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Tea tree oil for acne

Tea tree oil appeared in June favorites for a reason. This is a product that can be used in many ways, including fight against acne, herpes or runny nose. Today, however, I would like to tell you about its magical power that can be used in the fight against acne.
Tea tree oil for acne

How to use tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil can be used in various ways, but it works best for me when I put it on the pimple or add a drop to the day cream (this is not about BB cream, but a moisturizer that I use most often when I'm at home). You have to remember not to overdo it with the amount of oil applied, because its smell is so intense that you can suffocate. In addition, when too much - it can dry the skin. We apply undiluted tea tree oil to the pimple, repeat the action about 2 times a day. The oil can also be applied spotwise at night. The product has antibacterial and antiviral properties - that's why it fights acne so well.

Where to buy tea tree oil and what company?

The product can be purchased at pharmacies and herbal stores, most often I buy it at Gemini. The Etja oil that I use costs 7,99 PLN / 10 ml.


  1. Avatar Treasury of Nature 29 December 2018 / 17: 38

    Tea tree oil has just countless applications, in addition to supporting acne treatment. The most important probably probably effective action on mycosis and dandruff.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 30 December 2018 / 12: 28

      It is also very effective for runny nose. Just add a few drops to the bath.

  2. Avatar Puderek 19 October 2015 / 11: 33

    I would not think that you can treat such ailments with tea tree oil or any oil at all. In any case, I will have to try this patent, because until now they are just foundations and concealers.
    The bb cream works well, but you have to spend more money here, otherwise you can harm yourself.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 19 October 2015 / 11: 58

      Dr. G. has a good BB cream. I reviewed it on the blog 🙂
      Tea tree oil is also good for other ailments, among others runny nose.

  3. Avatar It's Dahlia 28 September 2015 / 15: 32

    I have never heard of this oil, but looking at the fact that I have acne skin, it would be good to have and use it 🙂

  4. Avatar Magda Lombarowicz 28 September 2015 / 13: 55

    I have the same at home 😀 this oil is brilliant and can be used in various problems 🙂 I also use it for blemishes and tried it on my scalp because I had a dry face and did a mask with it and it also worked 😀

  5. Avatar Ginger G 27 September 2015 / 10: 27

    I have read many times about the beneficial effects of this oil, but as always, I forget about it when I'm shopping.
    I usually save on the masks from Rival de Loop 🙂

  6. Avatar Long hair 26 September 2015 / 17: 17

    I like 🙂 Generally, I like to use essential oils for acne - they help.

  7. Avatar king naturally 26 September 2015 / 12: 18

    I love him, a very useful thing in a beautician 🙂

  8. Avatar furpur 26 September 2015 / 11: 39

    I have it and recommend it, a must in the fight against acne! 🙂

  9. Avatar Kaprysek 26 September 2015 / 10: 14

    I have this oil and I often use it for face masks 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 September 2015 / 15: 34

      I never added it to masks. We apply it only pointwise 🙂

  10. Avatar kosodrzewina79 26 September 2015 / 09: 07

    He also helps me fight herpes. Also added to clay masks works great.
    ETJA has good oils, but for my part I still recommend Dr. Beta oils - I love them.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 26 September 2015 / 15: 35

      Thank you for the recommendation, I will look at these oils 🙂

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