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Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet styling review

The 71 edition of the MET Gala 2019 is behind us. Anna Wintour decides who will appear at the Gala. Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Kim Kardashain, Naomi Campbell and Anja Rubik. Dakota Johnson or Penelope Cruz could not be missing. During the MET Gala, the stars had the opportunity to see a unique exhibition at the Museum of Art, in which more than 200 exhibits will appear.

Below I chose the most interesting styles from MET Gala 2019, which you can not pass by indifferently. There will be some really crazy stylizations, but there will also be more classic ones, such as Penelope Cruz dress or the unusual Taylor Hill creation. See the most interesting designs from MET Gala 2019.


I am very curious which of these styles you will like the most and which dress you would not dare to wear. Personally, I have my types that I would definitely avoid, but I admire courage - for example, Cara Delevinge and her styling is really crazy and I can't imagine myself in something like that (and you? Do you think I would look good in this stylization?) .

Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com

It is definitely worth paying attention to the Janelle Monáe creation - although it is not completely to my taste, but it is very interesting and undoubtedly creative. It's safe to say it's a small work of art.

Source: vogue.com

I am also surprised by the creation of Kate Moss, which, if not for the fabric from which the dress was made - would be very classic. I think that a really nice classic would come out in black or navy blue. Gemma Chan had a very similar dress to Kate Moss - not only the color, but also the cut is very similar, although Gemma's dress has a more straight cut than Kate's dress.

Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com

Styling Sarah Paulson is very simple, but pay attention to the champagne bag! It phenomenally enlivens this quite classic (compared to some) stylization.

Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com

I don't know why, but Salma Hayek's dress associated me with Snow White, and more specifically with the Evil Queen. Who else had associations like me?

Source: vogue.com

The stylization of Tracee Ellis Ross is PHENOMENAL and in my opinion deserves attention. Of course, I do not look at her in the category "dress of my dreams", but the idea itself is really interesting. Also, look at this photo!

Source: vogue.com

In my review I could not miss the stylization of Katy Perry, who decided to perform at MET Gala 2019 as ... a candle holder. I admit that she did it really well.

Source: vogue.com

Other celebrity stylizations (I assure you are also very interesting, but I did not want to overdo it with the amount of styling on the blog) from MET Gala 2019 you can see on the page Vogue. And in your free time see the last post, i.e. the most interesting stylizations from the Chanel Resort 2020 show.


  1. Avatar Adrianna 16 May 2019 / 09: 35

    This gala is one of the strangest ...

  2. Avatar Paulina O. 12 May 2019 / 20: 20

    The dress under the slogan is an image ... I have seen it somewhere in Amee Song, which I observe at your command! Was there any such theme at Amee's party ???!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 48

      Yes, I think I associate something! There was no such motive at some Halloween party ??

  3. Avatar Maria 12 May 2019 / 08: 23

    Salma Hayek also associated with me what you can !!!! As soon as I saw her, I thought of Snow White and then read your entry because I first looked at the pictures.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 49

      Hahaha or not only I had such an association. I just missed the poisoned apple 😀

  4. Avatar Kate 11 May 2019 / 16: 00

    I always watch met gala creations. They are one of the most interesting creations of the year! Katy Perry probably had the best styling and Lady Gaga !!!!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 49

      Katy Perry and her stylization "I'm a candle holder" simply blew me away 🙂 She couldn't be missing from this post 😉

  5. Avatar Katarzyna 10 May 2019 / 19: 46

    Mega creative stylizations. You need to have a lot of distance to publicly appear in creations as above 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 10 May 2019 / 22: 29

      Oh definitely! Although some are quite ... classic.

  6. Avatar Marta 9 May 2019 / 17: 44

    Very interesting and interesting post. Waiting for more 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 50

      Thank you! Subscribe to the newsletter, you'll receive notifications of new posts 🙂

  7. Avatar Marienne 9 May 2019 / 13: 44

    Katy's style is insane !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 51

      Hahahaha yes! The candle holder is the best :)))

  8. Avatar Karolajna 9 May 2019 / 11: 18

    These styles are not to my taste.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 53

      In my majority it is not, but I like to observe such events out of curiosity 🙂

  9. Avatar Kristen 8 May 2019 / 17: 15

    In fact, Kate and Gemmy dress are almost the same.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 54

      Yes, I have such an impression. Styles are very similar, I will not mention color and fabric 😉

  10. Avatar Martynuk berry 8 May 2019 / 10: 17

    Crazy styles at max met gal is a really interesting event haha ​​Kate and Gemmy dresses are wildly similar but Kate looks definitely sexier in my opinion than Gemma and you think Dominika?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 56

      Kate is simply very characteristic, so in many styles she looks with character. This dress is very classic, although Kate's beauty gives her this "something" 🙂

  11. Avatar Ewelina 7 May 2019 / 20: 26

    I really like Penelope's dress ... I wonder if I can find one like that somewhere. I'm going to a wedding in August and I still don't have a dress!

    I am slowly starting to worry that at my cousin's wedding I will go in a dress in which the whole family saw me a year ago at another wedding and I would like a new dress; (

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 58

      To be honest, I haven't seen such a dress anywhere. Maybe you can still sew a dressmaker's one? Take a look at Marie Zelie, Madelle Varsovie or Polanka Fashion, these are my 3 favorite dress stores. I always buy dresses that are for every occasion 🙂 I was in Communion dress (look at IG) on Saturday at Communion and the birthday of the designer of the first lady - Dorota Goldpoint. He will continue to serve me at Baptism in June.

  12. Avatar Tatiana 7 May 2019 / 11: 30

    Dakota, as usual, showed class and could dress up as a candle holder, a picture or, for example, a ship or something even more stupid ... this party is terribly stupid like these stylizations buhahahah

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 May 2019 / 09: 58

      Hahaha I laughed reading your comment :))) I already see Dakota as a ship hahaha

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