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Work at home - for and against

Work at home - for and against

Sure, it seems to you that working from home is a dream come true. You have more time for side things, you have a break whenever you want, and you can get up at any time you want.

This is not necessarily the case. For me it looks a little different because I work with a company where I have fixed working hours and I'm not billed on the basis of 'how much you do, you work as much'.
It doesn't change the fact that I can spend some time writing blog posts, which I couldn't do when working in an office.

The worst is the beginnings

The first days will seem great to you - you are at home, you do not have to do makeup every day than you have to get up in the morning and dress smartly for work. This is a mistake, because at home it is also worth looking good (even for your satisfaction). When you wear an extended tracksuit in the morning, you take the motivation to do anything.
Adapting to the new situation is the worst part. If you have always worked in an office and now you have to work at home - it can be hard. Initially, you may lack contact with other people, some kind of stability (you must appear at a specific time in the workplace).

You must remember that when working at home, you use your equipment, as well as all the aids (colored cards and pens) you buy yourself at your discretion. If something is missing - you can only blame yourself.

It is worth developing your action plan. I know that I'm starting work at 9, so to dress, wash, have breakfast and change my word with Piotr in the morning I have to get up at 8: 00. It's the best time for me to get up, because I feel sleepy at the time (although there are such days that I don't ...) and ready to act.
If you have several orders - develop a work schedule. "To do lists" that will help you plan your entire day. It is worth leaving a moment to eat something or just relax (I recommend several yoga sequences or a few minutes of meditation).

A place to work

Regardless of whether you work at a desk or your workplace is a sofa (in the long run I do not recommend, because even the most comfortable sofa with time becomes uncomfortable to work) must first of all be comfortable and allow you to work in peace. I do not recommend having a TV or other distractor nearby.
It is good to have, for example, a motivational slogan in your frame that will be able to mobilize you to continue working at one glance.
Above the desk you can also hang a cork board on which you can hang inspirations and aids (in accordance with the work performed). It can be a collage of trends from the current season, or they can be quotes that you can use in your master's thesis.

Below are the inspirations to arrange a place to work or study. I particularly like the colorful notebooks and magnets, the magnetic calendar, as well as the white quilted armchair. It's perfect!

You always have to have the necessary tools for your work on your desk - I have a notebook, pen, colored markers, as well as a glass of water (remember to drink the right amount of water!)


I really enjoy listening to music of all kinds when I work. Certainly it cannot be relaxing music because it can make me want to sleep only (and I was supposed to work!). I usually put on fast music or music that stimulates my gray cells to think.
However, it can't be too loud, because then I focus on the lyrics and not what I do.


  1. Avatar Hanna Kowalik 4 May 2017 / 15: 33

    I am generally in favor because I have been working at home for the second year, but there are many factors that distract me and disturb me at work at home, maybe because I do not have a separate room for the office.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 4 May 2017 / 16: 08

      This is definitely a big problem. It is worth having at least a piece of space to work. All you need is a desk, chair and a few accessories and you will feel much better 🙂

  2. Avatar lov healthy life 31 December 2016 / 04: 59

    Recently, I am facing a decision related to starting my own business and working from home. I agree very apropo home look, it is very risky, it is always worth taking care of yourself and looking good. Our appearance translates into our well-being and later on the quality of work performed.

  3. Avatar czasnaziemi.pl 30 December 2016 / 12: 43

    Work from home has many pros and cons. However, if someone is able to organize well, you will appreciate the fact that working from home will not have a grumpy boss on himself :-) This is freedom!

  4. Avatar Maciej Wojtas 30 December 2016 / 08: 53

    On the other hand - working at home can be so engaging (and lazy) that the thought of returning to a full-time job can be really painful 🙂 [I can't imagine going back to the treadmill now ... I mean full-time :)))

  5. Avatar Martella 2 June 2016 / 09: 17

    A great article! You can gain a lot from working at home, but such work is not for everyone. Many people confuse work at home with "nothing-doing". You need to be very motivated, organized and be able to set a goal (and be able to strive for it). Don't move without it. I recommend an article on goal setting: http://www.martella.com.pl/jak-wyznaczac-cele-i-osiagac-sukces/

    • Avatar [Email protected] 3 June 2016 / 14: 14

      Holy truth. When I say that I work at home, everyone is jealous. The fact that I don't have to get up in the morning, I don't have to dress up, paint, or rush on the bus. Ok, but I also work, and many people forget about it. My work day does not end at 16: 00, but sometimes much later 🙂

  6. Avatar Ewa Bednarczyk 9 May 2016 / 07: 50

    I run my business ... so I've been at home for 8 years. What you wrote is the truth, even though I'm at home, I'm trying to demarcate that she also works. Planning is the key. An additional mega advantage is that I can look after boys without nannies.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 May 2016 / 08: 16

      It's great that you wrote. Tell me - did you have any problems at home in the beginning? Did it come easily to you immediately? And one more question - because you work at home sometimes you feel such "home" laziness? 🙂

  7. Avatar Paweł is training 9 May 2016 / 07: 15

    I was thinking about what I want because a full-time job rejects me, so work at home? I would probably like to earn some extra money, e.g. writing an ebook, but now I have jobs where I work every other day and I like this option (despite the fact that after 10h a day, but I have this great next day where I can realize myself)

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 May 2016 / 07: 49

      Such work is a very good option 🙂 I dare even say that it is even better than work at home. You have to do something everyday working at home. Working just like you now - you can devote your day off to any duties. Cool!

  8. Avatar Ania Abakercja 9 May 2016 / 07: 15

    work from home has its pros and cons. for me, the perfect model is 3-4 days at the office and 1-2 days at home. but if I had to choose either one or the other, at the moment I think I prefer to work in the office.

  9. Avatar corporedhead 9 May 2016 / 07: 06

    A friend of mine, working at home every day at 8H, changed his suit. Apparently pointless, because after all his journey to work ended in the living room, but after a deeper reflection - when working at home, it is very important to set limits (both in terms of time and designation of a place specially for work). For this reason, it seems to be quite a smart procedure 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 9 May 2016 / 07: 51

      Interesting idea 🙂 I value 100% convenience. Nevertheless, I am not in a tracksuit (neither being at 'work' nor outside) 😀

  10. Avatar Magdalena N. 29 January 2016 / 15: 37

    I dared to open my own business and now I work at home. However, I usually work 7 days a week and I never know what time it will end on a given day. But overall I don't regret the decision 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 29 January 2016 / 15: 49

      Congratulations! This is a very bold decision. I know something about working 7 days a week; P but if you like what you do, it doesn't bother you so much 🙂

  11. Avatar Paulina Ilczuk 29 January 2016 / 12: 59

    I also work at home. I love it and I don't like it at the same time.
    Although of the two wrongs this option seems to me more favorable 🙂

  12. Avatar Beauty Blog 28 January 2016 / 20: 43

    on the one hand, I would like to work at home, but on the other hand, it seems to me that I would "go wild", because I really value continuous interaction with other people :))

    • Avatar [Email protected] 29 January 2016 / 10: 17

      It depends if anyone likes to work alone or in a group. I find myself in both cases, although with a predominance of working at home. Unfortunately, in some places (especially in one of the last jobs) there were a lot of rumors and understatements. I prefer it when everything is clear and clear and people do the work, not gossiping. But it depends on two factors: pay and people's approach to their duties.

  13. Avatar sfavillare 28 January 2016 / 20: 19

    very interesting article, which (I hope) will be useful to me soon am I agree, above all, that although you are at home, it is worth dressing well, "embracing", just for this better feeling 🙂

  14. Avatar Kosmetyki_W_Moim_Świecie 28 January 2016 / 19: 14

    This is how it works that there are pros and cons 🙂 For me during menstruation it would be good to work at home 😉 But I would also like to dress nicely and leave the house. Pros and cons 🙂
    I invite you to the new post Ava enzyme mask 🙂 And to the competition

    • Avatar [Email protected] 29 January 2016 / 10: 19

      Everything in life has its pros and cons 🙂 At the moment, I see more pros than cons.

  15. Avatar Beauty Land 28 January 2016 / 15: 46

    Work at home is my dream. I used to work with a drive to the customer and it was a nightmare, but saving on the premises because I worked on my own, it is also very convenient, because you do not have to settle hours before anyone and work as much as you want.

    • Avatar [Email protected] 29 January 2016 / 10: 21

      It is a bit different for me, because I work at certain hours plus extra work hours. Also, my working time looks different. Sometimes I work from 9-17, sometimes I work from 9-23. It can be different, but I know that I do it for a specific purpose and it motivates me.

  16. Avatar Gaja 27 January 2016 / 20: 38

    I dream of working at home, regardless of all the disadvantages associated with it 🙂 But I go to the office every day, because I can earn more there, what different our choices look, different are conditional, cash is also important. Maybe someday I'll be more creative and I won't have to go to the office, and thus wake up for 5: 30: - /

    • Avatar [Email protected] 27 January 2016 / 21: 45

      If someone told me a year ago that I would be working at home this time, I would start knocking on the head. I could not imagine such an option, but now I do not regret my decision.

      Maybe you will come the day when you find that you need to change something in life. You really need a lot of courage and that's what I wish you: *

  17. Avatar KasiaS1980 27 January 2016 / 15: 56

    Both work at home and in the office has its pros and cons. Sometimes I would like to work at home, but going out to the people every morning can also be positive.

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