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Acne face care update - what cosmetics should I use?

Face care, especially acne skin care is a challenge. First of all, it cannot be over-dried, which is often the biggest problem, because if the skin is oily, it seems to people that it needs to be over-dried. My skin, even though it's cured of acne (I've been fighting acne for over 6 years. If you're curious how I cured acne, look here click ), after all, I have to make sure that nothing 'jumps' on it. Every new product is a risk that my skin will react negatively. I had to give up cosmetics more than once, because they didn't work on my face. Another thing is that my complexion doesn't like experiments. This was also the reason for giving up testing for face care cosmetics.
First of all, I try not to overdo the amount of cosmetics I use. The key is to find products that your skin will love and stick to. Do not experiment too often, because your skin may repay with a rash 😉

make-up removal

Make-up removal is my priority. Instead of using a foundation, I still use it BB cream Dr G. I tested Skin 79, but I think I'm still not convinced by this product, so I returned to Dr G hydra intensive. This BB cream has one characteristic feature that you will find in most Korean BB creams - silicones.
For BB creams, thorough makeup removal is very important. Make-up removal not just any, but two stages. First, I wash the BB Bio cream with Kneipp oil (using a cotton swab). After removing BB cream, I use Sylveco linden micellar fluid to get rid of the oil on my face.
I tap after makeup removal Bandi cream with almond acid. Bandi has changed the packaging, it is now white.
make-up removal

Acne skin care

Every morning and evening I wash my face with colloidal silver. I rarely wash my face with water because my skin is dry. I tried to rinse my face with boiled or filtered water. The effect was the same, so when I don't have to, I skip my skin's contact with water. Silver for external use that I use is from Alter Medica (500 ml bottle). How to use silver? I transfer them to the spray bottle, then spray the cotton pad with silver and wash my face avoiding the eye area.
For the day, I use the Dr. G. BB cream mentioned above. I've been using Beauty Blender for years (recently on ours Instagram @dpblogpl I was showing a new Beauty Blender powder pink. Her color won my heart. I hope this edition will stay longer.)
When I don't leave the house, I tap Bandi cream with mandelic acid. In the evening I wash the cream with colloidal silver.

Night care for acne skin

I put two products on alternately at night, depending on what my skin needs on a given day. I got Resibo smoothing serum from Piotr under Christmas tree (I will soon say something more about him). I use them several times a week, alternatively with almond Bandi cream. First of all, in the care of problem skin, you must learn to observe it. When you start doing this, your skin will pay back with a beautiful appearance.
Night face care

Beauty treatments

For the millionth time I will be boring about darsonval, but this device has been with me for several years and I still use it regularly. If you still don't know what darsonval is and how to use it, you'll find the answers here: click
I use Darsonval once a week, unless I feel a growing friend. Then I use darsonval point once a day for about 3 days (i.e. until the enemy disappears).


  1. Avatar pola 13 September 2018 / 10: 58

    I have this kind of oil, but unfortunately my dry face does not tolerate plain oils, because I am clogged up immediately 🙁 but I confirm this liquid is very cool 🙂 now I have ordered sevolum and we will see how this cream works. Generally, there are more and more good and natural ingredients 🙂 Regards

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 13 September 2018 / 11: 27

      I now only use So Bio Oxygen cream and my skin loved it. It is also natural. It's a French company from which I also have BB cream 🙂

  2. Avatar Wika 9 August 2018 / 14: 41

    A very useful entry 🙂 Unfortunately, colloidal silver did not work, but I am tempted by these makeup removers from Sylveco 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 9 August 2018 / 21: 07

      Linden micell was a huge favorite of mine. I switched to Tołpa now because it is more easily available.

      And I still use silver - in the morning and evening, at bedtime. I do not wash my face with water at all, unless I use a scrub.

  3. Avatar Kamila Unek 27 September 2017 / 11: 51

    A solid dose of information. I have this kind of complexion myself and I have been fighting it for years. It is not very easy to drive.

  4. Avatar Patricia 17 March 2017 / 15: 16

    I do not know any of the cosmetics presented. I once thought about buying this thyme gel from Sylveco, how do you rate it?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 17 March 2017 / 17: 01

      I like it very much, although I rarely use it. It did not irritate me and smells beautiful.

  5. Avatar Angelika 10 March 2017 / 07: 37

    I wonder whether to introduce colloidal silver into my face care.

  6. Avatar Klaudia 9 March 2017 / 23: 08

    Face care is one of the most important activities to which we should pay special attention. The plus of my face is that I have never had problems with acne skin, but often it is over-dried. Nevertheless, I also focus on natural products in the composition choosing care cosmetics. My latest discovery is the Origins, Mokosh and Koi brands (the last two PL) -> <3 I love their cosmetics!

    • Avatar [Email protected] 10 March 2017 / 07: 29

      I envy people who have no problems with their complexion and ordinary care (of course, well-fitted to the skin) is enough.

      I heard about Mokosh, but I didn't use their cosmetics.

  7. Avatar Arleta O. 9 March 2017 / 22: 31

    Be sure to let me know how the Resibo serum works, because I am currently waiting for it 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 March 2017 / 19: 49

      Resibo serum is great. I recommend them to everyone who is pawing to buy it.

  8. Avatar Inga Nowicka 9 March 2017 / 09: 56

    care for me is practically non-existent lately, it is due to breakouts, if I put something on the skin other than cream for breakouts or serum, it ends with another wave of enemies 🙁 I envy people who can follow a normal care plan 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 March 2017 / 10: 33

      Maybe try with darsonval? For me, this device works great and I do not have to worry about enemies 🙂 I struggled with acne myself for over 6 years, so I know what leaking means after anything 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 March 2017 / 10: 35

      This serum is brilliant. It is true that I do not use every day, and instead of using Bandi cream, but it really does. As soon as something grows to me, this serum causes it to disappear in one night. And it actually smoothes out any fine wrinkles. My serum is slowly running out, but I will definitely buy another bottle.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 March 2017 / 21: 16

      It's very delicate. Not everyone, however, may like its fragrance.

  9. Avatar Oh upbringing 8 March 2017 / 13: 42

    For me a lot of new, valuable information, thanks 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 15 March 2017 / 19: 47

      I'm very happy about this. I invite you again to our blog 🙂

  10. Avatar Yumi blogs 7 March 2017 / 21: 33

    I hear about colloidal silver for the first time, but it seems to be made for me - I have like you when my face comes into contact with water. Is this a miracle expensive?

  11. Avatar powder compact 7 March 2017 / 19: 25

    Super care, I used to use colloidal silver, I can go back to it and darsonval is cool at the cosmetics workshop I use in class. So home would be useful?

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 March 2017 / 19: 57

      I don't know how many years I use darsonval. This device will not cease to delight me 🙂

      Piotr also uses colloidal silver to wash his face.

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