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Rossmann gel glasses

If you work long in front of the computer, you have a problem with dark circles under the eyes, or you complain more and more often about burning eyes - it is a sign that your eyes need much more attention. A way for swollen, tired eyes? Gel cooling glasses. When my eyes cry for help - I give them a relaxing, cold compress. For this purpose I use cooling goggles, which I bought in Rossmann.

Review of gel glasses from Rossmann

As I mentioned many times - I suffer from dark circles under the eyes. I never know that I will be cured of them. I can cover it up concealer under the eyes and brighten up a bit using eye cream. From time to time I also put on cooling glasses, thanks to which my eyes are much more "rested", and thus: they don't bake or scare with dark horseshoes. I put on gel goggles to relax. I even fell asleep once glasses in front of eyes;)
Various color versions are available, I chose pink. It is very nice that the glasses can be used hot and cold. I have already written about "cold" effects, but why use hot? Well, glasses used for heat help to reduce the symptoms of allergies, which was a godsend for me several times. Especially during the pollen season.

About goggles according to the manufacturer

The plastic coating of the glasses is filled with propylene glycol and distilled water. Chilled glasses are used to relieve swelling, swelling, dark circles and the effect of eye strain. They stimulate microcirculation, which is beneficial for the condition of the skin around the eyes. They also alleviate some types of headaches, especially those that may result from eye strain.
I recommend this product especially to people who work at the computer, read a lot, or watch TV often. In short - I recommend it to everyone, because nowadays few people remember to take care of their eyes.


  1. Avatar Anonymous 20 February 2017 / 15: 48

    Thank you for this post, because I was just thinking about this product

  2. Avatar Anonymous 4 March 2016 / 21: 32

    They stick only on the outer sides of the "bags". You need to press them on the nose because they do not touch the skin of the "bags"

  3. Avatar Izabelka 11 December 2014 / 18: 40

    Oh, I didn't know that they were also pink - and if I come across such, I would be delighted 🙂 Since I started a new job and have night shifts, I noticed that my eye area is starting to feel this fatigue 🙁

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 11 December 2014 / 18: 48

      They are! :) I recommend hiding in the fridge, because then I noticed that there are better effects. For tired eyes Prestige gel flakes are also good :)

  4. Avatar Anonymous 7 March 2014 / 14: 00

    Glasses are great and actually help. I use it, but I don't really know how many minutes to keep my eyes on it ??? Someone will tell me?

  5. Avatar anikowa101 17 December 2011 / 22: 07

    I have them and I like to use them from time to time.

  6. Avatar Tyska 14 December 2011 / 14: 17

    Glasses are disposable. ? ; )

  7. Avatar Meg 13 December 2011 / 16: 32

    I've always wanted to buy them, but there's always something more urgent. But I am also skeptical about them. I don't know, I'm probably tempted - it's a matter of time.

  8. Avatar Anuullaa 13 December 2011 / 07: 27

    Being in Rosmannie I always go past them and just look at them. I was wondering if they were helping something, maybe it's time to take a closer look at them. My eyes will certainly thank me.

  9. Avatar cocoloco85 12 December 2011 / 23: 21

    I wonder if they would help with my "sackcloth"? I will probably buy it out of curiosity :)

  10. Avatar Mallen 12 December 2011 / 23: 21

    I used to have them and I know they are great etc., but for me, "using" them is tiring. I can't sit still when I put them on, the freezing effect is too strong for me and water my eyes: / that's why I prefer hydrogel / collagen flakes under the eyes 🙂

  11. Avatar skazana2 12 December 2011 / 22: 43

    I was probably blue, I have to go after it again;))
    I watch and invite you to yourself 😉

  12. Avatar Beauty Wizaz 12 December 2011 / 21: 09

    I also had a little bigger and greener from Rosman, I threw it away because the gel in them glued 🙂
    I have to buy new because I get up sometimes swollen

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