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Philips QC5370 / 15 hair clipper

Philips hair clippers review
First of all, why Philips? At the age of 12, a hair clipper came into my hands for the first time. Then I started the adventure with the aforementioned brand. The machine served me for good and bad for over ten years.
During this period, the razor was doing great, I had no problems with the sharpness of the parts responsible for cutting hair. Every time my hair was perfectly trimmed after using this machine. The hairstyle looked like I was just leaving the hair salon. It was only after a decade of use that the battery in the razor gave reminders and it was necessary to use the razor by connecting it to the socket.
The time has come when you had to make a choice from among various brands and models. It didn't even cross my mind to let go of buying another brand of equipment.
It's about the workshop used by hairdressers, someone can now think reading my scribbles what a philosophy for a guy to go and get a haircut for a hairdresser. In practice, however, it looks tragic. While the first time the hairdresser / hairdresser tries, the subsequent visits become mechanical and without enthusiasm. The haircut looks like a sheep is waiting in the chair and all you have to do is trim it with a razor and it's done. Apart from the hairdresser's workshop. Once I met a really good hairdresser and you could see that he loves what I do.
At this point, going out and paying for a haircut, I knew I was paying for something that was done properly. Unfortunately, this lady moved and I couldn't find her. I went to this salon again. I will quote a story: I was cut off once by a new hairdresser for almost an hour. Personally, I had the impression that you had scissors or a razor in your hand for the first time. My spouse could not get over the admiration as with my short hair, so long you could cut. It was the moment when I decided that I would never go to any hair salon again, because I could better cut myself.
philips QC 5370 perfect hair clipper
By the way, I can save time, nerves and money, and above all have full satisfaction with the achieved results. Knowing already that, having had enough of listening to the question: are we cutting like last time, or questions every now and then can it be, is it good, I had to take matters into my own hands.
When choosing a new razor, various brands came to mind. For me personally, it is important that the razor has durable and guaranteeing long-term sharpness blades, as well as the possibility of any adjustment of the length of the haircut. It is important that the device is wireless. The choice fell again on the Philips brand, specifically on the QC5370 / 15 model.
The razor is covered with titanium coating blades, which ensures long-term use of the equipment. Adjustable from 0,5 mm to 21 mm (this allows you to choose different lengths of 21). The machine is very easy to clean. You can rinse it easily under running water. The blade requires no maintenance, which is a great convenience. One charging cycle (60 min.) Allows the same amount of use.
The machine is a perfect gift for any resourceful guy who values ​​comfort and convenience. At home, you can get a more orderly effect than "exclusive hair salons".
Price: approx. 150 PLN


  1. Avatar Michasia S. 23 August 2014 / 12: 51

    A really good gift for a guy 😉
    I'll keep an eye on her!

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