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My daily Inglot palette

I have always been convinced that Inglot's shadows are not worth the price. They are poorly pigmented and wear out very quickly. Today I regret that I used to buy cheap eye shadows, which very quickly (despite the shadow base) disappeared from my eyelids. About a month ago I created a (magnetic) eye shadow palette that I use in everyday makeup.
review of inglot eye shadow palettes
About is it worth investing in Inglot's shadows? Do they stay on the eyelid for a long time? You will find out in today's note. I was tempted by Inglot's shadows because it is one of the few companies that has such a huge selection of not only eye shadows, but also lipsticks and nail varnishes. Even a moment at the Inglot stand can lead to a headache. The number of colors and product variants can amaze. Actually, I was supposed to buy only one shadow (black mat) for eyeliner strokes that border with a miracle. I have greasy eyelids (even the most durable shadows, if I don't use the base, they wash off after 3 hours), which makes lines often bounce when blinking.
I decided that the best would be a matte black, long-lasting shade, because the pencils are too creamy and smudge very quickly. My big eye shadow palette is already finished. Big deficiencies can be seen in the most commonly used colors, which is why, after thinking about it, I decided to use 3 eye shadows. Currently, I use these colors in everyday makeup (1 + 2 or 1 + 2 + 3, depending on whether I decide on lines or not). I decided on matte shadows.
I apply light shade No. 341 to the entire eyelid, which has a slightly pink shade. I apply shade No. 360 (brown) to the outer part of the eyelid, while I apply (dry) the shade to the lines 63, which is extremely durable. I also used the shadows No. 63 wet, but the effect that I get dry convinces me more. In the pictures you can see how the shadows look.

inglot eye shadows

A plus is also the palette, which I bought, because when some shade runs out I can simply take it out and fill in the gaps. The palette also has an applicator (somehow I am not convinced [I did not use it once, because I apply shadows with brushes], so I will not speak about the quality of this applicator) and the mirror. However, I do not need it, because if I apply Hean base under the shadows, I do not improve makeup during the day.

I paid about 3-40 PLN for the palette and 50 eye shadows. (unfortunately I don't remember exactly). I decided on the square version of the shadows, because it seemed to me that there are more of them than in the round version (probably an optical illusion). Definitely Inglot's shadows will stay with me for longer. I did not think that for this price I can find really good quality and well pigmented eye shadows. I would recommend. What other Inglot products could you recommend? Be sure to let me know, because maybe there is a gem I have no idea about :)

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