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Sea buckthorn and peeling lipstick Sylveco - which is better?

I liked the Sylveco brand last year. I currently use several products, including wheat oat shampoo or oral hygiene liquid. In addition, I found two favorites among Sylveco cosmetics - sea buckthorn and peeling lipstick.
Sylveco peeling lipstick

Sea-buckthorn lipstick

Suitable for lipsticks, which are usually quite dry. It moisturizes very well and also smells beautiful with cinnamon. Plus, the natural composition includes Soybean oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Sea buckthorn oil, Karite butter (Shea), Jojoba oil, Evening primrose oil, Cocoa butter, Betulin, Carnauba wax, Cinnamon oil.
I use lipstick not only for the day but also at night, thanks to which I wake up in the morning with soft and moisturized lips. I used it in summer, autumn and even in the coldest weather. She did a great job in every situation. In addition, the lipstick soothes irritations very well. So if you have a problem with cracked, dry lips - reach for this protective lipstick.

Peeling lipstick

I met peeling lipstick much later than sea buckthorn. The lipstick contains particles (brown sugar) that perfectly smooth lips. The composition includes Soybean oil, Beeswax, Cane sugar, Lanolin, Evening primrose oil, Carnauba wax, Cocoa butter, Karite butter (Shea), Betulin, Bitter almond oil.
The lipstick has a very pleasant aroma, mainly evening primrose oil, which has strongly regenerating properties. Lipstick due to the content of beeswax in the composition not suitable for vegans.

How to use peeling lipstick?

I use this lipstick 2x a week, mainly at night. I apply a layer on my lips and then lightly peel my lips with my finger. I gently remove sugar particles from my lips, allowing beneficial oils to absorb into my mouth and nourish them.
Currently, I only use these two lip care products. I always have sea buckthorn lipstick in my purse, which I use not only at home, but also outside.


  1. Avatar just basicgirl 8 March 2016 / 13: 51

    I was interested in this peeling lipstick. I often have chapped lips, and this invention seems to be a good cure for this condition. How will I be in Poland I will definitely ask in the drugstore.

  2. Avatar Kamila Konarska 7 March 2016 / 22: 30

    Yesterday I ordered this peeling lipstick and I can not wait to see me :)

  3. Avatar E Eś 7 March 2016 / 19: 39

    I have the yellow version and I'm happy đ

  4. Avatar Visie Naa 7 March 2016 / 18: 41

    Where can you get it?
    Most lipsticks don't help me
    The usual vaseline from ladybirds for 5z was beneficial.
    He does not part with her, he moisturizes my mouth very well - with them I have a terrible problem, because whenever the opportunity arises, it dries and bursts. Even after the night he can wake up with such.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 7 March 2016 / 19: 47

      Hi! I have the same problem. I use Nuxe for the night and my wife with Wit. And 2 x a week (this helps me the most).

      On the Sylveco website you will find a list of stores đ

    • Avatar Visie Naa 10 March 2016 / 16: 51

      I have to try this vitamin A. Thank you! ¹

  5. Avatar Malinka M. 7 March 2016 / 18: 38

    I know and I like both these lipsticks, but the first place is peeling eling

  6. Avatar Natalia O 7 March 2016 / 18: 31

    Sylveco peeling lipstick is my recent discovery and favorite đ

  7. Avatar dreamer 7 March 2016 / 16: 44

    I love the peeling lipstick đ above all

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