2016 / 21: 33

    but the acids dry, did you not apply moisturizing in the form of greasy creams, e.g. with avocado oil?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 January 2016 / 05: 17

      Of course, I used Sylveco moisturizing cream (my skin doesn't like greasy creams, especially oils in this form [only for makeup removal]). I have overdrying = rash. This cream is just too strong for my face. Bandi with mandelic acid works better.

  6. Avatar Sailing 11 January 2016 / 21: 17

    I heard a lot of positive voices about this brand. 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 January 2016 / 05: 21

      The company can really impress - bandi cream with almond acid, Young series face wash gel, masks, body oil. I used some of their products. We simply didn't like this cream 😉

  7. Avatar Danccer 11 January 2016 / 21: 07

    I have just finished the treatment with home peels with salicylic acid and I am delighted. Sal It was very salicylic for my skin 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 12 January 2016 / 05: 22

      That's right ... some people praise themselves, others don't. It depends on your face 🙂

  8. Avatar Łukasz Bier 11 January 2016 / 19: 33

    I am looking for something with acids to clean up for a month 🙂

  9. Avatar Southgirl 11 January 2016 / 18: 13

    Somehow I'm afraid of cosmetics with acids, it seems to me that they would be too aggressive for my skin. For now, the only acid I had was the one contained in Effaclar Duo 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 11 January 2016 / 18: 20

      Bandi with almond acid is very delicate. I don't think he hurt you 🙂 Here you can find his review KLIK

  10. Avatar Beauty Land 11 January 2016 / 17: 59

    I also prefer mandelic acid rather than salicylic acid in cosmetics.

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