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The most beautiful retro inspirations

I love watching old movies, and most admire the costumes from these movies. This is a source of retro inspiration. I don't know how many times I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman holidays or Sabrina. I also really liked the series about Detective Hercule Poirot, where the costumes were refined with great care (regardless of whether it was the main or supporting character). I could not forget the Spanish Grand Hotel and Telephony series or the criminal mysteries of Miss Fisher (she inspired me to one of the styles that I plan to make as soon as it gets warmer). Recently, I showed stylization on the blog all look Mango in a retro style with a polka-dot dress. I think this dress would work well in the years of old Hollywood cinema. It's often retro inspirations that are the biggest inspiration for me to create blog stylizations. When I have no idea - just one look and thousands of ideas are born in my mind.

Wardrobe with retro elements

In my wardrobe you can find a lot of items taken out of Grandma's wardrobe (handbags, jewelry or scarves) or bought in second-hand shops in Sopot. I was lucky enough to live in the 3 lumpex area with a really great range. You just needed to know when to go hunting for pearls. My biggest prey is a retro cotton dress (I suspect that from the 40 or 50 years) and a brooch or clips, which unfortunately I can't wear because I'm allergic to them. Oh ironically! I bought 10 pairs of really beautiful clips for just a few zlotys. This is only called niefart.

Hats and simple cuts

They inspire and delight me the most. I dream at least for one day to go back to the time when such clothes were everyday life. Today, we can only watch them and admire them in retro movies and series, as well as smuggle some elements into our everyday stylizations. The easiest way is to use elements such as handbags (those that are taken out of Grandma's wardrobe will never go out of fashion), or accessories - pearl bracelets and necklaces. Of course, remembering to be moderate in all this, because, as Coco Chanel used to say - look in the mirror and subtract one thing. Then it will be perfect. The "less is more" principle is a very good indicator of style. Below you will see the most beautiful retro inspirations.


  1. Avatar Misiakk 15 March 2019 / 15: 39

    My favorite inspirations ... I like retro inspirations I still wear it.

  2. Avatar ANIA 14 March 2019 / 08: 04

    I love classic clothes, and Audrey's photos are always inspiring to me. And in general I have a question from another barrel. After browsing your blog on com, a question appeared at the bottom of the screen - whether to add to the main screen. Of course, I added, because the blog is at a good level :). To my delight - because I'm forgetful and sometimes interesting blogs disappear in the depths of the Internet, forgotten. Does every blog have the option to add its icon to the screen, is it your doing? I hope you understand the question, because I think I am a dinosaur of net and instagram, deducing from the information that I found in your blog. Many concepts were new to me. Greetings!

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 14 March 2019 / 14: 35

      Thank you very much for your kind words! 🙂 I am very happy that you came here and found a good dose of knowledge here.

      Audrey is an undoubted class in its own right, as is Coco Chanel. Both ladies are a great inspiration to me when it comes to clothes.

      Which browser do you use on your phone and which system? Android or iOS? Then I can tell you more about it.

      • Avatar ANIA 25 March 2019 / 21: 05

        Android (I had to ask the Honorable Member and I'm doing "facepalma") 🙂

  3. Avatar Little audrey 11 March 2019 / 14: 03

    I am thinking of sewing a dress from a dressmaker in the style of something like Audrey Hepburn had in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, unfortunately no seamstresses want to take up the challenge yet ...

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 11 March 2019 / 16: 07

      Sounds great! This dress is divine! Where are you from? There is definitely a good dressmaker in your city. Write the city, maybe one of the Girls will tell you where to look 🙂

  4. Avatar marina 11 March 2019 / 09: 46

    Once, costumes and women had more class than now.

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