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Medbox Yasumi, or SPA at home

Yasumi ampoules
Yasumi ampoules

Medbox Yasumi is a set of ampoules adapted to the type of skin. The offer includes moisturizing, anti-acne, brightening and anti-wrinkle Mexbox.

I decided on a moisturizing set because my complexion is mixed and prone to breakouts. With this type of skin, you need to take care of the right level of hydration, otherwise very often acne that occurs is the effect of drying the skin.
The moisturizing kit includes 2 x Dry Skin ampoule, 2 x Hyaluronic ampoule, 1 x Collagen ampoule. In addition, Medbox has a bowl and brush for applying ampoules. It's nice, because when applying the product you can feel like being at a beautician's surgery.
The method of use is very simple - pour a small amount of the ampoule into a bowl and apply with a brush to cleansed skin. This is more hygienic than when applying ampoules with your fingers.
Medbox Yasumi
Medbox Yasumi
I performed the Yasumi ampoule during the weekend without my husband. My home SPA looked like this:
  1. First, I did the Sylveco cleansing peeling, I always leave this peeling on my face for a few minutes, and at that time I used Yasumi sugar peeling with the smell of forest fruit, which smells insanely!
  2. I put on a green clay mask,
  3. Time for an ampoule (I waited until it was absorbed into the skin)
  4. I patted a thicker layer of WaterMax Mizon cream. I liked the collagen ampoule the most. It is a pity that there is only one in the set.
During a home SPA, while holding a mask or ampoule on your mouth, it is worth turning on the relaxing music to relax even more. Relaxing music can easily be found on YouTube. There are also ready CDs with relaxing music.

In addition to traditional use, I also used Yasumi ampoule to spot pimples (dry skin ampoule). Thanks to this, appearing pimples healed faster.

After the procedure with an ampoule, the skin is moisturized and very smooth. I think it is a very nice product to use during home SPA.


  1. Avatar Izabela Miszczyk 13 October 2016 / 18: 17

    Home spa is a great thing 😉 I like to do myself using natural cosmetics.

  2. Avatar Agnieszka 13 October 2016 / 10: 11

    I'm preparing for a "weekend without husband" - I think I already know how to spend it :)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 14 October 2016 / 06: 35

      I recommend, I spent the evening without my husband - a great option 🙂

  3. Avatar MilenaNails 13 October 2016 / 09: 57

    A great thing for a weekend home spa ...:)

  4. Avatar In blue jeans 15 September 2016 / 19: 58

    Maybe I will turn out ignorant, but I didn't know this company before. Thanks to such a blog as yours, I can expand my poor, cosmetic knowledge. Great photos! 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 September 2016 / 20: 36

      Thank you for such a nice comment: *
      Words of recognition belong to Piotr, because he takes these wonderful photos 🙂

  5. Avatar Beauty B. 14 September 2016 / 18: 11

    I think every woman would like to arrange such a spa 😉

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