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Nivea Vitamin Shake Cranberry & Raspberry lipstick

I expect only one lipstick, that is, proper moisturizing and a nice gloss of the lips after its application.
I don't like Nivea much, but from time to time I give it another chance. Unfortunately, this time (and more precisely once again) I rode on this company.
I bought the lipstick on the spot, because it was on sale. In addition, I was very encouraged by its flavor variant, raspberry and cranberry.
Unfortunately, the lipstick, apart from having a nice fragrance, has no advantages. It completely does not moisturize the lips, which is why every approx. 5 minutes I had to use it again for temporary moisturizing.
Despite the fact that you have to apply it every few minutes, it is very efficient. I use it every day for about a month (instead of Isana sun lipstick, which I have to use), and there are still a lot of it. To be honest, I can't wait to use it.
In addition, I was hoping for a better effect on the lips, although this is not a priority task of protective lipstick, it's cool as it leaves a nice gloss on the lips mixed with a light color.
Yes, we get gloss, but we can forget about any color.
Long ago I liked Nivea cherry lipstick very much. Not only did it moisturize well, it also gave a nice color to our lips. To be honest, I don't know if you can still find it in stores (do you know about this topic?).
Nivea raspberries and cranberries are not recommended to anyone. Lipstick completely does not moisturize, which is its primary task. I will definitely not buy it again because I found a much better moisturizing product. But I'll tell you about it on the next note ...


    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 17 October 2014 / 12: 22

      Thx! Now you know something about this product :)

  1. Avatar Natalia Orlik 16 October 2014 / 09: 03

    I had some Nivea lipsticks and they were always buble.

  2. Avatar raspberry 16 October 2014 / 08: 13

    I used to choose Nivea, now I switched to others and they work much better 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 16 October 2014 / 09: 42

      What do you recommend? Tisane works for me.

  3. Avatar Julaa itsbeauty 15 October 2014 / 19: 32

    I have the apple version and something else and gives my lips a super shine moisturizes nicely and still gives such a bright pink color and I'm delighted with it, but this is another version maybe that's why 😉
    observes; D

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 16 October 2014 / 09: 44

      I don't know her, but I don't know if I want to risk another loss of money ...

  4. Avatar KasiaS1980 14 October 2014 / 12: 01

    I used to like this brand's classic lipstick. Now I use anything, although I must admit that I liked Carmex and Tisane the most (but not the summer version). I also like BeBe lipsticks.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 October 2014 / 19: 58

      Yes, I used to use it once. I think it was in blue packaging, as I remember correctly.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 October 2014 / 19: 59

      Unfortunately, too little moisture 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 17 October 2014 / 06: 28

      I don't play watching. If I'm interested in a blog, I just visit it :-)

  5. Avatar mary 13 October 2014 / 19: 55

    I love this lipstick, The fact could be more pigmented, although due to the fact that it does not give a very natural effect, I like it most for its shine and hydration.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 October 2014 / 19: 59

      And you see me moisturizes literally for a moment, and I do not have very dry lips ...

  6. Avatar goskaaa 13 October 2014 / 19: 23

    I bought it some time ago and it didn't suit me, I gave it to my husband 😛

  7. Avatar Onyxia 13 October 2014 / 18: 12

    I usually (if already) use oiling lipstick, but I usually don't need this type of cosmetics. ;]

    • Avatar Onyxia 17 October 2014 / 12: 29

      This is an olive gel with a watermelon scent. ;] I got it once and only recently found it.

  8. Avatar Margaretka 13 October 2014 / 17: 19

    I rarely reach for other moisturizing and protective lipsticks than Carmex, I especially recommend it in the form of a very narrow lipstick 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 October 2014 / 20: 04

      My lips got used to Carmex, so I stopped using it ... for how I feel that herpes may appear, it lubricates the thick layer of Carmex for the night and it's ok;)

  9. Avatar Vea loveliness 13 October 2014 / 16: 00

    I didn't have this lipstick but I generally like lipsticks from Nivea 🙂

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