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The best power bank Proda 5000 mAh

Power bank Proda 5000 mAh
Power bank Proda 5000 mAh

Power bank is a gadget that every Blogger should have in his pocket. If you use your smartphones to take photos on Facebook or Instagram or vlog in, then this gadget will prove useful to you more than once. The product we tested has the dimensions 9.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 2 cm, so you can take it with you without much problem. The product weighs about 110 - 120 g, is slightly lighter than the Sony Xpieria Z1 Compact smartphone, whose weight is 137 g. The tested power bank has, as provided by the manufacturer, a high scratch resistance housing.

The Proda power bank has a 5000 mAh battery that allows you to charge your smartphone 1,5. One charge of the phone with the help of the power bank from the state from 0% to 100% and another to about the level of 35 / 40%. In addition, the portable energy bank has been designed in such a way that it is compatible with most of the available devices on the market. We connect the power bank with the included USB / micro USB cable to most smartphones, tablets and navigation.
It is convenient to use the included cable for two operations. Both for charging our power bank and charging a mobile device that has a micro USB input. We charge the power bank with the charger attached to our smartphone, tablet etc. A huge downside is that the described device does not have a built-in LCD display that would inform about the level of charging, similarly to the selfie lamp we review. The Proda power bank has two LEDs - blue and red to indicate the charging process. Important information for users of this device is that the power bank has overvoltage and short-circuit protection.
The Proda brand has not forgotten about adding something extra to the product. An LED flashlight has been placed in the reviewed power bank. I think that this two-in-one gadget will work out more than once when we need an additional energy source for our devices that consume significant amounts of energy.
The device described can be found on the website eklik.pl at a great price and in three colors: white, black and pink. For more demanding users, there will also be devices with a larger capacity, including 10 000 mAh.


  1. Avatar Elwira Tymczyszyn 19 December 2016 / 09: 09

    My sister-in-law does not part with this gadget, although the blogger is not

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 December 2016 / 18: 15

      Definitely, while traveling, this gadget will be great, but it's better to stock up on a power bank with a minimum capacity of 10 000 mAh.

  2. Avatar Professionally groomed 19 December 2016 / 09: 02

    Today, without a power bank, I can't imagine my life anymore 🙂 It's a really useful gadget that saves many times!
    However, it's worth the form for reviewed products in terms of capacity and charging.

  3. Avatar Kamil 19 December 2016 / 08: 55

    Definitely useful. I'd like to test 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 December 2016 / 18: 12

      A portable energy bank is a very useful gadget, especially if during the day you often reach into your pocket for your smartphone;)

  4. Avatar MIRAGE 18 December 2016 / 20: 15

    I have to give my husband a power bank.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 December 2016 / 18: 00

      A perfect Christmas gift, but I recommend choosing a power bank with a larger capacity of min. 10 000 mAh.

  5. Avatar prostoofinansach 18 December 2016 / 19: 02

    I have been using it for a long time. It seems indispensable today, when you use a lot of phone, or just on a long trip.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 December 2016 / 18: 16

      Time to catch up and stock up on such a gadget. We definitely recommend! :)

  6. Avatar Beauty B. 18 December 2016 / 17: 04

    I am thinking of buying a power bank 😉

  7. Avatar Grzegorz Deuter 18 December 2016 / 16: 47

    Ah, these gadgets, someday people will not go home, if they unload their equipment, they will handle it 😉

    • Avatar [Email protected] 20 December 2016 / 18: 19

      There is a bit of truth in it, today even a taxi driver without navigation cannot get to the given address. Gadgets have the peculiarity of being us, but without them as if without a hand 😉

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