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The best product for styling men's hair

Whenever I go to the store shelf and choose a hair styling product, I know how it ends. I tested on my own skin (actually hair) probably all the offered products that can be found in the drugstore (by no means I have the impression, because they are all identical!). I no longer distinguish whether it was a product from Schwarzkopf, Joanna, Isana etc.

Whether they were gels, gums, hair powders or wax, they only differed in color label and price. Due to the fact that I am demanding and I'm not satisfied with medium products, none of the existing cosmetics has encouraged me to buy again.

Finally a light appeared in the tunnel, namely Lee Stafford wax. Pastes, gums and the like have always failed. Hair stuck together or after a few hours the hair looked like it was slick. With prolonged use, the hair was dry or lost its natural glow and did not look healthy.

Unlike previous specifics, Lee Stafford wax gives advice. Hair looks neat and not stuck. The hairstyle after a day looks like it is done in the morning.

The only downside of the product is that you need to try to get rid of the hair product completely. At the beginning of use you have to get used to the fact that the product is also not easy to apply.

The second downside is the availability. Forget about hyper and supermarkets or drugstores. Styling wax can only be purchased in online stores. It is also not the cheapest, but it is really worth the money. And don't worry, the packaging is pink 🙂

It is not the appearance that counts, but what it has inside. In this case it is an ideal statement.


  1. Avatar Greg and Mika 25 November 2014 / 14: 33

    we had shampoo and conditioner of this brand, they are cool ~!

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 25 November 2014 / 16: 25

      I had a mask for hair growth. Unfortunately I didn't notice the growth, but it was ok.

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