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Annabelle Minerals matte mineral foundation

I have been gathering for this review for a long time. Actually, for several reasons. The first was great hope, the second was trust, and the third was a huge disappointment.
Annabelle Minerals matte mineral foundation

What are we talking about? About what accompanied me only two times when I used Annabelle Minerals matting foundation.
Where did the idea to buy minerals come from? they were praised into the heavens. How many reviews have I read about how minerals look, how acne heals beautifully ... I believed it ... I believed it all and bought it.

I started testing with great hope. I did not think that it would end so soon, because only 2 times I used this product and went to the corner. Why? Well, because after applying the powder (I specially bought a brush for EcoTools loose powder, but I don't regret it, because it works great for applying blush;)) after a few hours I noticed beautiful, purulent pimples on my chin. And so it was the first time I gave nothing under the powder and it was the second time, when on the advice of one of the commenting girls I used something under.

Already after the first application I felt that something is not great. My cheeks started burning. After 3 hours, the beard and forehead glowed terribly. And it was supposed to be a matting product ...
Despite this, I experienced 8h at work, although it was not easy. As soon as I got home I washed the foundation, but I didn't give up and gave it a second chance. Unfortunately, the effect was the same. Again beautiful, purulent pimples, again itching and thinking to wash away this system.
I have already heard about the situation where mineral powders can sensitize and this is probably what happened to me. Or simply, my complexion doesn't like minerals. I don't want to come back to this product, especially now that I found cosmetics that did wonders with my face.
At the moment, nothing pops up anymore (one pimple popped out before the period). Now I am at the stage of maintaining what I have achieved and eliminating discoloration after what I had. I didn't think the fight would end so quickly. Although I can not say about the ending, because it is not yet in 100% what I wanted to achieve, but there are big, noticeable changes.
In summary - minerals are not for me and I do not intend to return to them.


  1. Avatar alt 10 April 2018 / 12: 08

    I have a similar reaction, maybe not exactly the same, but still ...
    I used mirals before, AM and pixie, everything ok. Now I applied AM matting and millions of small purulent pimples, dry skin, a bit like effect after using acid, before I did not take into account that it is after them, because this is the second or 3 situation

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 11 April 2018 / 18: 17

      After AM, there is often such an effect. Many girls complain about this. I already have some trauma and I'm afraid to apply minerals to my face: /

  2. Avatar ITSJUL.blogspot.com 11 February 2014 / 17: 57

    did you only use AM mineral foundation? for me it also did not work completely and I had a spill after it ... it is a pity that because of this brand you are now prejudiced against minerals, because there are so many great on the market.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 11 February 2014 / 19: 01

      Yes, only AM. This foundation did not work for me completely. I had a rash like never before. Now I have switched to Asian BB. I don't want money to try more minerals. I am also afraid of spillage. I fought for a nice complexion for a long time, so I don't want to spoil it :)

  3. Avatar yassoo 2 February 2014 / 22: 57

    This foundation seems to be very interesting, but I am currently using a Dermika true magiq foundation and I am delighted with it! foundation is super-concealing, doesn't leave streaks or creates a mask effect, it mats well and the effect lasts all day - incredibly durable, you don't even need a base for it! I recommend it worth trying 🙂

  4. Avatar Turn the Too down 2 February 2014 / 18: 06

    I am not deep in the subject of minerals. In my life I wouldn't think that they could have any negative consequences. Also, good to know.
    Regards, Małgosia

  5. Avatar mixoflife 19 January 2014 / 20: 53

    I did not have the opportunity to use minerals, although the samples lie somewhere in the drawer ...

  6. Avatar alizall with. 19 January 2014 / 09: 34

    Somehow I haven't had the opportunity to use minerals yet 🙂

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