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Review of New Year's last minute creations

Where do you spend New Year's Eve this year? For several years, we have been practicing the New Year celebration together with a glass of Moët champagne (this year the Moët Impérial version, which is softer than Nectar Impérial, which makes me taste better). For this I will make delicious, vegan food and we will probably watch a movie on Netflix. I hope that this year I will survive until midnight, because it was hard last year. At 23 I had a crisis and I even thought about going to sleep. Fortunately, I passed and I was able to welcome the New Year. I wonder how it will be this time.

How to welcome the New Year in a Parisian style?

I am not a supporter of buying clothes at one time, but I think you have to say goodbye to the old year and say hello to the new one in elegant clothes (sequins are okay, but not all over the dress, it's not for me). Last year, my New Year's creation was a skirt with sequins and black styling top with pink cigarillos.

Below I have for you a review of last minute New Year's creations in premium quality. These dresses are so Parisian! Of course, each of them will be useful not only for New Year's Eve, but also for other occasions (I like to buy the most, I always choose dresses that I can wear whenever and wherever I want). Guess which dress stole my heart? Yes, a polka dot dress from Madelle. I ordered a very similar one from Mango, if it turns out to be not good quality, then I guess I will be tempted by the one from Madelle. I have a dark blue polka dot scarf from them and I must admit that it is really great quality. In spring and early autumn (and also on cooler summer days, because there were several) I did not part with her.

Madelle Varsovie polka dot dress
Source: Madelle
two models, one wearing a black mini dress, the other in a sweater and a polka-dot skirt
Source: Madelle
patterned, red mini dress with long sleeves Madelle Varsovie
Source: Madelle
navy dress with open back
Source: Massimo Dutti
pink dress over the knee with a decorative collar
Source: Massimo Dutti
black pleated mini dress with black boots with fringes
Source: Massimo Dutti
Silk dress in a graphite color with a frill
Source: Laura Guidi
black silk dress Laura Guidi
Source: Laura Guidi
polka dot dress
Source: Marie Zelie
burgundy dress Marie Zelie with medium length sleeves
Source: Marie Zelie
navy dress behind the knee with a tie at the waist
Source: Marie Zelie


  1. Avatar Kaja 3 January 2019 / 13: 52

    The red dress has an interesting cut. I'm curious how I would look in such a dress, I have to try it on if I find it somewhere in the store.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 5 January 2019 / 10: 57

      Yes! This dress is very interesting 🙂

  2. Avatar Klara 31 December 2018 / 11: 16

    I will wear a polka dot dress today. How to start the new year is in style and chic. I don't like sequins either!

  3. Avatar Kornelkovelove 30 December 2018 / 12: 26

    The navy blue dress has a beautifully cut back ... I like to see its front.

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 30 December 2018 / 12: 28

      From what I remember - the front is very simple. Take a look at their site.

  4. Avatar Marta 29 December 2018 / 11: 49

    Very cool, elegant stylizations 🙂

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 29 December 2018 / 12: 47

      I like these the most, because they are not creations at once 🙂

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