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The most interesting costumes and makeups for Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow. I have the impression that more and more people are choosing Halloween parties as a way to break away from the nostalgic aura outside the window. Although we are not going anywhere this year, I like watching costumes and make-up on Pinterest, where I found a lot of inspiration. Warning! The last makeup is really scary ...

This year I will definitely buy candies because kids often go to new housing estates and ring the door asking 'trick or treat'. To be honest, I'd rather save myself cleaning up a broken egg or something worse. Also, watching little monster costumes is a lot of fun. I regret that when I was a small commercial, it wasn't so popular. Do you know what I would dress up for? For Sailor Moon! I think I have to make up for it and go to a Halloween party or a fancy dress party next year.
If you don't have a Halloween party outfit yet, or you only found out about it today - I'm dropping some really cool inspirations. Let me know in the comments if you are celebrating Halloween and what you are getting dressed for this year. Pictures of inspiration come from Pinterest.

Halloween stylization

halloween makeup

Halloween stylization

joker makeup

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