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My husband's pan!

A good Teflon pan can be sought with a candle. Choosing a good pan is not as easy as it sounds. I expect from a good skillet that it will heat up quickly and that food will not stick to its surface.

Tefal Revelation 28 cm C2100652 reviews

The next conditions were washing in the dishwasher, lightness and also size. I wanted the pan to have a diameter of about 30 cm.
I decided on Tefal Revelation 28 cm C2100652 and I don't regret my choice.
I have a lot of trust in Tefal for years. For several years I have had a wok from the same series and I am very happy. With proper maintenance, it still looks like new.
The pan has a non-stick coating and this is not a myth. Even with a small amount of oil, food does not stick. Suitable for gas and induction cooker.

Tefal Revelation 28 cm C2100652 price

In the middle of the pan there is a heat sensor that changes color when the pan heats up. However, I never use it because I have the impression that the color is always the same; P
Pans can be washed very quickly and easilyHowever, when I have no strength for it, it lands in the dishwasher and nothing happens to it.
I thought it was a very good purchase, which I do not regret. Dear Housewife, if you are looking for a good and not expensive pan, this one will definitely be a great choice.
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  1. Avatar Gobli.pl 15 June 2015 / 11: 46

    I also trust this company, I haven't complained about it yet - And cooking has become much more pleasant przyjem

    Best Regards!

  2. Avatar Beauty Land 14 June 2015 / 08: 34

    I recently bought ceramic Ambition, I was not happy with Tefal because it changes the taste of dishes a bit.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 June 2015 / 09: 56

      Damn, it's not good. I haven't met anything like that!

  3. Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 June 2015 / 08: 08

    It is very good to use and dishwasher safe 🙂

  4. Avatar Em Art 14 June 2015 / 07: 21

    I usually buy cheaper ones and I don't complain either 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 June 2015 / 08: 07

      I have confidence in this company, besides, you have to look at the Teflon species from which the pan is made, because some are made of the harmful version. You have to be very careful.

    • Avatar Em Art 14 June 2015 / 10: 07

      hmm. She didn't know. I thought that a good surface of the pan is one that won't come off in a month. How to distinguish good Teflon from bad?

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