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Last minute gifts for women

Have you already had a Christmas fever? We are preparing for Christmas in full swing. It is true that I will be doing all dishes only on Friday and Saturday, but every now and then I add something to the shopping list. I figured out that in addition to pumpkin seed pate and oyster mushrooms in oil a la herring I will make a kinder country vegan cake. I am very curious how it tastes (because it looks delicious!).
If you do not have all the gifts yet or you may have forgotten that there is a woman in your family who will come on Christmas Eve and you also need to buy a gift for her, I drop a list of last minute gifts for women.
list of last minute gifts for ladies

Apparently, it is said that Christmas is not only gifts, and their origin is different, but I do not know how you - I really like giving gifts to loved ones. It is true that this year we can not afford it because of the move (deposit + fees, buying furniture, you know how it is). If your situation is different, I recommend using the list above. Each of the ladies will definitely be pleased with one of these gifts. I don't want to suggest anything, but the handbag and gold earrings also seduced me ...
And on Thursday, next recipes for vegan Christmas Eve, including my favorite pumpkin seed pate to which you can add cranberry, dried mushrooms or other Christmas additions, e.g. dried plum. It is delicious in itself and with additions it will definitely be even tastier.


  1. Avatar Joanna 18 February 2018 / 20: 05

    Interesting, I have to review it. I use several programs myself and unfortunately the money is very sporadic.

  2. Avatar Our Bubble 23 December 2016 / 21: 34

    A mug at these temperatures is most useful - although jewelry is also eye-catching 🙂 I would add books to the list - because there are never too many in my life 🙂

  3. Avatar Anonymous 23 December 2016 / 20: 53

    Perfumes are always a good choice. Provided that we know which recipient he uses.

  4. Avatar changed rhythm 23 December 2016 / 17: 51

    Mug is a great gift idea, I bought it for loved ones this year. 🙂

  5. Avatar Izabela Miszczyk 23 December 2016 / 16: 03

    Cool, practical gifts. I prefer to buy perfumes and handbags myself, but the rest are great 😉

  6. Avatar KATARINA 22 December 2016 / 12: 01

    Great purse, indeed the whole set is universal 🙂

    • Avatar [Email protected] 22 December 2016 / 12: 12

      I tried to choose products that would work as a gift for ladies of all ages

  7. Avatar Dorota Wiszniewska 22 December 2016 / 10: 30

    This year I bought everyone with books and hello 😉 Happy holidays!

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