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Nuxe - cosmetics for men part 2 + Competition

The use of eye cream for many men can be a barrier that they do not want to cross for many reasons. For me it was also a hard time when I had to spend extra minutes in front of the mirror. However, the results were so satisfactory that applying the cream entered my daily routine.
We must also remember that anti-wrinkle creams are not only for people of the 40 or 50 + age group. If we notice that our skin already at the age of around 25 requires the use of this type of products, then it is worth taking an interest in face creams or vitamins with vitamins C and E, which regenerate, protect and brighten our skin.

NUXE Men Contour des Yeux 15 eye cream ml

NUXE Men Contour des Yeux 15 eye cream ml

The described product Nuxe Men ,, Multifunctional Eye Cream ”has a natural composition: plant caffeine, hyaluronic acid of natural origin or vitamin just mentioned vitamin E.
Natural caffeine is designed to reduce wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, hyaluronic acid (it is worth noting that it is of natural origin) perfectly smoothes the skin around the eyes, in addition, araucaria and vitamin E extract prevents aging. When applying in such a sensitive place as the eye area, it is very important that the product used does not have aggressive ingredients.
The cream can be applied both in the morning and evening. Remembering that the application must be done by patting, not spreading. It's best to use your middle or little finger to apply the cream. The product is intended for various types of skin. If you read previous post about Nuxe products you won't be surprised that the cream has a light and non-greasy texture. In addition, after the application around the eyes feel a pleasant cooling effect. There is also a spicy smell.

NUXE Men Nuxellence anti-aging fluid 50ml

NUXE Men Nuxellence anti-aging fluid 50 ml

Another product from the anti-wrinkle series - fluid from Nuxe. I used this product the least often because my skin has no wrinkles. However, I was curious about the skin moisturizing effect. I am very careful not to overdry my skin, because after visiting a beautician, I learned that I have a problem with this and I have to apply moisturizing creams.
I usually used Nuxe fluid after shaving. I can not confirm if the cream reduces wrinkles, because I do not have them, however, I am able to trust the Nuxe brand that daily application of this fluid allows you to add complexion energy and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. In this product we must pay attention to the composition, because it is not one hundred percent natural. If you notice that your skin is irritated, you must look for another product that does not contain an allergen in the composition.

We have great news for you! If you have been encouraged by posts and would like to give yourself (or your loved one) Nuxe cosmetics, you have a unique chance to win one of the sets.

There are 4 sets to be won:

- 2x shaving foam + deodorant
- 2x two shaving foam + eye cream

What do you have to do?

You have like the official Nuxe fanpage (few) and leave information in the comment under the note:
- I liked the fanpage as:
- e-mail adress

The competition runs from today to 10 June 2016.


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