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Overview of the Self-Portrait Resort 2020 collection

Another well-known brand delighted with the transitional collection of Resort. Today in the article a review of the best styling Self-Portrait Resort 2020. In the case of Self-Portrait, we can enjoy not only wonderful projects, but also unusual photos (and typefaces also) in the atmosphere of the 90 years. As a reminder, the resort collection is a collection that is designed to fill the gap in periods of so-called ,, transition ". I am referring to September and the autumn / winter collection and February and the spring / summer collection. Currently, Resort collections don't have much in common with their original design. Earlier, these collections were produced for a rich clientele who could buy summer clothing for holidays in warm countries in the winter. The resort collection was characterized by bright colors, as well as a wide selection of beach accessories, among others swimsuits or hats.

Today I have the impression that this is a bit of a collection on the so-called early spring, which we can easily use in spring and early summer. The following Self-Portrait collection also has a lot of suggestions that I would like to use right now (for example, black dresses and sets). These stylizations are perfect as Christmas and Christmas stylizations.

In the Self-Portrait Resort 2020 collection I found not only stunning dresses (the one from the first photo is my absolute favorite), but also light lace. If you are interested in the entire collection, take a look at Vogue website.

Wondering what will be fashionable in the spring of 2020? I hope this article will help you and inspire you to combine styling. see also Chanel's from the Resort 2020 collection.

Source: vogue.com

This sweater is beautiful! I think it would also be great for Christmas Eve dinner.

Source: vogue.com

Light lace, retro cuts are something that in the Self-Portrait Resort 2020 collection is really a lot.

Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com

This set stole my heart. It is not only very minimalistic, but also elegant. It is an ideal proposition for evening, Christmas Eve meetings at work or celebration of the New Year in the luxury version.

Source: vogue.com

I have a great fondness for pleated skirts and dresses because my grandmother sewed me when I was a child. I always feel in pleats as if I was traveling into the past.

Source: vogue.com
Source: vogue.com
Christmas styling Self-Portrait Resort 2020
Source: vogue.com


  1. Avatar Alice 20 November 2019 / 15: 32

    Brilliant stylizations and photos, beautiful collection.

  2. Avatar Izabella 19 November 2019 / 11: 13

    My vibes. Do I feel inspired?

  3. Avatar Anna K. 19 November 2019 / 07: 13

    Great clothes and the atmosphere!

  4. Avatar Alina 18 November 2019 / 23: 51

    great photos! I love this site and this atmosphere!

  5. Avatar Karolina 17 November 2019 / 18: 07

    What beautiful dresses!

  6. Avatar Space 16 November 2019 / 20: 16

    A beautiful session and very atmospheric.

  7. Avatar Beata 15 November 2019 / 20: 15

    I like such looks most. The less disguise the better.

  8. Avatar Daria 15 November 2019 / 14: 18

    A very versatile collection on most occasions. I also like the colors that create a little flashy, conservative effect.

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