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Wedding guide: transport

You can go to the wedding with everyone - an antique car, motorbike or even a carriage. However, you have to remember to do it quickly enough. Our choice is for a vintage car - a black Mercedes from 1967.

This car was not our intention from the beginning, but we do not regret changing our decision at all. Driving this car was one of the moments that we remember with a big smile.

car of the bride and groom

Of course, not the car itself, but the driver (car owner) was also great. Thanks to him, we forgot about all the stress that accompanied us during the ceremony! In the same company as we rented the car, we also ordered a bus that transported guests from outside the church to the wedding hall. However, it is worth providing guests with this comfort so that they do not get nervous about getting to wedding hall.

We had a lot of questions about this - how do I get from church to? wedding hall (after all, not everyone was from Gdańsk). To my surprise, despite many questions and assurances that there will be transport, it turned out that most people came to the church by car anyway. It is worth finding a company that offers these two services - transport of bride and groom and wedding guests, thanks to which the cost is usually lower than in the case of two separate companies.

Of course, you can also go to the wedding with your car or a friend / family member, etc. You have to remember about its decoration. You can leave it to the witnesses or decorate the car yourself. On auction sites, it's easy to find decorations for your car, or you can decorate it with fresh flowers from florists. Often, florists also offer car decoration, I remember that when ordering a bouquet, the gentleman from the florist asked if we were interested in car decoration.

It will come out much cheaper than when renting a car. Only if the wedding is once in a lifetime, is it not worth getting at least once in the dream Mercedes of 1967 year? 😉


  1. Avatar Natalia 29 July 2019 / 14: 08

    Hello, I personally totally agree with your entry!

  2. Avatar Anonymous 22 June 2017 / 10: 37

    As for the car, it is worth watching it live, because e.g. among vintage cars there are unique gems that are even loud in the media (e.g. Cadillac from the 1920s) and most people have no idea what the car looks like live because, for example, these cars are gone, and those monuments, which are usually small and medium-sized cars.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 22 June 2017 / 10: 47

      We didn't see ours live. All in all, we trusted the intuition and photos on the fanpage of the company we used. However, we chose the car brand that we know and like.

  3. Avatar Maja Mix 5 July 2016 / 17: 14

    For me, the driver dressed the car as a gift because he was our witness 🙂

  4. Avatar Angelika Ś. 4 July 2016 / 18: 52

    I left the choice of the car for the wedding to the Groom;) and I am not worried about transport for guests, because everyone is up close;)

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