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Long 4 lashes - the best way to make long eyelashes

Long eyelashes are beautiful ... they give the look a glow and are very sexy. There are many ways (home and non-home). Are they effective?
My eyelashes were never short, but I've always dreamed of advertising eyelashes. I managed to achieve this effect with Long4Lashes eyelash serum.
Eyelash serum is one of the cheaper ones on the market, and it's really effective. I tested Revitalash eyelash serum, but it didn't work for me at all. Not only that the eyelashes were not thick along the entire length (the tips were very thin, which after applying the mascara did not look very good), in addition, the eyelashes began to fall out.
Long4Lashes was recommended to me by M. (: *) initially I had some objections, because the serum has the Bimatoprost component, which can often be found in glaucoma drops.
Once the scandal broke out that girls were taking prescriptions from ophthalmologists because the effects of glaucoma side effects were eyelash growth.
Being at risk of this disease (glaucoma in the family) I was afraid that something could happen. Fortunately, there is not much in this nutrient and it is not dangerous. And the effect gives really good ...
I use the conditioner exactly 8 weeks. Every evening after applying the night cream I also apply this conditioner.

Application of eyelash serum

The serum has a brush that we can often find in eyeliners. Apply a small amount of the product just above the eyelashes. The conditioner can be applied to the upper and lower eyelashes. My lower eyelashes are very long, so I apply the product only on top.
You must be very careful that the serum does not get into your eyes, and if this happens - you must wash your eye with water.

Eyelash serum - effects

the best eyelash serum

The first effects appeared after two weeks of use. After that time, I noticed that my eyelashes were starting to grow longer. However, it is important to use the conditioner regularly (once a day at night), otherwise the effects will appear much later. In the picture above you can see how my eyelashes without mascara look, completely natural 😉

After 8 weeks of use, I can say that the effect is really great: eyelashes have become thicker, denser, and in addition the tips are not much thinner than the rest of the eyelashes.
I bought the conditioner in the Superpharm promotion for PLN 80. together with micellar fluid of the same company. For eyelashes to be even more beautiful, it is worth applying under the mascara Eveline serum.


  1. Avatar Katrina 13 March 2019 / 16: 59

    This conditioner gives good results.

  2. Avatar Kasiunia 6 December 2016 / 18: 14

    I used to pinch my eyes a bit, I don't know why; / and I applied normally.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 December 2016 / 22: 19

      Maybe you are allergic to some ingredient from this serum or apply too much of it and dripped into your eyes. This serum is applied in very small amounts above the eyelash line (like eyeliner) 🙂

  3. Avatar sypaaa 23 August 2015 / 11: 27

    I hope that the results will be equally spectacular for me 😉

  4. Avatar Green-eyed Jędza 21 August 2015 / 15: 10

    It's a shame you didn't take a photo before and after. Castor oil works great for me 🙂

  5. Avatar MyLady world 16 August 2015 / 06: 58

    Castor oil has worked for me eyelashes have become longer, stronger and thicker 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 16 August 2015 / 07: 40

      For me castor oil did not work, it irritated my eyes very much. In the morning I woke up with slightly swollen eyelids. The alterra camomile lipstick worked better.

  6. Avatar GingerG 16 August 2015 / 06: 38

    Beautiful eyelashes ☺ I did not use this conditioner.

  7. Avatar Sylwia B. 15 August 2015 / 22: 08

    This is the second blog recently where someone raves about this call. I think I have to try. I dream of such "curtains"

  8. Avatar Eva Pe 15 August 2015 / 21: 00

    It's nice that the conditioner did a great job.

  9. Avatar Ewelina K. 15 August 2015 / 15: 53

    I was very happy with Xlash;) now I have Bodetko but I don't see any special effects yet;)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 August 2015 / 21: 28

      I heard about Bodetko, let me know how it works in the long run. Apparently it has a good composition.

  10. Avatar pirelka 15 August 2015 / 15: 20

    I heard a lot of positive opinions about her 😉 I won it myself, but I let go into the world because I do not use this type of product outside the ink base 😉

  11. Avatar Twisted ZuZula 15 August 2015 / 12: 30

    Nice effect 🙂 You have beautiful eyelashes 🙂

  12. Avatar Anonymous 15 August 2015 / 10: 02

    This conditioner really gives a good effect thanks to bimatoprost. But you have to remember that this is not a permanent effect, after discontinuation of bimatoprost eyelashes return to their original state, so it is normal that after discontinuation eyelashes fall out and become shorter. Oh, and ladies who have a single dark hair on their chin must take into account the possibility of a very rare side effect - facial histutism (although the conditioner is only applied to eyelashes).

    • Avatar Anonymous 15 August 2015 / 10: 07

      ah, and pinching is a normal effect of bimatoprost - this ingredient is prostaglandin, it is a transmitter of inflammation - that's why it is recommended to apply at night, because after applying many people experience the effect of red eyes.

  13. Avatar Łukasz Bier 15 August 2015 / 08: 39

    hmm ... I was always afraid of these nutrients because eyes are eyes

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 August 2015 / 08: 43

      I was also afraid, especially the nutrient ingredient made me afraid. I spoke to my ophthalmologist who said that this ingredient is so little that nothing will happen. She warned, however, that people who HAVE glaucoma should not use it.

  14. Avatar lu ciam 15 August 2015 / 07: 44

    I plan to buy some eyelash conditioner in the near future 🙂 I would like to have longer eyelashes 🙂 Here the effect is very visible 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 August 2015 / 07: 47

      I am curious how long the effect will last after stopping this conditioner.
      The effect is most visible when I paint eyelashes with Eveline base and mascara 🙂

  15. Avatar Mrs.Rose 15 August 2015 / 07: 39

    For the first time I see such a conditioner, I will gladly try it 🙂

  16. Avatar Sonia Pachowicz 15 August 2015 / 01: 29

    I think I'll buy myself soon, maybe he'll help me. 🙂

  17. Avatar carolina g. ticala 14 August 2015 / 22: 31

    Great post! GFC you want to follow and keep in touch?
    let me know and I follow back! kiss ☺

  18. Avatar MIRAGE 14 August 2015 / 20: 05

    I do not know this conditioner, I use Floslek serum.

  19. Avatar Marzena T. 14 August 2015 / 19: 06

    Beautiful eyelashes 🙂 I'm currently using a different conditioner and I'm wondering if there will be any effects 🙂

  20. Avatar Adrianna K. 14 August 2015 / 17: 43

    I've also read so many positive reviews that I'm curious, although I'm not complaining about my eyelashes

  21. Avatar furpur 14 August 2015 / 17: 01

    I see that this conditioner collects a lot of positive reviews 🙂 I will have to remember about it when I want to take care of my eyelashes one day 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 14 August 2015 / 18: 08

      It's actually good. I used Revitalash but it was not as effective.

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