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A year has passed since ...

Almost a year ago, we changed the template on our blog, as well as the approach to blogging. Earlier we treated the blog as our hobby, but we felt that this is not quite our place. A lot has changed over the year. We evaluate the template change as a plus, and this is only the beginning of what changes have occurred on our blog and more.

We invite you to summarize the changes made last year and their effects.

Change blog template

Earlier on our blog we felt good. However, we knew that something had to be done to feel really great, that we would want to come back to it ourselves. I think that if you, as the owner of a blog, do not feel good about it, then your reader will not be there. I omit the fact of blogs that are really ugly (and which I would often like to take my hands with because they have huge potential).
By the way, it's surprising that some really ugly blogs are so popular. Is the look of the blog not really important? Do you really defend good content even on a purple background with flowers? Personally, I don't mind the purple flower template, but I always wonder about this phenomenon. Maybe people have enough of the same blogs - black font on a white background, minimalism? Maybe this blog with flowers arouses more interest because it is different?
We are minimalists. In everyday life, as well as on the blog. We like order and suffocate when there is chaos in the surroundings. That's why our blog is like that. The blog is just like us. If you are ashamed of your blog, you don't identify with it, it's probably time to change the template.

Your blog - Your rules

We used to care any negative comments on the blog. I mean the negative, but not bringing anything constructive to our lives (because if someone pays attention to something, it is a constructive criticism). I'm talking about 'no because not' comments. First, we blocked anonymous comments, and then we went a step further - we introduced moderation of all comments.
Although not because of haters, because we have no knocks we have no major problems (probably after this post hats will fire, haha), but mainly because of spam. We treat every comment in the style of 'Super post, welcome to my blog [here blog link]' as spam. We used to publish every comment, but the freedom of spam on our blog ended. The more that many companies are smart and want to position ourselves at our expense.
Today we check every author of texts and every comment. It continues, but thanks to that we have valuable readers. And for those of little value who only want to take our readers from us, we say 'bye'.

Position in Google

Our position in Google has increased for some entries. If you enter 'Darsonval' in Google, we will appear in one of the first places in the search engine. It is a great success for us, because writing post about darsonval I didn't expect anyone to be interested in the topic. I was wrong because it is the most read post on our blog and it is from Google that we have the most entries.

social media

We are thriving in social media. We test a lot of new products and also use professional knowledge. Instagram draws us more and more, thanks to which we also have a lot to enter the blog. In addition, taking photos on Instagram gives us a lot of fun, although the light is not always perfect in the current apartment and you have to deal with it (fortunately soon, because 28 on January we will be moving to a new apartment, thanks to which there will be more photos in the media social media more lifestyle. We're also thinking about recording, but in more distant plans.)

Statistics up

November was a very good month for us. We have published several posts on the blog (Herbs of Father Klimuszko for hypothyroidism, How much for the sponsored post, how much for the contest i Netflix series that are worth watching), which enjoyed great interest, thanks to ours statistics in Google Analytics went up. It is gaining more and more popularity Blogger's guide, or tips for beginner bloggers and those a little more advanced. It is this section that attracted the most readers, although at first it was treated as an experiment.
The schedule for posting was also key here, i.e. regularly uploading new content to the blog. Interestingly, we have many transitions from our fanpage. This confirms my theory that a blog fanpage is worth having, if only because, as we remind readers about posts, they do not forget about them.


  1. Avatar Betty 1 January 2017 / 11: 10

    You are wonderful! I visited you earlier and I will definitely come back to you! It is very pleasant to read! greetings

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 January 2017 / 12: 06

      What a nice start to the year. Thank you! Such comments are the biggest motivation for us <3

  2. Avatar Izabela Kornet 1 January 2017 / 10: 32

    Good luck this year! <3 I am sure you will write more such posts! 😉

  3. Avatar blogierka 30 December 2016 / 00: 20

    And let the next year be equally fruitful! 🙂
    ps. I suggest disqussa mount 😉 yet

  4. Avatar [Email protected] 29 December 2016 / 16: 49

    We also had blogging crises and there was even a moment when we wanted to delete the blog. This is normal and probably every blogger goes through it.

    The most important thing is to find motivation to blog and above all to do it from the heart, and not for, for example, material benefits. And that's what I wish you - blogging straight from the heart: *

  5. Avatar Martyna Szkołak 29 December 2016 / 16: 42

    Cool! Regular publications are really extremely important. Unfortunately, I usually have so that I publish regularly like clockwork, and then e.g. a month of downtime, because I study / work / illness / whatever. : / It is important to find a mission in blogging and stick to it. I think this is my next problem - I do not know what I want exactly from my place on the web.

    I wish you another successful year and spread your wings! 🙂

  6. Avatar Marheri Crafts 29 December 2016 / 15: 58

    Congratulations 🙂 I wish you even better changes in the new year 🙂

  7. Avatar Make Happy Life 29 December 2016 / 15: 03

    Good luck in the next years of blogging 😉 I keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  8. Avatar Natalia Fraś 28 December 2016 / 16: 15

    Congratulations and even more beautiful development at 2017! 🙂

  9. Avatar Dominika 28 December 2016 / 09: 18

    Cool! It's probably the greatest satisfaction to see the results of your hard work. Congratulations to you this year! What blog templates do you recommend? I will be happy to know this because I would like to help you with something a bit more 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 28 December 2016 / 09: 29

      Hello my namesake! 🙂 I recommend finding someone who will make you a custom template from scratch. This is the best way to have the template you want the most in 100%. You can always redo a template, but you need time and skills.

  10. Avatar Beauty B. 27 December 2016 / 15: 54

    I am glad that this year has brought many changes for you 🙂

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