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What is not worth saving on?

There are things on which we can save by buying a cheaper product. Today I have prepared for you a list of products that are not worth saving on. From my own experience I know that it is better to buy something once, and decently than a few of poor quality.

1. Shoes

I have not been buying low-quality shoes for a long time. I prefer to spend a little more on them, but enjoy them for several years (such as wedges from Clarks, which I already have 4 year). I am not saying, however, that shoes bought for a dozen zlotys are bad - sometimes they can turn out to be equally durable (such as jazz shoes from CCC). Unfortunately, most shoes at a low price do not last longer than one season.

2. Clothing

He was already on clothes separate post however, I know that this topic is still controversial. You will probably also find supporters of buying cheap clothes that you can buy more. I assume that it is better to have one good quality shirt than a few poor ones, in which a man has already sweated before leaving the house.

3. Food

I couldn't save on food. Maybe not as much as I spend a lot on food, but I am always looking for good quality products (I read the composition of each product that goes to my basket). If something is more expensive, and in the composition I did not find any dyes, preservatives, etc. - I prefer to pay more. You are what you eat!

4. Cosmetics

If something is expensive for me and it is tested and I know that I can count on such a product - it goes to my basket. This point is also controversial, because when it comes to cosmetics, it is not always worth spending large sums of money on them. The price of a cosmetic consists mostly of marketing, and it often happens that a given product does not have any super properties for our skin.
In this case, it is also worth reading the compositions, which is not as difficult as it seems. Soon I will tell you a few ways to read cosmetics compositions easier.

5. Bra

Since I used the services of bra-fitter my life has changed. Of course, like most unconscious girls, I wore a wrong bra size. In addition, when I changed the bra from a power cable to a more expensive and better quality - I immediately felt the difference.
Wearing a poorly selected bra can also have serious health consequences.
If you don't know it yet Triumph bras with silicone underwires - try it out. These bras are brilliant!
I am curious about what you do not save. Be sure to let me know in the comments.


  1. Avatar KupButy 2 May 2016 / 15: 45

    I agree with all the points mentioned. However, you have to watch out for brands - not everything that is more expensive is of good quality. I see things in expensive stores that don't translate to their value.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 2 May 2016 / 16: 25

      Of course I agree. That is why when I buy clothes I always look at the label 🙂

  2. Avatar Łukasz Bier 7 November 2015 / 08: 06

    I save on everything ... and this is simply associated with low earnings; ]

  3. Avatar Fitnesanka 6 November 2015 / 11: 04

    I agree, I try not to save on these things 🙂

  4. Avatar Justine 6 November 2015 / 10: 28

    I always plan to save and I don't 😀

  5. Avatar Magdalena S. 6 November 2015 / 07: 55

    I also used the option of choosing an individual bra in Triumph and from now on I can't feel my breasts at all! This is a really good option, despite the costly bras worth 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2015 / 08: 38

      I was very happy with this option, because I have long wanted to use the services of a bra maker.

  6. Avatar Martyna G. 5 November 2015 / 21: 32

    Bra actually - nothing to save. It's better to buy 2 and decent and well-fitted 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 November 2015 / 08: 39

      That's exactly what I did. I have 2 white and 1 black. I will want one more black and maybe one beige.

  7. Avatar Classy Simple Life 5 November 2015 / 20: 29

    Very interesting post. I agree with you that it is worth spending a larger sum on some cosmetics while not on others. I have a few favorites on which I spend quite a lot, but I do not see the point of spending more than PLN 100 for mascara, which I throw away after 6 weeks for hygiene reasons since I can buy a good mascara for a dozen or so zlotys. Regards 🙂

  8. Avatar Sailing 5 November 2015 / 20: 01

    I definetly agree. There is nothing to eat, because it is our health and better to eat something good. 😛 Although it is worth looking at promotions. 🙂 I look through different newspapers myself. The same goes for cosmetics - there is nothing here, it is important that the composition is good.

  9. Avatar Beauty Land 5 November 2015 / 20: 01

    I agree with almost every point, or rather try not to save, neither on shoes, bras, thanks to that I buy from time to time and I am satisfied for a long time,
    I can save on clothes because I buy things in sh, rather good brands that I can't afford to buy brand new ones, but there are pearls in sh
    it is obvious to me not to save on food, I always read labels,
    cosmetics also prefer to buy the more expensive and ecological ones, because at least I see that they work.

  10. Avatar king naturally 5 November 2015 / 19: 01

    I think that it is not worth saving on anything (within reason) 🙂

  11. Avatar Katarzyna is testing 5 November 2015 / 18: 26

    I don't save on shoes, food, health. I don't buy a lot of clothes. I prefer less and good quality. I don't save on perfumes. When it comes to cosmetics, often the cheaper ones are not different from expensive ones.

  12. Avatar kirei 5 November 2015 / 18: 26

    I can sign up to this, I have really few pairs of shoes (after 2, max. 3 pairs for each season), but some of them are already 4-5 years old and still look good and comfortable. You can save money on flip-flops or flip-flops, otherwise it's not worth it. With clothes it can be different, but I certainly agree that it is not worth buying the cheapest ones, because something will always be wrong - sometimes the model looks great on a hanger, and then it turns out that the clumsy cut, that it wrinkles here, stands out ... Not to mention what it looks like after washing. I buy in chain stores, maybe I don't spend a fortune on clothes, but I'm always picky and try to choose those that care more about quality (e.g. I like Promod and Tatuum very much).
    Food - I completely agree, I will not say that I buy everything straight from the farmer or in organic stores, I buy in normal supermarkets, but I always pay attention to the composition and I do not pity these few euros more for a better product. I also prefer to buy certain products less often (e.g. ice cream) but buy those made from real cream and with real fruit, rather than the cheapest chemistry.
    Cosmetics can also be different - there are cheap and good products, but it is not always possible to find a good product at a low price in a given category, especially when it comes to colors, perfumes, serums ...
    Bra - I agree absolutely, it is worth spending more not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all for your own comfort and health.
    I would add bags - I literally have 3, but all made of leather and neatly made, and I'm happy with them at 100.
    We know, there is nothing to fall into snobbery and adoration for brands, sometimes there are cheaper pearls, but it is not worth trying to save on strength, afterwards it turns out that we will lose more than we will save by looking for a successor or repairing the damage we have caused, e.g. eating junk food or wearing uncomfortable plastic shoes.

  13. Avatar Milena M. 5 November 2015 / 17: 12

    Where to buy good quality clothes, because certainly not in chain stores ...

  14. Avatar Marzena T. 5 November 2015 / 17: 12

    I think that it is also not worth saving on health!

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