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Magic balls for lovers of dogs, cats and other ...

This Sunday morning I have a blog post for you, which I neglected a little bit - Our house. This section was met with many nice comments, so I decided to continue the notes from this series. Today I will tell you about balls that can work wonders on our clothes without any effort. I'm talking about balls-collectors, whose name I came up with myself;)

The product actually does not have one name - originally it was called balls for collecting hair, or balls for chapping. I bought the product in the store worldview for some funny pennies (about 5-7 PLN on promotion). What encouraged me? the fact that when we were still living with the dog - our things were all fur. And interestingly, even the rollers to collect it from clothes did not help as much as I wished.

And now about the product itself and its operation

The look is not complicated, it reminds me of a childhood toy (I do not know if you associate such a toy as a ball and two "catchers". It was all based on Velcro), this product works on the same principle, only with these "catchers" are our clothes;)
The balls are added to the washing (the amount depends on the contamination of the coat, I usually add 2-3), but I have to pay attention - we do not add them to lace clothes, tights and anything that can take on!
I highly recommend it especially to people who have fur at home. We don't have a dog anymore, but our bunny also loses himself from time to time;)
What do you think about this uncomplicated and very effective product?


  1. Avatar Anonymous 1 August 2014 / 21: 21

    where can you buy such balls ??

  2. Avatar Anonymous 13 December 2012 / 19: 08

    I bought and, unfortunately, say that it was the worst purchase in the "anti-fur" series, and one of the more expensive ones. After removing clothes from the washing machine, there is as much hair as possible on the washing machine - there is the least amount of it on the balls ... To the 70% of the clothes can not be thrown, because they are pilling - even socks and stitches on T-shirts are clinging. If someone has a children's toy such as a shield and Velcro balls to throw, they might as well throw them into the laundry - the same effect, and how much cheaper. Overall, I DO NOT RECOMMEND

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 16 December 2012 / 10: 55

      Of course, you can't use the balls for products that can be drawn even when rubbing against something (and there are such clothes, especially wool sweaters etc.) I recommend a roll with glue for such clothes. It's definitely a safer way to unhook these clothes.
      I've never been damaged by my socks, and I use them properly every time I wash them. Of course, it is about ordinary cotton socks. :)

  3. Avatar Anonymous 5 August 2012 / 11: 56

    A great invention! It lands on my shopping list home. With my furries I will probably use all the balls;) kisses MOJK: p

  4. Avatar Margaretka 5 August 2012 / 06: 52

    I see them for the first time, they will definitely work for me 🙂

  5. Avatar Anonymous 5 August 2012 / 06: 13

    God, my dog ​​(golden) loses so much fur that I have no more strength = (
    Can you also find these balls on the Allegro?


  6. Avatar Kinga 5 August 2012 / 05: 31

    I didn't know that there was such a thing. I will buy for sure, because my doggie likes to lose hair

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 5 August 2012 / 05: 45

      I would highly recommend! works great with animals that like to lose some fur;)

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