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Fighting the crisis in blogging

The crisis in blogging - how to deal with it?
The crisis in blogging - how to deal with it?

There is a time in every blogger's life when you don't have the motivation to blog. No ideas, too many responsibilities or just no idea for further blogging. This is a blogging crisis and don't worry, EVERYONE goes through it.

We also had a blogging crisis. The last appeared in December 2015. He came unexpectedly and was disturbingly strong. So strong that I wanted to quit blogging and remove my blog. Fortunately, this crisis has only appeared once. I don't really know what he was caused to do but he was. If you're curious about how we dealt with it, take a look below.

Help! I have a blogging crisis!

Blogging crises are perfectly normal, as are the doubts that arise every day. Not once have we had doubts whether the posts we write anyone reads or whatever they are. We have wondered more than once whether our blog is ugly and whether it all makes sense.
Yes! Blogging makes sense. We used our blog as a bargaining chip many times. We like to brag about it, because we put a lot of heart and time into the blog. We have our professional life and the blog is just an addition to everyday life. I have the comfort of being Piotr, who may not write much in the department lately Male eye, but he is still actively participating in blogging - 99% of the graphics you see on the blog is the work of Piotr. I don't have that much skill and patience to create graphics.
Returning to the topic of the blog, as a bargaining chip, I can not fail to mention that I have not once mentioned to clients about the blog, at job interviews in which I participated, I also mentioned the blog. I will also tell you that several lecturers in college have also appreciated our blogging. Interestingly, we had a different Blogger in the group. We found out about her blog during our last class (but maybe at other times).

How to deal with the crisis in blogging?

The ideal scenario for blogging crisis are scheduled posts. We always have several posts planned (of course, publication dates are flexible and often, when one topic is extremely delighting, we move another one), so we don't have to write posts overwhelmingly, which does a lot of bloggers do. Zapchajdziury are not okay in my opinion, and zapchajdzury posts can be felt for a kilometer. In life, however, apparently you have to try everything 😉
If you do not plan posts forward, and you have a crisis in blogging it may be a little worse than in my case. Then you probably have to use zapchajdziura or just give yourself some time.
dpblog.pl changes
dpblog.pl changes

A great idea to get rid of the crisis is change

For me, changes are a cure for all evil. Changes in the wardrobe cure the clothing crisis (and I'm not talking about big purchases here, just one new thing), changes at home cure the home crisis, and changes on the blog cure the blog crisis.
As per the above, we have changed on our blog in December 2015. We have changed the template, optimized the blog and since then, in addition to the lack of crises in blogging, we have observed an additional, a little side effect (however intentional). Our blog is growing in strength and this can be seen from the statistics.
At the beginning of 2015, I could not imagine that our blog would have such statistics as now. Our observations show that all this is due to:
  • new template
  • blog optimization
  • activity on social media
The above obviously affected blog collaboration (barter only in exceptional cases and on our terms) and our earnings. When it comes to earnings on the blog, as a few bloggers we talk about it openly. We think it's nothing wrong that the blog has started making money after so many years. This allows us to make changes to the blog, as well as activities to promote it.

Bloger's guide on Insta live

I have an idea to Insta live @dpblogpl do a small talk about blogging, making money on blog and social media promotion. If you are interested, please let me know in the comments below this post. Of course, I will also answer your questions, if there are any 🙂 Let me know what date and time would be best for you - Friday 19: 00 or Saturday 18: 00?
See you today (24.02.2017) about 19: 00 on Insta Live. I invite you to signing up for an event. You can write there what topics I still have to raise 😉


  1. Avatar Agnieszka 30 May 2017 / 09: 27

    The crisis affects every blogger sooner or later, you can not be at high speed all the time. The crisis is also needed to gain distance and return to action with new energy.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 30 May 2017 / 10: 08

      The best way to deal with a crisis is change. It was great to change the template or add a new category.

  2. Avatar Konrad Błaszak 18 April 2017 / 15: 47

    I also consider changes to be the best way to deal with the crisis 😉

  3. Avatar Mr. Planner 21 March 2017 / 09: 00

    When the crisis comes, it definitely needs change! We also try to plan posts forward, because there is always a vein and time to write something. It often seems that we have already discussed everything, but you can not give up 😉 The most important thing is not to write by force, but to look for inspiration at the source;). For example, we often look for her in wedding groups, and then a head full of ideas. It is worth listening to the real problems of the target group, and the topics should not be missing 🙂 Regards!

    • Avatar [Email protected] 21 March 2017 / 09: 13

      That's right - there is always time and time! There is also private life 🙂 I also often look for inspiration on groups, but blogs. This is how most posts from Blogger's Guide arose - from the questions and discussions that are going on there.

  4. Avatar Mrs. Miniature 13 March 2017 / 18: 07

    It's enough for me to do anything else and suddenly pull me to the blog because I already have 100 ideas that I want to describe. It's an addiction that I can't cure 🙂

  5. Avatar rytmynatury.pl 13 March 2017 / 10: 24

    Everyone is in crisis, there is no hook 🙂 I then go out, travel, find new activities and then it's ok, again full of ideas. Fortunately, I run a blog related to my passions and it is not difficult for me to re-mobilize. It can be my whole life so I have a great fondness for it 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 13 March 2017 / 10: 39

      It is most important to run a blog with passion - then it is probably less often crises than how to run a blog for money or to be trendy 😉

  6. Avatar Nadine 28 February 2017 / 21: 12

    It's great that you manage to make money on blogging 🙂

  7. Avatar healthystyle 28 February 2017 / 09: 18

    Theoretically, the best way to blog crisis is simply a moment of rest from the blog - only that it will probably end up with the fact that a large part of the readers will disappear, because since no new content appears, the blog is sooner or later forgotten. That is why I prefer changes in the form of a new graphic design or the introduction of a new topic, and when it does not help, a small break can happen, but then I try to actively give in social media and remind readers about older, valuable texts from the blog.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 March 2017 / 13: 54

      Adding a new topic is a great idea because it always broadens the topic of the blog and you can find an inspiring section for further development. Changing the template is also a great idea 🙂

  8. Avatar Black box 27 February 2017 / 08: 55

    My best way is ... running! And the longer the better 🙂 Sometimes after an hour of running I have an idea for 2-3 entries 🙂 I recommend!

  9. Avatar Written Claw 25 February 2017 / 10: 29

    When I feel that I have no motivation, no specific idea, I give peace and wait for better moments. They always come.
    When I blogged about books, after two years came the strongest crisis possible - I ended up switching to a blog on a much broader topic.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 February 2017 / 17: 24

      At first, our blog was only beauty. Over time, we expanded the subject to include the men's department, our home and Blogger's Guide. It all came with time and our development 🙂

  10. Avatar Roman Sidło 25 February 2017 / 08: 55

    I think that it is difficult to give an unequivocal answer to the question contained in the subject of the note, if only because the causes of the crisis can be a lot and everyone has to be approached individually. Anyway, I assume that this post can motivate many people osób

  11. Avatar Artur 25 February 2017 / 08: 49

    Blogging is pure pleasure, but after some time enthusiasm passes and laziness arises. I confirm that planning helps a lot. Orderly time and set dates introduce order and regularity.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 February 2017 / 17: 25

      Definitely - a plan and sticking to assumptions is something that every blogger should know.

  12. Avatar Monika Halman 25 February 2017 / 08: 17

    I always have several posts planned for such cases. When I feel that the creative crisis is coming, I use one of these entries. It allows me to catch my breath and gives me time to find inspiration.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 February 2017 / 17: 22

      You do very wisely. I also always try to have scheduled posts. Sometimes it is the case that I have inspiration and I write a few posts, and sometimes I don't have inspiration and I use those previously written 😉

  13. Avatar Justyna Gul 25 February 2017 / 07: 25

    Valuable remarks - sooner or later such a crisis hits every blogger.

  14. Avatar Ginger G 24 February 2017 / 10: 58

    I often have a creative crisis and then I usually don't write, but I plan ahead.

  15. Avatar Anonymous 24 February 2017 / 10: 30

    I can write a lot about blogging crises. I closed two blogs, I run one for several months and plan to close it, because nobody reads it.

  16. Avatar Kamila Posobkiewicz 24 February 2017 / 08: 11

    Sometimes I get asked about the meaning of blogging, I do it only for pleasure and self-realization. Not necessarily someone has to want to read it ... but it's my piece of floor ...

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 February 2017 / 08: 45

      Who does not have such days. We often have a question - is there sense. And then Readers remind me that it's worth it

    • Avatar [Email protected] 25 February 2017 / 17: 19

      In such cases, it's worth thinking about priorities. I hope you're all right 🙂

  17. Avatar Mrs.Rose 24 February 2017 / 05: 38

    I also sometimes have such momentary crises and a total reluctance to run a blog, but then I take a break and come back when there is a vein to write :).

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 February 2017 / 08: 43

      The best in this situation is planning at least two posts to stock 😉

  18. Avatar kirei 23 February 2017 / 22: 50

    I recently had such a crisis resulting from excessive work outside of large changes in my private life ... Sometimes I have a problem with the fact that when too much happens in my blog, the blog goes to the background. And if I think it's normal, because in the end blog is just my hobby and "addition", I would like to develop such a discipline to add at least this one post a week, even when I have a lot of other activities. It doesn't cost so much and I still forget about it, if life is overwhelming 😉 I hope that now I will be able to persevere in my resolution 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 24 February 2017 / 08: 39

      I know that somewhere - work, private life, moving house and blog. It was too much for me. That's why I disappeared on social media for a while. Fortunately, I had planned posts for backup, so somehow I chose 🙂

      I would not call it a blogging crisis, but only total-lack-of-time 😉

  19. Avatar Anastazja K. 23 February 2017 / 20: 46

    I would like to participate in such a talk, because blog crises occur quite often with me (on average once every 3 months). I have to do something with myself and my blog 🙂

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