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Report from 1 on Blog Forum 2012

Yesterday's mini report from Blog Forum 2012 was short and emotional. And this is due to the fact that the trams that should have traveled normally - rode as they wanted. And coming home was a miracle. First of all, I am very happy that I could take part in the event. I participated in lectures, including Maciej Budzich, William Echikson, Natalia Hatalska, Tomek Tomczyk, and Matilda Kozakiewicz.

I think I liked the lecture by Matilda the most, because she conducted it in a reliable manner with a dose of humor - just like she runs her blog. The only thing that really upset me was that the access was so hopeless. I know, I know it is not the organizers' fault, but it completely destroyed my joy of being able to take part in this event.

Everything took place at the stadium PGE Arena, which we also had the opportunity to visit - I admit that although I live in the Tri-City I was at this stadium for the first time! from the outside it seems HUGE, while inside it is very friendly and not complicated in embracing the rooms.

At Blog Forum I met two great bloggers devoted to 100% of their passion which is fashion. I cordially invite you to the girls' blogs: Politechnikafashion and Fashiondoll. I am very happy that I could meet you and eat tasty cakes with you! :)

This is the first time I've been to Blog Forum, but I hope it's not the last;) Today I watch the online report on the blog, but it scares me that it stutters so much. Is this also the case for you?It is possible that for me it is a matter of the Internet (by the way I advise against everybody Play online online, because it cuts at every turn!), But maybe it is also a matter of so much interest that the stream is not overwhelming. Thanks to the Blog Forum I gained considerable knowledge about blogging. I also learned what mistakes I am making and what I can enter and change.


  1. Avatar xkeylimex 15 October 2012 / 20: 28

    I am very envious of participating in such an interesting blog event 🙂

    As for the problems of your dog - I can not give much advice, but from experience I know that the basis is to find a good veterinarian. Maybe some more thorough examination of the dog would be necessary?
    I hope that you will eventually discover the cause of your pet's hair falling out and be able to prevent it 🙂


  2. Avatar Fashiondoll.pl 14 October 2012 / 19: 04

    it was great to meet you !!!:): * I'll be looking

  3. Avatar GoodForYouDP 14 October 2012 / 13: 45

    ok, 300, but it seemed like it was less. But these are just appearances :)

  4. Avatar Rossnett 14 October 2012 / 12: 42

    how many bloggers were there?

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