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White mulberry is my way of not wanting for sweets

I never make New Year's resolutions because I can't stick to them. Rather, I try to make plans, e.g. blog development plans or Instagram profile. This year we've made together with Piotr (actually this provision applies more to Piotr than me) one provision regarding sweets and white mulberry is to help us in this.

white mulberry aaaa

I'm not a fan of sweets, I am more tempted by salty snacks. But Piotr is a sweet monster. I am worried that he will suffer from diabetes, because let's face it, sugar is not healthy. And all these additives in sweets, e.g. palm fat, should be avoided at all.

dried white mulberry fruit

Homemade sweet substitutes and more

Fortunately, you can make substitutes for sweets at home. There are so many simple recipes, e.g. for Nutella with dates and hazelnuts or tomato gingerbread (each recipe can be freely modified). And if you can't bake, although I pierced myself by baking two cakes this Christmas, you can make pralines or plums in chocolate, which are equally tasty. I give you a delicious recipe fit chocolate (vegan)which is 100 times better than all chocolates bought. In this post I also wrote about mine healthier substitutes for sweets.

white mulberry tea

White mulberry - I drink tea and I don't feel like sweet

We have been drinking white mulberry tea regularly since the beginning of January. Mulberry is designed to maintain proper blood sugar levels, which is why it is especially recommended for people with diabetes. In addition, it has antioxidant properties and has an effect on inhibiting cancer. Very often it is also recommended as a way to constantly desire for sweets.

Piotrek often felt like sweets, especially at work, when at some point the body begins to weaken and we feel tired. Eating a bar is a simple way to "wake up". Unfortunately, this is very illusory, because after a momentary jump of energy, its rapid decline occurs.

Since we have been drinking white mulberry we have no craving for sweet (the best proof is Piotr, who has not eaten anything sweet since 1 January). We drink 2x white mulberry tea daily as recommended on the packaging. I wonder if the day will come when the craving for sweet wins.

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