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A gift for Mikołajki for a boy

Christmas is getting closer, Christmas is getting closer ...
Surely you have noticed that for some time we have been "bombarded" with ads on holiday topics.
In order not to get lost among your ideas for a Christmas gift and not get overly manipulated with cheap marketing tricks, I will suggest some ideas for the upcoming St. Nicholas' Day.

ferrari mouse
Each of us likes to get presents. Even better if they are given straight from the heart and are a hit in the proverbial bull's-eye.
The first suggestion is a gadget for big boys who like cars. And not just any cars, because the gift will be especially liked by Porsche lovers. When my wife saw what butter eyes I did, when I saw a mouse shaped like a model Porsche Carrera S 911, she knew that I would enjoy such a gift.

boyfriend gift ideas
The gift is undoubtedly intended for gadgets. If you want a computer mouse to stand out at work or at home and make you smile on your faces, it's a good idea to buy this product.
Most importantly, the mouse is well shaped for the hand, and you need one AA finger to power it. Thanks to this, you do not have to tangle in cables. The USB mini receiver can be hidden in the bottom of the mouse.
The mouse has three modes of operation, namely the cursor response speed. You can choose 1000, 1500 and 2000 dpi. We can really "drive" everything over with the Porsche Mousebecause the reading is high resolution.
Whether it's a sofa, rug, parquet or table top, the mouse always responds perfectly. Thanks to this, you work very well on it. And did I mention that there is a mode in which our mouse's headlights can be turned on?
What else can you think about here? This perfect Santa's gift for your guy!
I bought my mouse in Tchibo, but on Allegro interesting models can also be found.
best gift for boyfriend
The second product, because of the subject of the blog, will concern the body care kit, and more specifically the kit BEER SPA MINI.
The components of the kit are designed to moisturize, but also have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This is not a typical Christmas set that can be found in drugstores or super and hypermarkets.
This set is a great and original idea for Santa's little thing. Not only is the set ideal for a gift for the closest person, you will also enjoy a beautiful fragrance. The packaging itself is designer. There is no doubt that it is a men's set.
beer soap
A pint of beer and a composition based on beer yeast and hops speaks for itself. At the beginning I wondered for a long time if I would smell after bathing like I'd had a bachelor party the night before. Fortunately, my fears were quickly dispelled.
The set is great, both shower gel and hair shampoo. Glycerine soap in the shape of a beer mug probably has the best smell from the whole set. We can read on the product label that the recipe guarantees for our skin, among others proteins, vitamins and many other active substances beneficial for the skin.
Everything was beautiful and great, product for five with a plus but why add SLS to the composition ?!
This is the only minus of this product for others maybe it won't matter much.
However, it is definitely a product worth recommending. You can buy the kit at the moment ekostraganik.pl. The manufacturer's Lavea set is currently at a promotional price of 32,40 PLN, the regular price is 36,00 PLN.


  1. Avatar Ulka 23 May 2016 / 12: 27

    Wow. Mouse-car great thing 🙂 I really like this gift idea. I would love to use such a mouse myself! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Avatar Anonymous 22 December 2014 / 15: 34

    I am just looking at reviews of men's cosmetics this time as gifts for household members - tomorrow I will try to hunt from the company AA

  3. Avatar Anonymous 6 December 2014 / 21: 01

    Hi 😉 I came here by accident ... I wrote a link to the page in the tabs and did not go in for some time, tidied up the bookmarks I looked into your blog - I am not surprised why he interested me before ... thank you for offering a brilliant idea for a gift - I'm sure my boyfriend you will like the Porsche gadget .. by the way I did not know that you can buy such cool items;)
    Ania :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 7 December 2014 / 09: 19

      We are pleased to hear such words: * We invite you to check your blog more often :) I hope the boy will like the gift;) Regards

    • Avatar Anonymous 20 December 2014 / 21: 43

      I was right - my boyfriend was delighted and at the same time surprised by the idea of ​​a Porsche :)) ps even gave me his "old mouse" hehe 😉
      thank you very much for product reviews;))

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 21 December 2014 / 11: 50

      I am very happy that the boy liked the idea :) I also encourage you to follow our blog.
      Regards P.

  4. Avatar Anonymous 1 December 2014 / 14: 52

    @ ŁukaszBier, then, get rid of half of the cosmetics you have on your blog and replace them with light ones, not just some pleasure for parents, once a year they may get something different from you than a set of medications, some distance and positive thinking;)
    Ps. As for the note, maybe I will use the idea for a gift, we'll see :)

  5. Avatar Łukasz Bier 1 December 2014 / 13: 05

    I buy medicine to my parents ... they are more useful to them than cosmetics and such things

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 1 December 2014 / 14: 09

      The review is addressed to women who want to buy a gift for their second half :) There was no mention of parents. Please read the post first, and then comment. Thanks 🙂

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