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About how Influencers combine to gain anything

Something I feel that for this entry, about how Influencers combine, some will hate me totally. The first haters appeared after post about buying Followerswhere I described the Instagram fraud process. These actions may not only cause a drop in profile ranges, but in extreme cases may lead to the removal of the Instagram profile.

when I became a blogger

How did it happen that I became a Blogger?

I decided to become a Blogger during my college vacation, when I had not started my first serious work. Then I started experimenting with makeup, and also cut my hair. It was a time of change for me that I wanted to make the most of. The blog was the first idea that came to my mind.
When I started my studies I met Piotr, but I admitted to blogging after some time. At first my acquaintance was afraid of his reaction, because then blogging was not so popular, and there were not very nice reviews about Bloggers themselves. Fortunately, Piotr reacted enthusiastically to my message and we decided to run a blog together! We've been blogging for 9 for years and how the blog developed has exceeded my wildest expectations.

The blog has been growing with us over the years, in moments of doubt it always gave us some kind of impulse to act. Many times, whether in college or when starting work, the blog turned out to be a pass that opened more than one door. Thanks to the blog, I explore the secrets of Social Media and develop myself in Infulence Marketing. During this time, Piotr learned graphic design and became professionally oriented while working on online store projects. In addition, when he started running an Instagram account, he discovered his passion for photography. Regarding cooperation - we rejected all forms of cooperation for the first two years, all the more so as they did not coincide with the blog. We also didn't want to be seen as an advertising blog. After the first barter cooperation, which was very attractive to us at that time, there were cooperations paid for really little money. Today, we can say that blog is our additional source of income. We invest a lot of time in blogging, but also money and knowledge. However, we have the advantage that we professionally deal with areas related to blogging. We can say that a blog is our driving force, and thanks to him we are who we are.
D&P blog in the Together Magazine


The above paragraph and a brief digression about us is to show that the main thing in all this is not to lose yourself. There is nothing wrong with the fact that someone is a model for us and we want to follow in his footsteps. However, the most important thing is to do something in your own original way. It's not always worth following the trends do not be fooled by the pseudo specialists courses of various applications to beautify your photos. Just because someone has processed over a dozen or several dozen of their photos in an Adobe program does not mean that they have to teach others or teach how to build a site, sic! If you think that you will upload presets of a famous Blogger and use them from now on your blog or Instagram, do you think that it will bring you closer to your own success? The answer is: No.

Working in an advertising agency, I proposed to one of the collaborators a well-known Blogger, who often visits, for example, the annual meeting of Bloggers and Influencers. What was the surprise when I heard that her blog is not worth any money, and due to the large amount of collaboration and low traffic from the blog to the client's site they will not take it into account when collaborating. I will tell you honestly that I would never want someone to talk about my blog work in this way. That is why it is so important to always keep a sober thinking and think about when someone earnestly like a mantra repeats how awesome, how much he does not earn and how many refuses to cooperate (also barter ones). Everything in the name of a definition - a lie told a thousand times finally becomes the truth.


About two weeks ago, we attended the Wednesday meeting of the blog at Google Campus in Warsaw. It was amazing that people who met us because they followed us on Instagram approached us. It was nice to hear that you are authentic and that I look identical to the pictures. Contrary to current trends, I don't use anything more than built-in filters to light up Instagram photos (I really love bright photos!). This is the biggest reward - meet people who appreciate who you are and not who you would like to be. That's why it's never worth pretending to be someone you are not!

Not once have we been an inspiration to other people. It's very nice when someone is inspired by what we do, because it is a sign for us that we are doing it right. I remember how we met on Poznań Fashion Fair great, novice blogger Natalia, who leads Hutnez blog (I cordially invite you to her blog, she is a wonderful girl with a huge passion for fashion!). We told her many secrets about blogging and we completely do not regret it, because we know that Natalia has used our advice and thanks to this she blogs even better. Unfortunately, there were also moderately cool situations when someone drew on our knowledge, and then pretended that he came up with it himself. Seriously?! Interestingly, these people later shared their knowledge acquired from us as if they were their own. It's sad that someone rips off your template or even the content of posts, and then pretends that everything is fine. No, it's not.

how to run an instagram profile

Cooperation with Chinese Zaful stores

From my own experience I can cite the cooperation that I remember to this day as an example that should not have taken place. When I received the offer of cooperation with Zaful a year ago, 1,5, I stated 'why not'. I started to develop the 'Style' section on our blog and I lacked nice clothes to show. At the beginning, the conditions were not entirely okay, and actually I did not understand what it was all about, because I have never had experience with this type of offer. I'm already explaining exactly what it was about.

I was offered cooperation in which I was to publish a post showing the store's offer and links to products that I would like to get. This product that would get the most clicks (via affiliate link) was supposed to reach me. Of course, I did not agree to this type of cooperation and proposed my terms, which they agreed to. The cooperation did not come to fruition, because the quality of the clothes completely did not meet my expectations. Interestingly, the same store wrote to me again a few weeks ago with an offer of cooperation. This time I said no. The most important thing is to learn from your mistakes and not make them again.

Click and stay for more than a minute

Some time ago I came across one of the groups on Facebook, where Girls ask to be clicked on the post, and more specifically links redirecting to a specific product (see the paragraph above). I didn't even know there were time requirements for sponsored posts. It is about the time spent on the website after switching from the post to the client's website. Girls often ask to click on the link and stay on the site, e.g. above 1 minutes. This is proof that Influencers are combining as much as they can.

From the point of view of a company that gives products, it's a very smart idea, because it fills in with very easy views. On the other hand, it shows that people agree to such terms of cooperation for a few clothes or other products, often of very low quality. It's sad and I see it for the first time that many Influencers don't know the value of their channels. It is often the case that Influencers with valuable and large IG profiles (even above 60-100 thousand Followers) decide on barter cooperation for several cosmetics that are of little value. I will not write the names of the girls who decide on this type of action, although I will not say, a few of them were a huge surprise to me.

floral midi dress

How to run a blog / profile on IG and be 100% authentic

How do you find the golden mean? First of all, do your job and not look at other creators. Of course, it is always worth observing the actions of others and learning from their mistakes, but the most important thing is to always act in accordance with your conscience and beliefs.

The easiest way to say is that they are guilty or so-called Bloggers, advertisers or agencies that force large numbers in Influencer statistics. However, if the agency side has the same incompetent person who mainly deals with invoicing and the most important for them are numbers (followers), and not real commitment and quality of content, then we have a driving trend of buying followers or blog coverage! But why is Blogger who will cooperate with a given company and has empty numbers in her account is surprised later that such cooperation will not happen again? The blind pursuit of empty numbers that mean nothing is guilty. For one of Blogerek's success is inviting to breakfast, for another cooperation after 150 thousand. monthly, and for me, that someone is inspired by what I do and the certainty that by sharing my knowledge I do not mislead someone and I know what I am talking about, not that 'I just think'.


  1. Avatar Anonymous 14 January 2020 / 16: 50

    Very good article! We are linking to this great post on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.

  2. Avatar Anonymous 17 October 2019 / 17: 26

    Great article! This is the kind of information that should be shared across the net.

  3. Avatar Nat 8 January 2019 / 09: 48

    After a while I will add a sentence from the third side of the mirror 😉 Together with a friend we run a business, no big deal, a small shop, founded a few months ago. And it is not surprising to me that the customer does not want a specific blogger, because sometimes after cooperation I was able to get several Ig messages asking for another cooperation, a few emails and a few messages on fb, and in the store there was no cooperation or order or even traffic (and Google As you know, Analytics does not lie and is impartial). I will not say, we have refined a few things since then, the website and range are more interesting, but most of all we are meticulously planning cooperation. It paid off. Better thousand people involved in the community than 50k mutual adoration society.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 8 January 2019 / 10: 52

      This is unfortunately true. I also run a billion messages about cooperation when running my client profiles. Sometimes a nice person will hit, but very often they are girls who take what they get. I am not interested in working with someone like that, myself as an infuser I very strongly verify the campaigns in which I participate. I do not want to be seen as a profile - advertisement column.

      And so professionally - if you need help in e-commerce, let me know. Piotr is a specialist and has many successes in the development of online stores 🙂

      • Avatar Nat 20 February 2019 / 08: 43

        I just noticed the answer. It is difficult to plan at the moment, but considering future development ... 🙂
        I honestly believe that the help of someone who knows all this, knows the response of cooperation with influencers on a given channel, knows how to distinguish a "pole" from a person who just likes to test, and even if and how to respond to news is invaluable for young brands. Because these beginnings were something very heavy, more news than orders, it is not known whether to focus on fb or Instagram, teasing with Influencers with whom we did not cooperate, or finally, open hostility on their part (you know, writing unpleasant comments from several accounts, texts in the style: I will put you, grease you and what you will do to me). I would like to know in advance not to over exaggerate 😉
        The positives are, however, that most Influencerek are just nice people who want to spread their wings and if even cooperation did not necessarily increase our reach, they left at least nice memories 😉

  4. Avatar Irena Omegard 9 August 2018 / 15: 18

    I run two blogs. Amateur. A few people are reading. Two comment. I enjoy what I do. It would be nice to earn something. On the other hand? looking at some blogs, I prefer my writing. Maybe miserable, but probably interesting.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 9 August 2018 / 21: 05

      Unfortunately, some people have sensed the way of doing business in blogging and we have the effect - buying Followers on IG, setting up blogs to get freelancers, etc. You just have to do your work and don't worry 😉

  5. Avatar Kathjuszka 9 July 2018 / 11: 41

    I am full of admiration that you decided to raise this topic. Rarely a blogger admits some mistakes, and you in your posts (I read a few from this series) openly talk about the fact that you have sometimes made them.

    It makes you authentic and you want to stay here and absorb knowledge.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 9 July 2018 / 11: 44

      Thank you very much for your kind words. We are only people and we make mistakes. The main thing is to draw conclusions from them and not make the same mistakes again.

  6. Avatar ModnyFash 5 July 2018 / 15: 25

    Authenticity and honesty are the basis. I really like people who run a blog and admit some mistakes or even a stupid statement that they did not have the desire or time to run their blog. Differently then I receive this person, somehow I have the impression that it is "more natural", and thus it is easier for me to identify and like this person.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 5 July 2018 / 16: 57

      Oh right! I recorded Stories today and uploaded without sound. Such things happen very often Haha

  7. Avatar Anka 2 July 2018 / 21: 13

    In my opinion, such pseudo Infuencerek or Blogerek should be unmasked. Such people should disappear as soon as possible and not understate the level of a given group of creators. By the way, we are in the same group on Facebook and lately I don't know if you saw the battle for ... socks? Among the applicants was one of the largest Instagramers. I looked into her real observations. This environment requires a profound change in thinking.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 2 July 2018 / 21: 28

      And you know that this advertisement flashed somewhere, but I did not delve into its content. Socks are not my atmosphere, hehe

      Unfortunately, you sign a confidentiality agreement at the agencies, so no one will ever say who and how. In addition, everyone is afraid. I was very surprised that such a big blogger doing a super PRO just darkens ...

  8. Avatar Miskejt.pl 2 July 2018 / 15: 22

    Very good and reliable text. It's good that you pay attention not only to such a mass plague of "influencers" where girls simply set up an Instagram account and proceed to ... begging, but also to a certain hypocrisy of the so-called Prestigious Bloggers by big B. Some people think that they are stars, building around them nimbus of omniscience and infallibility. I also have a dual view on all this, although I guess that's right, because I work on the agency side and as a hobby as a blogger. I am irritated by the direction in which it all goes, especially since a lot of people get into this blogo-quivering, and it is often so humanly a scam. It remains to be hoped for a more reliable approach to the topic and more humbleness. Regards 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 2 July 2018 / 15: 27

      Thank you very much for this comment. It's nice that you spoke on both sides like me. It is good that not only I see that it is going in the wrong direction and something needs to be done about it. The first step is to talk about it aloud so that some may embrace (not only bloggers, influencers, but also agencies). I have a list of bloggers and influencers that are not worth cooperating with, and privately I have a list of agencies with whom I will never cooperate again. What are the criteria? Something wrong - untimely payment of remuneration, difficult contact with the agency or a bad brief. It is a pity that there are incompetent people on both sides.

  9. Avatar AleksandraNS 1 July 2018 / 21: 55

    I really like your entries. They are so honest and great to read. I rarely comment on blogs by myself. I usually exchange comments with someone but I don't need anything in return. I was very pleased to read and comment. Regards 🙂 Ola

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 1 July 2018 / 22: 12

      Thank you very much! The more fun to see you here. This is one of those moments for which I love blogging.

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