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Listerine Stay White mouthwash

Today, a bit about oral hygiene. It is proven that people who smell bad of their mouths are seen as messy and sometimes even repulsive. Several times I had the situation that a person seemed to be well-groomed, but when she opened her mouth and began to speak to me, I was so dumbfounded that I was begging my thoughts (not focusing at all on what she was saying) to stop turning at my direction ... To care for good oral hygiene, it's good to reach for a good oral hygiene liquid - Listerine Stay White, which is quite popular when it comes to this type of "cosmetics".

A few words from the producer

  • removes up to 99,9% bacteria in the mouth *, refreshes breath
  • prevents odor and leaves fresh breath up to 24 hours **
  • even with prolonged use, it does not cause discoloration of enamel and dental fillings and does not change the natural balance of the bacterial flora of the oral cavity
* Source: www.listerine.pl


Aqua, Alcohol, Sorbitol, Propyl Alcohol, Poloxamer 407, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Eucelyptol (0,09%), Aroma, Methyl Salicylate (0,06%), Thymol (0,06%), Menthol (0,04%), Sodium Benzoate, Cl 42053% (14.01.2010)


Use 2 times a day after brushing your teeth. Pour 4 teaspoons (full stopper), rinse your teeth and gums thoroughly for 30 seconds, then spit out.

My opinion

You are probably wondering why I gave such a harsh assessment of this product, since it leads the way among mouthwashes? Well, this product is too sharp for me. Even half a nut burns my gums, which is very unpleasant. Even more, pouring the entire cap and rinsing the mouth for 30 seconds ... P. says that you can get used to it, but I think that it is completely impossible ...

That is why I am curious about new products that have recently appeared on the market - Listerine Zero. Apparently it's alcohol free (for more sensitive people like me;)). I think that using this product is much more pleasant, but we will see how P. will finish the abovementioned For now, I use a different mouthwash. What? you will find out soon ... (yes, that's a preview of a new review).

A little inflection with the price, ok - there is a lot of product and it is enough for a long time in everyday use (I think, however, that when using 2 times a day, as suggested by the manufacturer may not be very efficient) but this is a bit overkill ...

Piotr's opinion

The liquid refreshes the mouth very well, sometimes it burns a little when rinsing (a bit ?! I'm begging you, it's eating a mouth!: P) Comfortable bottle with childproof lock. I don't know how with the whitening effect, because I also use a paste with this effect. Perhaps it supports whitening. However, it must be admitted that the promise is fulfilled - it ensures long-lasting freshness.


  1. Avatar Unknown 1 April 2017 / 20: 17

    oh crap and it's great for me that it's so sharp; p when I go to work even 4h I feel freshness in my mouth and I like it 😀

    • Avatar [Email protected] 1 April 2017 / 22: 52

      Unfortunately, this is not healthy - the composition of this product leaves much to be desired. Sylveco mouthwash is great and has a great composition!

  2. Avatar Anonymous 22 January 2017 / 11: 56

    Listerine is superrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. Avatar Anonymous 23 June 2015 / 13: 28

    Hmm ... As for the Listerins, I personally use this - Listerine Tartar ControlHowever, my children frown at him terribly. I also noticed irritation on their gums, which is why I am looking for an interesting alternative for children. Any ideas?

  4. Avatar Dynamo S. 13 May 2014 / 17: 25

    I don't know if it is so strong: P My recourse is around 10 min xd

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 15 May 2014 / 18: 15

      Wow not bad :) I quickly went into storage;)

  5. Avatar Anonymous 21 January 2014 / 19: 56

    For me, Listerine is too strong. 2x a day (morning in the evening) after 2 weeks. Final effect. Visit to the dentist. Irritated gums. Mega pain: ((

  6. Avatar Inka 10 January 2014 / 18: 46

    Too corrosive to me.

  7. Avatar CiuciuIBonbon 20 October 2012 / 18: 12

    I used this liquid, for friends it is also too sharp and dilute it ... and I just love it because it is so strong. Then, when I switched to a slightly more delicate fluid, I missed that power ... greetings

  8. Avatar Dagmara K. 27 September 2012 / 16: 23

    Hi 🙂 Thanks for the link to your blog (hehe askaj.pl) I liked most of the reviews and of course the blog.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 September 2012 / 08: 56

      I am very happy :) I invite you more often;) and I will definitely check my blog! :)

  9. Avatar KasiaS1980 24 September 2012 / 10: 43

    I used to have the classic version and although I love mint, this preparation was far too spicy for me.
    Another issue is the legitimacy of using this preparation. For someone with very 'squeezed' teeth and virtually no interdental spaces, mouthwash is definitely a fairly important element of hygiene, I would also recommend dental floss. Someone with widely spaced teeth and wide spaces (and I belong to such people) is enough to brush teeth thoroughly.
    And as for the unpleasant smell from the mouth, I don't think that a preparation used twice a day could prevent it. If someone maintains at least the minimum of oral cosmetics, they should not have such problems. And if, despite maintaining hygiene, he should see a doctor as soon as possible. The bad smell from the mouth, despite maintaining the basics of hygiene, may be evidence of various diseases, from banal teeth defects, to very serious stomach or even intestinal diseases. This must not be underestimated.
    And after 'fragrant' food, you can support yourself with mint gum, of course without sugar 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 September 2012 / 09: 02

      Unfortunately, I have terribly squeezed teeth, I remember the orthodontist was shocked when she saw it.

      After garlic, even gum does not help, so I try to avoid it when I know I have to go out to people. Because if we stay at home, I have developed such a method - I also give you a garlic dish and I don't feel anything, haha;)

  10. Avatar Rossnett 23 September 2012 / 18: 30

    I heard that it is sharp earlier because I refuse to buy 🙂 I watch and invite you to yourself :)

  11. Avatar balsamowo 23 September 2012 / 16: 30

    I have this liquid, but I really like Listerine rinses for their sharpness, and I think Stay White is too mild compared to other Listerins 🙂 But you know - everyone likes something different 🙂

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 September 2012 / 08: 57

      That's right - it's too spicy for me, normal for P. :) You can see, everyone has a different palate; D

  12. Avatar Winter Tea 23 September 2012 / 14: 51

    I had this liquid, I personally liked it. Maybe it's a bit spicy, but I don't feel much about it 😉 A matter of taste. My 4,5 / 10 rating

    I invite you to me 🙂

    • Avatar KasiaS1980 24 September 2012 / 10: 43

      Hm, do you think you like the liquid and you only gave him 4,5 on 10?

  13. Avatar right 23 September 2012 / 13: 49

    This liquid is often on promotions and you can buy it for PLN 10, I always buy it. As for the repulsive breath, I know exactly what you are talking about. It is not important if someone has straight teeth or any malocclusion - if you can see that if possible, he cares for his teeth, you can see that he is brushing them and has a fresh breath, everything is ok for me. I always have tictacs in my bag because I hate gum 😉
    Regards 😉

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 September 2012 / 13: 58

      I stopped chewing gum since the dentist told me that chewing over 15 minutes is carcinogenic! apparently some component is released then (unfortunately I don't remember which one).

      I see that not only I have this approach. It seemed to me that I maniacally care about it myself (the fact that you can't overcome the smell of onions or garlic by eating an Indian dish) but I still care about it and expect the same from others;)

    • Avatar KasiaS1980 24 September 2012 / 10: 45

      Yes, butter, chicken and air are also carcinogenic. If you would like to eliminate all the unhealthy elements of life, then you would have to live in sterile conditions, I just don't know where you would get food and water from 😉
      I know that chewing gum above 15 minutes can cause malocclusions and also lead to persistent migraines. But when you have to get some garlic or fish, I think mint gum is the perfect solution wyjście

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 28 September 2012 / 08: 59

      All in all you are right ... we can never really eliminate harmful substances in 100% ... it's a shame :(

  14. Avatar zoila 23 September 2012 / 13: 46

    I like Listerine fluids, although sometimes my eyes get out of orbit :). After all, I prefer a softer Colgate - there is also a whitening version.

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 23 September 2012 / 13: 59

      I remember the first time I used this liquid, it was in my mouth maybe just over 2 seconds when I spat it out with a big "oh"; D horror: P I'm curious about this "Zero" because :)

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