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After Venita Henna Color, the time has come for ...

As you know, I don't often reach for hair coloring products, but from time to time I like to darken my color with balms with the addition of henna. Today I have for you a review of a coloring product that actually gives a "better shade" to your hair.

Available shades: 01 golden chestnut, 02 hazelnut, 03 ruby, 04 burgundy, 05 mahogany brown, 06 spicy brown, 07 chocolate brown, 08 black

My opinion about Venita Henna Color

So far, my favorite among hair dye products (mild color) was Venita Henna Color. At some point, however, I started to get annoyed by the dirtying of the towels and such a rapid washing of color. One beautiful day I took a chance and tried Delia's product. And I admit that I am pleasantly surprised.
The package contains a tube of lotion and a pair of plastic gloves (very wide, which are not very comfortable ...), which theoretically were supposed to facilitate coloring, and as a result, unfortunately, are not very helpful. The second downside is the tube that you can't squeeze yourself. I always ask for help from P., because I can't imagine that you can squeeze the entire content of the product yourself with these slippery and big gloves on your hands.
As for the coloring, or rather the final effect - the product lasts longer than Venita Henna Color (with daily washing about 1,5 week). And most importantly - it does not rinse so quickly and does not dirty towels and everything around. Hair after coloring is smooth and soft. However, the most important effect in my opinion is that they seem much thicker than they really are.
I tried the "dark brown" color. It wasn't much different from my natural color, but it gave it the depth I wanted to get. I admit that in the near future I want to try Marion's color shampoos, but Delia is my favorite by then.
Do you have any experience (good or bad) with this product? I look forward to your comments;)


  1. Avatar Anonymous 18 November 2012 / 22: 04

    I do not recommend Marion, at least bronze. I used to get a beautiful chocolate brown, it held on nicely and did not dirty everything around, but recently something has changed and the duuuupa not coloring. Color caught nothing. Nothing!

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 4 December 2012 / 18: 12

      I plan to experiment with henna, because I haven't found anything that would give me the results I expected.

  2. Avatar recenzjo-mania 19 June 2012 / 07: 31

    I had this lotion from Venity - failure - 2 months my hair fell out after coloring with this lotion although a dermatologist claimed that it was impossible

  3. Avatar Lola 18 June 2012 / 20: 47

    I have not tried this product yet, but I will try it on holiday, in fact venita rinses very quickly and my hair is shiny, too much, which I do not like very much because it is difficult to style: / I hope it will not be like this 😀

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