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Got2b Hair Powder - for men and women

In one of the notes I asked you which hair powder to buy - from the professional line, or the one that is available in the drugstore. I read that both powders have the same composition, which is why I decided on a cheaper drugstore version;) On the same day I persuaded P. to buy a variant for men. This is how two hair powders found in our home - purple for women and green for men.

As I mentioned, the women's and men's versions differ in color and properties - we will read on the purple packaging "volumizing STYLING POWDER"(4: instant volume: root boost, texture, hold) and green "mattifying TEXTURE POWDER" (texture style, matt, hold), where hold is at 4 level. Capacity 10 g As for the structure of the products, they are the same - they resemble a light, white powder, which actually dissolves on the hand, reminiscent of a powdered silicone base in touch;). After contact with hair, it loses its color, becoming colorless.

Piotr's opinion about the Schwarzkopf Got2b green hair powder

At first I was skeptical about this product, but it turned out to be very good. The downside is that for a full fixation of the hairstyle you need varnish. Powdered hair is dull, just as the producer promisest. Does not stick hair and style it well, hair feels natural to the touch.

However, everyday use is not an option, as the product is not efficient. It seems to me that it will work better on slightly longer hair, it can't cope with completely short hair. Will I buy again? I think that I will be tempted by this product again, but first I have to grow my hair a little longer.

My opinion about the version of the purple Schwarzkopf Got2b hair powder

I was also skeptical about this product. However, in my case, the opinion will be slightly different from the opinion of P. After how much the producers spent on advertising this cosmetic I expected a spectacular effect. I didn't get one, however. Many of the people who used this product praise it a lot, but as I noticed, they were the same people with straight hair.
And here is the minus - the product is not completely suitable for curly hairthat I have. Yes, it lifts them up nicely (even such capricious hairs like mine), but with curly hair it tends to flatten it rather than improve the curl. The effect on the head - scattered like curls.
I think that if I straighten my hair someday, then the product will work great - now I evaluate it at 4 - because the producers when releasing this cosmetic on the market did not think about people who have curly hair. Like P. I say that the product is not efficient. And here's another minus. Will I buy again? I think that I leave great delight for this product for people with straight hair.


  1. Avatar Anonymous 14 September 2018 / 06: 24

    Interesting product, but is it still available in drugstores?

    • dpblogpl dpblogpl 14 September 2018 / 09: 49

      Rossmann online shows that got2b, Powder'ful, volumizing hair powder is still available 🙂

  2. Avatar Anonymous 31 January 2013 / 14: 29

    I knew it but I'm just going to whip

    • Avatar GoodForYouDP 31 January 2013 / 18: 08

      I recommend :) maybe it will be better for you than for me. P. says that it works very well on men's short hair.

  3. Avatar Meg 23 November 2011 / 19: 43

    I did not know that such a product is on the market at all. I'll try if I have the opportunity.

  4. Avatar Anonymous 8 August 2011 / 20: 37

    I don't have enough hair, unfortunately;)


  5. Avatar tosiaczek666 3 July 2011 / 05: 36

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me at all 🙁 I have too thick and heavy hair 🙁

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