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Six months after diagnosing hypothyroidism

Exactly half a year ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Actually, it was accidental, because if it wasn't for my gynecologist who referred me to the examination - I would still know nothing.
After doing a TSH blood test and basic morphology, it turned out that something was wrong. TSH was heavily elevated. After receiving the results, I registered with a GP who immediately referred me to an endocrinologist.
Unfortunately dates to the endocrinologist at the NFZ were so distantthat I decided to pay a visit to a recommended doctor. At the visit to the endocrinologist, I told about my general well-being, hair loss and other symptoms that I did not even associate with the disease.
Before the visit, I paid FT3 and FT4 morphology, because a nice lady in registration told me that it is better to do it now than to come to the visit and only then receive a referral. I am very grateful to her because I would pay PLN 150. for nothing, and so I went to the first visit with the whole set of tests (TSH + FT3 + FT4 + thyroid ultrasound) and treatment could be started.
After analyzing the tests, the doctor prescribed euthyrox 25 - one of the most famous thyroid medicines. I had to dose it for a week for half a tablet, and after a week to start swallowing one. Another visit in 3 months with current blood tests that the doctor gave me.


I am very grateful to my gynecologist for referring me to the tests. Thanks to it, I finally know what's wrong with me and what, among others was to blame for my malaise. I am currently taking 1,5 euthyrox tablets during the week and 1 tablets on weekends.
I feel better - my hair in combination with proper care they don't fall out so much anymore. Unfortunately, I forget about taking euthyrox (you have to take 30 minutes before eating, for example) and I have to watch it because I feel a difference in mood when I don't take euthyrox - I'm terribly drowsy then.
Today a lot of people have thyroid problems, so if you notice any symptom in your home that indicates its malfunction - it's worth doing a blood test and then see a doctor for professional help.


  1. Avatar Edyta Guhl 27 October 2015 / 00: 04

    Hello, unfortunately I have the same, I take German L-thyroxin 50 tablets, it's probably the same. And so it will remain for life. remember to take pills regularly. Some things have settled in - I always clapped my teeth from the cold - for others it is too late ... Regards 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 October 2015 / 08: 39

      It's probably the same as for Eutyrox. How much do you heal from? Do you also have underactive or overactive? Unfortunately, my hair started falling out again ... and it was already so beautiful.

  2. Avatar greenfrog 6 October 2015 / 19: 53

    I also have hypothyroidism, actually a thyroid problem was detected by 4 years ago. But my doctor (and the general one) immediately told me to do the tests you did + the antibodies ... And it turned out that the antibodies are elevated = I have chronic thyroiditis called Hashimoto ... knock, but for now I feel ok 🙂 I take for a change of Euthyrox 50 and 75.
    Generally, it seems to me that if one day you don't take a pill, you shouldn't feel the difference - hormones regulate very slowly.
    I even had 2 episodes of hyperthyroidism, one at the very beginning, the other at the beginning of this year - I was taking a dose of 50, and suddenly I started having terrible palpitations ... it turned out that I fell into hyperthyroidism 😛 but now my results are reasonably normal.
    Cheers! 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 October 2015 / 20: 08

      I see that a lot of people have thyroid problems these days. I wish you health too! :)

    • Avatar greenfrog 8 October 2015 / 17: 45

      Even very much! I myself did not know that in my surroundings so many of my friends have a thyroid disease ... Chernobyl comes out ...

      thank you! 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 8 October 2015 / 19: 00

      In Pomerania it is a particularly common disease. My Doctor said that in recent 3 years more and more people have a problem with it.

  3. Avatar Absur dna 5 October 2015 / 19: 20

    Once I was examined and luckily everything was ok. But my grandmother is underactive, she is slim and cannot gain weight. Hold on tight 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 5 October 2015 / 19: 44

      Thank you for the kind words. Cheers, I wish your grandmother 🙂

  4. Avatar Diamentica 4 October 2015 / 11: 40

    also once I had problems with the thyroid gland (my whole childhood), thankfully everything is fine 😉 3, it will be alright 😉

  5. Avatar Kaprysek 3 October 2015 / 19: 14

    I have hypothyroidism, and more specifically Hashimoto, I have been sick for 5 for years and unfortunately it is still not good; /

  6. Avatar Natural methods 3 October 2015 / 09: 13

    Thyroid problems can not be underestimated, better to intervene earlier;)

  7. Avatar crazy 3 October 2015 / 09: 00

    I am just waiting for the TSH result, just like you got a referral from a gynecologist .. I hope, however, that everything will end well; <

  8. Avatar Sailing 2 October 2015 / 22: 07

    I also need to examine the thyroid gland because I have a lot of signs of hypothyroidism. <

  9. Avatar Basia Smoter 2 October 2015 / 20: 06

    The connections between various doctors and diseases are huge. For example, thanks to a visit to a dermatologist and a skin change on my face, I discovered that I had two foci before cancer in the cervix ...

  10. Avatar Jasminum 2 October 2015 / 17: 12

    A month ago I had an appointment with an endocrinologist, but all luck (uff) everything turned out fine 🙂 I have a small lump on one of the lobes, but hormones are normal 🙂

  11. Avatar Beauty Land 2 October 2015 / 16: 13

    I gave up euthyrox. I wonder how my results are. Unfortunately, this drug also caused side effects for me.

    • Avatar Beauty Land 3 October 2015 / 09: 04

      initially I gained weight after them, later I was so addicted to these pills that if I forgot about them, I was able to even faint.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 October 2015 / 09: 15

      Terrible, but there is something to it, because if I don't take euthyrox I feel terribly weak. Unfortunately, these pills help me so I won't stop taking them.

    • Avatar Beauty Land 6 October 2015 / 19: 41

      if you have poor results, only pills save, but this is not a treatment, only masking the symptoms

    • Avatar [Email protected] 6 October 2015 / 19: 48

      Unfortunately, doctors do not propose other methods so far 🙁

    • Avatar Beauty Land 7 October 2015 / 07: 58

      Unfortunately, it's true, but there are alternative methods and you can be treated with naturapathy

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