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Natural ways to color your hair

You probably think that the only way to darken or lighten your hair is:
a) a visit to the hairdresser
b) buying paint in a store - dyeing at home

natural hair coloring methods
Well no. In nature, we find several plants that will naturally help us get the dream color. No, no, it's not a joke - we can dye our hair in natural ways.
As for less natural ways - in the store we can find many cosmetics for light or dark hair, among others shampoos, conditioners, masks. The effect is noticeable with prolonged use, but it is very weak. Rather, in the form of color underlining.
We can also prepare a decoction ourselves, which will only help us emphasize the color of the hair.
Depending on our hair shade - we use other plants.
  • blond: chamomile, powdered rhubarb root or lemon peel (about a handful 2)
  • brown: a handful of walnut shells or 2 a handful of walnut
  • ore: a handful of red sandalwood powder
From the ingredients, make a decoction - half a liter of water (we brew it for about 20 minutes), then strain it so that it is "clean". You can use a very fine strainer, gauze or a coffee filter, depending on the ingredients.
We add a spoonful of honey. Massage the prepared mixture into the scalp. We rinse the hair after approx. 30 minutes.
As for dark hair - I tried coffee rinse several times. Just brew coffee (loose) with 3 spoons. Then strain the broth and rinse the hair with it. I can't quite say whether the decoction darkens the hair, but gives it a beautiful glow.
Hair dyeing
For dyeing blond hair, as with rinses, rhubarb, its powdered root, is great.
  • 3 a handful of dried, powdered rhubarb root (can be purchased at the herbal store)
  • 1 lemon juice
  • a teaspoon of vegetable oil (it can be coconut, almond - such as it suits your hair)
Hair dyeing
Mix rhubarb powder with lemon juice and oil. Pour a few teaspoons of hot water into the mush - mix until smooth. Let stand for 15 minutes, then add a few tablespoons of hot water again.
Apply the paste on washed and slightly dried hair. If you dyed your hair with henna - and in this case we put a cap and a towel on your hair to keep warm.
We keep 20 minutes on our hair. However, it is worth checking every approx. 5 minutes to see if the effect we have on the hair is sufficient. We thoroughly wash the paint.
In the event that the hair has already been dyed with chemical paint - before natural coloring it is worth doing a test on a strand of hair.
walnut paint

Hair dye for brown hair

  • 3 handfuls of walnut shells
  • a bit of fruit vinegar
  • a bit of vegetable oil
Just like dyeing fair hair - oil also to choose from.
Grind walnut shells finely, mix with vinegar. We add a few tablespoons of hot water, knead to a uniform slurry. Let stand for 15 minutes. We add a few tablespoons of hot water again.
Apply the paste on washed and slightly dried hair, apply a shower cap and towel.
We leave for about 20 minutes. This paint has a very strong effect - it can darken the color by up to one tone.
We thoroughly wash the paint.
Are you going to try natural ways to dye your hair?


  1. Avatar Unknown 9 November 2015 / 16: 43

    How long does the paint from the Italian hairs last? Is it permanent?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 November 2015 / 17: 13

      The constant is not, after a while it rinses out. How much time you wash depends on how long you keep going.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 November 2015 / 17: 13

      The constant is not, after a while it rinses out. How much time you wash depends on how long you keep going.

  2. Avatar Anonymous 20 August 2015 / 11: 20

    As for brown hair dyes, do you need green nut shells or already ripe ones?

  3. Avatar Anonymous 10 June 2013 / 09: 32

    What if my hair is dark blonde and I want to darken it to brown? can i use walnut paint?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 10 June 2013 / 17: 06

      Absolutely, but it will not give the effect you expect, but only a slight darkening. I also recommend using a coffee rinse, which also darkens the hair :)

  4. Avatar Anonymous 14 February 2013 / 12: 23

    I have a question, will this paint cover gray hair?

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 February 2013 / 20: 16

      Yes :) it will cover gray hair the most.

  5. Avatar Seanaith 31 January 2013 / 16: 37

    It is true that I have never dyed my hair, but I am annoyed by the fact that recently because of winter and oil and hair lotions for hair growth darkened my hair. chamomile makes my hair color too pale, so I think I'm tempted by this rhubarb root, or mullein (apparently, it also lightens the hair). Let's see if my hair will light up for a long time 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 January 2013 / 18: 07

      Let me know how it works on fair hair. I have dark myself, so I didn't try the rhubarb version, but the fair-haired will definitely read your opinion :)

  6. Avatar Magda B. 25 November 2012 / 19: 52

    I have to try something with these walnuts, very interesting post 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 January 2013 / 18: 06

      I wonder how it will work for you. Walnuts give me wonderful results. I will definitely show the effects of how I will do next time! :)

  7. Avatar Lourdes 24 November 2012 / 10: 19

    I tried henna because it seemed natural to me, but the color was washed away quickly, and the condition of the hair was supposed to improve, but did it happen? it's hard to say, I will definitely try it again for the holidays, but this time a less intense shade of redness 😉 I am also wondering what to look like in brown because now I have such an intermediate

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 November 2012 / 19: 21

      Let me know how henna did this time :)

  8. Avatar Victoria 24 November 2012 / 10: 14

    An interesting way to dye. However, I dye my hair only in summer, and for now my color does not bother me xD

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 November 2012 / 19: 23

      I will be experimenting with hair darkening oil tomorrow. I don't know anything about him, but it will turn out tomorrow ...;)

  9. Avatar rainy girl is me 24 November 2012 / 09: 09

    I prefer fast coloring, I apply and it has to be an effect, but the fact is that your ways are more natural and less interfering with your hair :)

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 24 November 2012 / 10: 02

      Maybe you prefer, but do you also prefer your hair? the paint is very damaging to the hair :(

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